Rise of the phoenix season bundles

Marvel Snap July 2023 (Rise of the Phoenix) Bundles Guide – Value and Comparison Chart

The biggest shakeup to the Marvel Snap economy is expected to take place in July 2023 with Spotlight Caches! In light of that, Kirallas takes a look at the upcoming bundles for the Rise of the Phoenix Season (July 2023), calculates their estimated value and compares them side by side. Will the bundles be more worthwhile now? Find out here!

The upcoming Rise of the Phoenix July 2023 Season will be the first season of Marvel Snap, which will involve the new card acquisition system. Did this have an effect on the upcoming bundles? Let’s find out! Keep in mind that contents, costs, and dates are yet to be confirmed and are not final until announced or released.

Marvel Snap Rise of the Phoenix Season (July 2023) Bundles Comparison Chart

Rise of the Phoenix Bundle List

The above chart compares the upcoming Rise of the Phoenix season Bundles. Our guide and recommendations can be found on their individual pages closer to their release date.

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
PatriotsJul 3Jul 10$19.991,700600• 155 Patriot
• 155 Cyclops
• 155 Misty Knight
• Variant: Patriot July 4th
• Avatar: Patriot July 4th
• Variant: Cyclops July 4th
• Avatar: Cyclops July 4th
• Variant: Misty Knight July 4th
• Avatar: Misty Knight July 4th
Power To Move YouJul 6Jul 13$14.995001,500• 155 Falcon
• 155 Iron Fist
• Variant: Falcon Phoenix Force
• Avatar: Falcon Phoenix Force
• Variant: Iron Fist Phoenix Force
• Avatar: Iron Fist Phoenix Force
• Title: The Weather Here Sucks
Don’t Touch the Ocean!Jul 7Aug 8$9.996001,000465 Namor• Variant: Namor Phoenix Five
• Avatar: Namor Phoenix Five
• Title: Thiccture Perfect
Cosmic WildfireJul 13Jul 217,500 Gold6,0002,000310 Black Panther• Variant: Black Panther Phoenix Force
• Avatar: Black Panther Phoenix Force
• Title: My Abs Have An On-Reveal Effect
Love & Thunder
Jul 21Jul 25$9.99• 155 Thor
• 155 Lady Sif
• 155 Heimdall
• Card Back: Asgard
• Card Back: Mjolnir
• Variant: Thor Olivier Coipel
• Avatar: Thor Olivier Coipel
• Variant: Lady Sif Daniel Acuña
• Avatar: Lady Sif Daniel Acuña
• Variant: Heimdall Eric Guerrero
• Avatar: Heimdall Eric Guerrero
• Title: I Survived Nexus Events
Ring of FireJul 25Aug 13,500 Gold1,0003,500465 Shang-Chi• Variant: Shang-Chi Phoenix Force
• Avatar: Shang-Chi Phoenix Force
• Title: Groot’s Chiropractor
Artist Showcase: Rian GonzalesAug 1Aug 82,500 Gold3,500• 155 Rescue
• 155 Scarlet Witch
• Variant: Rescue Rian Gonzales
• Avatar: Rescue Rian Gonzales
• Variant: Scarlet Witch Rian Gonzales
• Avatar: Scarlet Witch Rian Gonzales
Start DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldCosmetics
Jul 9Jul 11$4.99700Mystery Variant
Jul 16Jul 18$9.99500200150Mystery Variant
Jul 19Jul 22$19.991,000550200Mystery Variant
Jul 27Jul 29$4.99700Mystery Variant
Jul 30Aug 1$19.991,000550200Mystery Variant
Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)Collector’s TokensBoostersToken/Gold Ratio
Jul 4Jul 51,4001,0001050.71
Jul 11Jul 121,4001,0001050.71
Jul 18Jul 191,4001,0001050.71
Jul 25Jul 261,4001,0001050.71
Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)CreditsBoosters
Jul 8Jul 930025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Jul 15Jul 1630025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Jul 22Jul 2330025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Jul 29Jul 3030025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)

1. How the chart works

Here are the basic principles and rules that the chart follows:

