Token Shop Tier List! – The Best Cards To Pin

The Token Shop is a very exciting update, but some players struggle with if they should save their newfound tokens for rarer new cards, or finally get their dream cards from Series 3? HowlingMines whips up a video for a different kind of Tier List this week - here's what you should be looking to buy first!

We’re on the verge of the most exciting update in Marvel Snap history! – Series Four and Series Five cards enter the game, as does a brand new way of making sure you can get the cards you want: The Token Shop and Collector’s Tokens! It’s so exciting in fact, we’ve written tons of articles about it!

While we were waiting for this incredible update over here at Marvel Snap Zone, with the update even potentially happening as soon as today or tomorrow – we thought we’d reach out to the community and see what all of YOU intended to do with your newfound riches once collectors tokens land. The results were surprising conclusive:

If you missed out on these polls, make sure you’re following us on Twitter , Subscribed on YouTube or chatting away with thousands of others in our Discord – we’d love you to get involved with stuff like this, and the larger sample size the better! These polls are mostly what informed the video below – a Tier List for the Token shop, to let you know what I personally think are the best cards to pin, and make sure you buy:

We won’t get *too* into detail here, as the video is timestamped, and is thorough – but the keen eyed among you will notice this is an expansion of some excellent articles written by the incredible SafetyBlade earlier this week in order to offer something to all those voters who clearly have their eyes and hearts set on picking up Series 3 cards. The disclaimers featured in those articles still very much apply, however:

  • No one can be sure on just how much impact any card will have on the meta. Card games have lots of moving pieces and what is popular can dictate what is strong.
  • This is a highly opinionated video and article set – remember that, and please take everything with a pinch of salt.
  • The scores offered on Series 4 and 5 cards should be treated as a “Potential Score” for every card. This score is based on the current and future potential of the card. To create this score we used a very scientific approach of listing out ideas of how to use the card and then considered the impact and power the card has based on these interactions. We also considered the potential strength of the effect by itself.

The two articles really helped me figure out what I wanted to target, so if you’ve got time – check them out too!

Series 4

Tier 1Titania10/10
Tier 2Absorbing Man10/10
Tier 2She-Hulk8/10
Tier 3Attuma7/10
Tier 3Orka5/10
Tier 4Agent Coulson5/10
Tier 4Luke Cage5/10
Tier 4Helicarrier5/10
Tier 4Maria Hill4/10
Tier 5M'Baku2/10

    Series 5

    Tier 1Valkyrie10/10
    Tier 1Bast9/10
    Tier 2Galactus8/10
    Tier 2Shuri8/10
    Tier 3Super-Skrull6/10
    Tier 4Thanos3/10


    With all that said, I’m now anxiously awaiting to not only get my hands on some of these cards and get playing, but to hear your thoughts too! Are we way off the mark? Did we miss a key synergy that changes everything? Maybe you think we’re spot on! – either way, feel free to reach out on Twitter, YouTube or our Discord and let us know what you think!

    Additionally, if you’ve into live gameplay – I’m now live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on our YouTube Channel, and I *will* be brewing with new cards when I’ve got them, so feel free to swing by and say hi, and hang out with the community!

    It’s a very exciting time to be a Marvel Snap player.

    I’ve been HowlingMines, You’ve been amazing.

    Stay safe out there!

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    A TCG Specialist for over a decade, he now looks to share sweet decks, detailed articles, and help upcoming creators grow!

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    1. Would it be possible to make a tier list including pool 3? It would be interesting to see where they would stack up against the new series, especially for lower collection levels.

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