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Conquest Mode

Guide on Marvel Snap's new competitive game mode, Conquest.

Conquest is an upcoming competitive game mode for Marvel Snap announced for the June 2023 Season, utilizing its Battle Mode feature. As an alternative to the ranked ladder mode, Conquest is planned to have its own league tiers, leaderboard, and exclusive rewards for players.


The Conquest game mode was first announced in Marvel Snap’s Development Roadmap for March 2023, as a “Coming Soon” feature with an expected released with the June 2023 patch.

The overview below is directly from the Development Roadmap:

Conquest takes the Battle Mode format you know and love from Friendly Battles to the next level! In Conquest, players will queue up against other players to face-off in Battle Mode to earn rewards. Winning a series of battles without a loss unlocks tickets to higher leagues against tougher opponents… culminating with Infinity league at the end of each season. Players will battle their way to the top to claim ultimate victory – and the best rewards.

When you queue up for a Conquest match, you’ll start by choosing which league to compete: Proving Grounds, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Vibranium, or Infinite. Proving Grounds is always available to play, but players need the corresponding ticket to access higher tiers. Tickets are earned by winning a league series in the previous tier – for example: winning your Silver series will earn you a Gold Ticket. Players win a league series by defeating three consecutive opponents. 

In addition to Tickets for higher leagues, each victory grants Medals that can be used in the Conquest Shop to unlock exclusive rewards. There’s a brand new Conquest Shop every season with new cosmetics, including a seasonal exclusive variant that can only be unlocked in the Conquest Shop.

We think that Battle Mode is a super fun way to play MARVEL SNAP and Conquest lets you play Battle Mode whenever you want, against the best competition, for the best rewards! The team is actively developing Conquest and we ran our first company-wide playtest last week. We’re hoping to release Conquest in June!

Difficulty Levels

There are four difficulty levels, and once you reach the maximum wins you earn tickets for the next level up. Each league costs Gold or a Ticket to enter, except the Proving Grounds which can be entered for free.

Difficulty LevelCost (Gold)WinsMedals
Proving GroundsFree115

Proving Grounds

Players can enter the Proving Grounds league as much as they like, which serves as a pseudo-unranked mode for Marvel Snap!

  • Free
  • 15 Medals
  • 1 Win
  • 1 Silver Ticket


  • 80 Gold
  • 120 Medals
  • 2 Wins
  • 1 Gold Ticket


  • 200 Gold
  • 370 Medals
  • 3 Wins
  • 1 Infinity Ticket


  • 500 Gold
  • 1375 Medals
  • 5 Wins
  • Infinity Avatar

Conquest Shop

Purchase items using Medals earned from Conquest mode in the Conquest Shop! The shop refreshes every Season! More details to follow.


Here are some questions and answers from the official Marvel Snap Discord regarding the Conquest game mode. Answers have been answered by Marvel Snap’s development team at Second Dinner.

Will there be bots in Conquest mode?

There will be no bots in Conquest.

Will Conquest matches earn Boosters and count towards Missions?

You can earn Boosters, complete Daily Missions and Season Pass Missions in Conquest mode.

Can you acquire league Tickets of the same tier?

The Tickets are spent for each Conquest run.
You can acquire multiple tickets for a Conquest tier then play each run back to back if you wish.

Will the reward Medals carry over season to season?

Medals are not planned to be carried over, but more details on that will be announced soon.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to the unranked capability. This should be fun to mess around in. I wonder if we will have different metas between this and ladder. Hmmm….

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