  1. The price in dollars, next to the price in gold is calculated based on the conversion of 700 gold to 10 dollars. The main reason for this is that if you take the more expensive and profitable offers to buy gold, the more expensive bundles for gold will turn out to be more profitable for those who bought Gold directly. In addition, there are two very popular values in this deal – 700 Gold is the price of a variant in the shop and $10 is the price of a season pass, which allows for a more universal comparison system.
    This starting point allows to make the comparison more balanced and even, especially since the exact prices will be difficult to set because of the different currencies and the ability to buy items through the Nuverse Shop at a discount.
  1. The total number of Collector’s Tokens in the bundle is calculated by adding the Collector’s Tokens from the bundle to the tokens you get when you contribute all the Credits to increase the Collection Level and buy Token Tuesday bundles for gold.
  1. The number of Collector’s Tokens per Gold is calculated by dividing the total number of tokens by the bundle price in Gold (for bundles sold for $ the conversion ratio of $10 to 700 gold is used again).
  1. Progress value means how many times more profitable it is to get currencies used to increase the Collection Level (Gold and Credits) and get new cards by buying a bundle, than to get the same resources through a standard currency conversion through the shop. Token Tuesday bundles are used to calculate the value of Collector’s Tokens, as the only remaining way to buy them directly, since getting Collector’s Tokens through the Gold-Credits-CL conversion gives too little Collector’s Tokens to be considered seriously as a way to get them.
  1. Сosmetic value means how many times it is more profitable to buy cosmetics with the bundle (avatar, title, variant) than to buy similar items in the shop. The price for avatars and titles is based on a price of 350 Gold. This is simply half the cost of any basic variant in the shop. Also Second Dinner setting the value to x8 on the Welcome Bundle makes it clear that avatars are worth exactly 350 Gold. Card backs are also valued at 350 Gold. There is currently no way of objectively estimating how much a card back is worth.
    However, the price of 350 gold was based on the fact that both card backs and avatars and titles are barely visible during a match and they have no option of further customisation, like variants do. There was also an opinion poll on my twitter which showed that 61.6% of over 4,500 players think that card backs should be priced at 350 gold (or lower). Therefore, until there is a way to estimate the value of card backs more accurately, 350 Gold will be taken as the basis.
  1. The line named as New Series 4 and Series 5 Cards contains the average values of the number of cards that a player with a full collection except for the last most recent card can get when purchasing the bundle and using all the contents as follows. Tokens are used to buy Series 4 cards (since it’s the most optimal strategy), Gold is used to buy Token Tuesday Bundles (it’s much more efficient than converting into Credits for the purpose of obtaining new cards), and Сredits are used to raise the Collection Level to get new cards through Spotlight Caches.
    Since a player with almost a full collection is defined as a condition, an average player will get more cards this way. It is also assumed that such a player will receive a new card every 2.5 Spotlight Caches on average. Also, since a new card with can be either a Series 4 card or a Series 5 card, all calculations are based on this (but if a player buys a card, it’s always a Series 4 card, as previously stated). More info about these calculations you can find in our ultimate economy guide!
  1. The line named as Difference in Series 4 and Series 5 cards means how many cards you get when you buy the bundle compared to spending the same amount of Gold (or $) on Token Tuesdays as the best way to get cards compared to converting Gold into Credits. In other words, this is the number of cards you get when you buy the bundle ON TOP of the number of cards which is considered normal for that amount of currency spent.
  1. Boosters are not included in the calculations because they have no real value due to how easy it is to get them later in the game.
  1. With the new system you should first pay attention to the value of the Difference in Series 4/5 Cards. Also it’s worth looking at the Tokens Per Gold if you want to buy specific cards from the shop. Cosmetic Value and Progress Value will also help you understand what a particular bundle is good for. The New S4/S5 Cards value can also be used to immediately understand how many cards you can count on when buying a bundle. But this isn’t the main indicator and it’s better to look at the difference value, since expensive bundles will always be ahead of cheaper ones because of their nature.

The chart uses the following color coding:

  • For the “Collector’s Tokens per Gold” row, a value less than or equal to 0.3 is considered bad (red highlight). A value in the range of 0.3 to 0.71 remains white and indicates a good value. In other words, this value is equal to or slightly lower than Token Tuesday bundles. The most profitable bundles are highlighted in green and have a value above 0.71. These are the bundles we advise players to buy if they want to get as many Collector’s Tokens as possible in the long run.
  • In the Cosmetic Value and Progress Value rows we use red highlighting to display bundles with a value below 1, which means that it is more profitable to get the same resources through standard conversion methods. The base white color is for values between 1 and 2 and indicates the offers are above average. A green highlight is used for values more than 2; these are very good offers in their categories (cosmetics and collection progress) and should be the target for the players who want to get the most out of it.
  • For the Number of new cards row, red color reflects values less than 0.25, green for values greater than 0.5, and white for values in between. For the Difference in the number of new cards row, red color reflects values less than 0, green is used for values more than 0.25, and white for values between 0 and 0.25.

You can find previous seasons’ comparison charts here:

2. What’s Changed?

Due to significant changes in the economy and the card acquisition system, a lot has also changed in the approach to evaluating bundles. So there is no point in comparing new bundles with previous ones from earlier seasons. Even the methodology of calculating the Progress Value has changed. Now to determine the Collector’s Tokens value contained in the bundle, they are compared not with the Gold-Credits-Tokens conversion rates, but with the purchase of Token Tuesday bundles, which with the new system is several times better for getting Collector’s Tokens. So, once again, any comparison with previous charts makes no sense, since the systems, and as a consequence, the approach to comparing bundles is very different.

