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Festival Fireworks Bundle

Festival Fireworks Bundle Guide – Details and Analysis – Is It Worth Buying?

Marvel Snap's Lunar New Year Celebration 2023 Bundle, Festival Fireworks details and analysis. Is it worth purchasing and what does it contain?

Marvel Snap is joining in the Lunar New Year 2023 celebrations with the upcoming Festival Fireworks Bundle on January 22, 2023! For $4.99 USD currency equivalent, players receive 500 Credits, 500 Gold, the Lunar New Year Jubilee Variant, its Avatar, and 66 Jubilee Boosters. Check out all the details about this bundle including our guide.

Festival Fireworks Bundle Details

Start DateJanuary 22, 2023 @ 3 AM GMT
End DateFebruary 5, 2023 @ 3 AM GMT
Cost$4.99 USD

Festival Fireworks Bundle Rewards

500 Credits
500 Gold
66 Jubilee Boosters
Jubilee Lunar New Year Variant
Jubilee Lunar New Year Variant

Lunar New Year Variant

Dino Sized [card name=
Jubilee Lunar New Year Variant


Now this is a great Bundle! A low price point, great value, a very sweet variant for widely used card.

We would put this Bundle as a good value purchase. Although it won’t be a impacting your game or progression in any meaningful way, $4.99 gets you 300 Gold in the shop at a normal rate, which means you are already getting more than double the normal value.

Speaking of which, we are curious as to see how the other Lunar New Year variant for Sword Master is planned to be distributed:

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Sword Master Lunar New Year Variant

Keep in mind the following points before purchasing Bundles:


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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  1. I guess it makes sense for Jubilee to have a Lunar New Year variant (is Jubes Chinese?!), as a Chinese myself, I still find myself surprised that the holiday is acknowledged in western countries. Good on Second Dinner for releasing this variant.

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