Marvel Snap January 2023 Bundles Comparison Chart

Marvel Snap January 2023 Bundles Guide – Value and Comparison Chart

Kirallas takes a look at the current and upcoming Marvel Snap bundles for January 2023, calculates their estimated value and compares them side by side.

All of Marvel Snap’s Bundles in January 2023 should now be known. We compare them side by side and give them a value based on some calculations as well as some insights below.

Marvel Snap January 2023 Bundles Comparison Chart

January 2023 Bundle List

The above chart compares the Bundles released in January 2023 so far and upcoming ones. More information can be found on their individual pages:

January 10 – IndefinitePro Bundle
January 10 – January 17Primal Masterpiece
January 17 – January 24Dino Sized
January 22 – February 5Festival Fireworks

As we can see, Second Dinner continues to experiment with prices and bundle content. It is also worth noting that as not many bundles as before were presented in this patch due to the lack of an event dedicated to them.

As can be seen from the chart, this time none of the large bundles can be evaluated by the ultra-high profit from its purchase and none of them exceeds the difference by 1.5 times compared to a similar purchase without a bundle. However, the cheaper Festival Fireworks bundle is very close in value to the Welcome Bundle.

Speaking in particular, it is clear that the Pro Bundle, despite its high price of $100, offers a not terrible value of 1.4 compared to a similar purchase in the store. This is the first time we see such a direct and understandable money-Credit bundle and it really can offer a little more value than usual. However, it is worth noting that this does not negate the current tangible price tag for Credits in the in-game store when purchased with real money (through a Gold to Credits conversion).

Another interesting point is that earlier Second Dinner offered some pretty good bundles for Gold, which were more or less profitable for a player who values only the speed of obtaining new cards. But this time, both such bundles priced in Gold cannot offer good value for such a player. Both of these bundles may have some valuable meaning only for a player who really needed both progress and cosmetics. Otherwise, these bundles are not particularly valuable in general.

As noted earlier, the Festival Fireworks bundle shows good results both in comparison with other bundles that we have seen before, and when calculating only its own value in a vacuum. The high value of this bundle is expressed not only in the total value, where the cosmetic value is taken into account, but also separately in the progress value – for those who want to get the maximum progress of getting new cards for the minimum money.

It is obvious that Second Dinner is still in search of an ideal monetization scheme, so in the next patch we can expect continued experiments with prices and bundle content.

All the details of the calculation principle for these bundles can be found in the previous post on bundle values.

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