The Tokens per Gold Row remains the same, it still shows how many Collector’s Tokens you can count on if you buy the bundle and effectively spend its currencies. Note that Gold is supposed to be used to buy Token Tuesdays, since it is the best and most stable way to convert Gold to Tokens, regardless of what bundles will be offered in the month.

Also we added two new rows. The first of which reflects the Number of Series 4/Series 5 cards you get when you effectively use the currencies included in the bundle. It’s presumed that you will spend the received Collector’s Tokens to buy Series 4 cards, since this is the most effective strategy with the new card acquisition system. It’s also assumed that you have all the cards except the last one, the newest card. This allows us to remove many variables that inevitably appear in the calculations with the new system. Because of this, the actual number of cards received will be greater for the average player, since with these calculations you would receive only one card every 25 reserves on average, but in reality, if you are short of more than one card, the average number of cards will increase in proportion to their shortage in your collection. So this is, roughly speaking, the average worst-case scenario.

Right below that row is another value that represents the difference between how many cards you would expect to get when you buy the bundle (after spending currencies) and how many cards you would get if you spent Gold (or $) in another way – by buying Token Tuesday bundles to buy Series 4 cards from the shop. In other words, this is the number of cards you get when you buy the bundle ON TOP of the number of cards which is considered normal for that amount of currency spent.

We also decided to remove the Total Value row, because with the new system it serves little purpose and reflects poorly on which bundles to pay attention to.

Eventually with the new system you should first pay attention to the Series 4/5 cards Difference value. Also it’s worth looking at the Tokens Per Gold if you want to buy specific cards from the shop. Cosmetic Value and Progress Value will also help you understand what a particular bundle is good for. The New S4/S5 Cards value can also be used to immediately understand how many cards you can count on when buying a bundle. But this isn’t the main indicator and it’s better to look at the difference value, since expensive bundles will always be ahead of cheaper ones because of their nature.

You can learn more about the new system and the calculations used in our ultimate economy guide (coming soon).

2. The New King

The Cosmic Wildfire bundle feels great among the other bundles under the old comparison system, as well as with the new one. It has the highest value of Tokens per Gold, the maximum gain in the number of cards when compared to the optimal use of the same amount of Gold, so a player can count on at least an additional 0.39 new cards when buying this one. 6,000 Collector’s Tokens with the new system is an extremely important resource that allows you to bypass the limitations of the new system.

You can simply buy 2 Series 4 cards of your choice directly from the shop, which is the best strategy so far. Or, if you really want, you can spend them on a single Series 5 card, which is also a great addition to the number of cards in your collection. And 2,000 Сredits will give you an additional 0.18 cards from reserves. This bundle totally justifies its price and is a must buy if you have that much Gold.

Sandman Sand Bae
Black Panther Phoenix Force

The only bundle that can compete with the Cosmic Wildfire Bundle is the $10 Don’t Touch the Ocean bundle. It has excellent Progress and Cosmetic Values, and will give you an extra 0.35 cards over the optimal use of the same $10. In addition, this bundle has a very good value of Tokens for Gold (in equivalent) of 1.06. But keep in mind that for this you will need to effectively use the contained Gold to buy another bundle or the Token Tuesday bundle.

Otherwise, it may be a good decision to spend this Gold on cosmetics if you want it more, because with the new system you will no longer get Gold from Collector’s Reserves.

Namor Phoenix Five

3. Expensive But Very Similar

The Patriots and Power To Move You bundles are surprisingly similar in value, despite the difference in content between them. Essentially, Power To Move You is a cheaper version of Patriots. It has more Progress Value due to the lower price and contains 500 Collector’s Tokens, without the need to get them through conversion with Token Tuesdays.

Yes, the Difference in Series 4/5 Cards value is lower than that of the twin brother for $20, but on the bright side you don’t have to think about how exactly you should spend 500 Gold to get as many cards as possible.

The two significant advantages of the Patriots bundle are first, versatility, since you can spend your Gold wherever you want, including investing it to buy a new variant, and second, a slightly larger amount of cosmetics than the Power to move you bundle competitor.

Otherwise, as it was said, they are very similar and probably in the end the player with 15-20 dollars will choose the bundle which has more aesthetically pleasing variants for them personally.

4. The New Season Rewind Bundle

The Love & Thunder bundle will become available for purchase in July with cosmetic content from the July 2022 season. Keep in mind that this offer is significantly worse than a season pass because you don’t get a card, 900 Gold, or Mystery variants that were part of the 2022 season pass. The Love & Thunder bundle has a cosmetic value of 6.0, so if you in love with at least two variants, you’re in the sweet spot.

5. Bundles For Gold

In addition to the Cosmic Wildfire bundle, the Ring Of Fire bundle and the Artist Showcase: Rian Gonzales bundle will be sold for Gold this season, as well as regular Token Tuesday bundles and Booster Pack bundles. The Ring Of Fire bundle is unfortunately not good enough to be taken seriously.

It has a value of 0.33 Tokens per Gold, which is hardly better value than in-game shop, and by buying it you get 0.19 less cards than you would get if spent that Gold on Token Tuesday bundles. So it’s not worth your currency, especially if you have enough Gold to buy the Cosmic Wildfire bundle.

Shang-Chi Phoenix Force

Artist Showcase type bundles traditionally have little value, because it’s assumed that you are willing to spend significantly more if you buy a bundle not with some random variants, but with variants of a particular artist who may be your favorite. The Artist Showcase: Rian Gonzales bundle is no exception and has a Progress Value of 1.1, which means it’s only 10% better than buying similar content in the shop, and it has a Cosmetic Value of 0.8, which indicates that it’s 20% more expensive than in the shop, if you look at these metrics alone. The other values are also very low, so this bundle won’t be very good, unless you are a fan of Rian Gonzales.

Booster Packs as before are too bad to see them as a way to speed up progress and get more cards. just don’t buy them, especially with the addition of Conquest mode, where you can easily get lots of boosters in Proving Grounds without risking anything.

Token Tuesday bundles, on the other hand, are pretty good bundles with the new system. But they should only be prioritized if you don’t want to save up for a long time to get more value, or bundles with a good Progress Value aren’t on the horizon at all. However, we’ll probably be seeing Cosmic Wildfire-like bundles every 2-3 months now, so keep that in mind.

6. Mystery Packs

Mystery Packs are back again this season. No surprises here: the $5 bundles are not profitable at all – it’s better to bypass them, the $20 bundles give the most benefit in the number of cards – it’s 0.14 more than the normal use of Gold. And the $10 bundle is just fine, even giving a little more cosmetic value than the $20 ones.

Also, these bundles have a better value of Tokens per Gold then Token Tuesday bundles, so if you’re aiming to buy Token Tuesdays for dollars anyway or want to have as many Collector’s Tokens as possible, these bundles will work well for you, but avoid the ones that cost $5.

Mystery Variant

7. Conclusion

In the end the Rise of the Phoenix season shows good results in terms of bundles, given the new card acquisition system. The Cosmic Wildfire bundle is a must-have bundle for anyone with enough Gold, and the other bundles besides the Mystery Pack for $5 and Booster Packs are pretty good and give enough content to justify their price.

It’s a little frustrating to have only two named options to spend Gold other than the Cosmic Wildfire. And these options are the Ring Of Fire bundle and the Artist Showcase: Rian Gonzales, both of which just aren’t good enough on their own. And they looks even worse next to the majestic Cosmic Wildfire.

We have yet to understand the pros and cons of the new system, but so far the Rise of the Phoenix bundles look appropriate and fit into the new model, especially the improved Mystery Packs bundles, which can be seriously considered on par with the Token Tuesday bundles (again, except for the $5 bundles).

We’ll see how the new system works, and the principles of bundle evaluation may change slightly to better reflect true values.

Have fun and stay safe everyone!

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  1. Something is off here. The picture chart and the text chart have different information for the $5 bundles. I’m assuming the picture is wrong, because it lists one of the $5 bundles as having 700 gold instead of credits.

    Also, the breakdown references a $15 bundle that doesn’t seem to exist (assuming we’re referring to the $10 bundle). The $10 bundle seems like a much better deal than the $20 one. If my math isn’t wrong, you’re getting like 5% fewer credits overall if the costs were equal (scaling it to $20 for comparison and converting the extra gold you’re getting into credits in the most inefficient fashion) but you’re getting a variant at half the price.

  2. @Kirallas, can you clarify how you converted cosmetics (avatars, variants, titles, and card backs) to tokens?
    For Love and Thunder, there were 3 effective tokens from from just avatars, variants, titles, and card backs.


    • Hello! Any variant gives you a discount of 25 credits with the first upgrade, this number is converted to tokens according to their drop frequency from reserves. Yes, it’s a small number, but I’m taking it into account, too.

  3. I believe Token Tuesday bundels and Booster Pack bundles are shown to be the exact same in the seasonal list near the top? Which is obviously an error.

    Compared to how things were being calculated before, I’m not sure that I’ve fully wrapped my head around the New S4/5 Cards and Card Difference boxes and how they supposedly translate towards the overall estimated Progress Value. As the Cosmic Wildfire bundle somehow seems to get a notoriously low score compared to many pricey cash offers.

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