Token Tuesdays

Token Tuesday Bundles Guide – Details and Analysis

Marvel Snap's Token Tuesday Bundles details and analysis. Is it worth purchasing and what does it contain?

Token Tuesday is a series of weekly Bundles in Marvel Snap, starting every Tuesday at 3 AM GMT and available for 24 hours. Find out all the details you need to know, compare them side by side, and plan ahead. You can also view all upcoming Marvel Snap Bundle information in our guide below:

Token Tuesday Bundle Details and Rewards

Each Token Tuesday Bundle starts at 3 AM GMT (daily reset time) on Tuesdays and lasts for 24 hours only. Take care to not miss this time frame!

August 2023

Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)Collector’s TokensBoostersToken/Gold Ratio
Aug 1Aug 2850800650.94
Aug 8Aug 91,4001,0001050.71
Aug 15Aug 161,4001,0001050.71
Aug 22Aug 231,4001,0001050.71
Aug 29Aug 301,4001,0001050.71

July 2023

Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)Collector’s TokensBoostersToken/Gold Ratio
Jul 4Jul 51,4001,0001050.71
Jul 11Jul 121,4001,0001050.71
Jul 18Jul 191,4001,0001050.71
Jul 25Jul 261,4001,0001050.71

June 2023

Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)Collector’s TokensBoostersToken/Gold Ratio
Jun 6Jun 7650600350.92
Jun 13Jun 14450400150.89
Jun 20Jun 211,4001,0001050.71
Jun 27Jun 281,4001,0001050.71

May 2023

Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)Collector’s TokensBoostersToken/Gold Ratio
May 2May 3450400150.89
May 9May 10850800650.94
May 16May 17650600350.92
May 23May 24450400150.89
May 30May 31850800650.94

April 2023

Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)Collector’s TokensBoostersToken/Gold Ratio
Apr 4Apr 5650600350.92
Apr 11Apr 12450400150.89
Apr 18Apr 19850800650.94
Apr 25Apr 26650600350.92

March 2023

Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)Collector’s TokensBoostersToken/Gold Ratio
Feb 28Mar 1450400150.89
Mar 7Mar 8850800650.94
Mar 14Mar 15650600350.92
Mar 21Mar 22450400150.89


The demand for Collector’s Tokens was heard by Second Dinner as the bundle series continues all the way until August for players to have a regular source of Collector’s Tokens, directly converted from Gold. Reminder that the cards cost in the Token Shop are as follows:

  • Series 3: A random card from Series 3 is available for purchase for 1,000 Collector’s Tokens.
  • Series 4: 3,000
  • Series 5: 6,000
  • Ultimate Variants: 5,000

From June 20, a new version of Token Tuesday Bundles will be offered in the shop. These bundles used to cost 450 to 850 Gold and offered a value of about 0.92 Tokens per Gold. But from now on, except for the August 2 Bundle, each Token Tuesday Bundle always costs 1,400 gold and contains 1,000 Collector’s Tokens, giving a value of 0.71 Tokens per Gold or a Total Value of 2.2, according to our calculations relative to in-game shop prices. While previous versions of these bundles had a Total Value of 3.0.

Yes, this is a significant nerf of the best regular bundle we are all used to. However, if you look at datamined bundles, it’s obvious that all bundles sold for Gold are affected and now give less value than before. So I propose to evaluate them in the context of the reality of the in-game economy in which Marvel Snap will be in the next two and a half months.

With this in mind, Token Tuesday Bundles of all the bundles for Gold are second only to the I Don’t Like Sandman Bundle (June 20 – June 27) and Cosmic Wildfire Bundle (July 13 – July 21). While in August Token Tuesday Bundles will have no worthy rivals at all among bundles for Gold.

So, despite the nerf, Token Tuesday Bundles can still be a good way to exchange Gold for Collector’s Tokens at a pretty good rate. However, players should probably now bet on long-term gold accumulation, since the Cosmic Wildfire Bundle, for example, will have a 0.86 Token per Gold ratio at a very high price of 7,500 Gold. Under such circumstances, spending 1,400 Gold on Token Tuesday Bundles is no longer as attractive. Especially since you can’t divide your Collector’s Token purchases into smaller groups of 400-600 Tokens, like before.

It still wouldn’t be a fatal mistake to buy a Token Tuesday Bundle, but due to upcoming changes in the in-game economy you’re better to save 6,000-8,000 gold and spend it on a very profitable bundle rather than buying Token Tuesday Bundles every week or two. This strategy of gold accumulation was already present in December-February, now it’s back, and you can hardly find a place for such expensive and frequent purchases in it.

In addition, the new system offered an alternative way to get cards – through credits and Spotlight Caches. It has its pros and cons, but because of this alternative, now you don’t have to chase Collector’s Tokens, as it was before.

That’s why we’re lowering Token Tuesday Bundles in our ranking and giving them a score of 3 out of 5.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

For more information on value and comparing Spider-Versus Season bundles, check out our guide:

As usual, keep in mind the following points before purchasing Bundles:

  • Date: Bundle start and end dates are at the daily reset time, which is 3 AM GMT.
    • Bundles are grouped according to the season.
  • Cost: Cost for $ is in US Dollars and will be converted to your local currency in-game.
    • You may be able to purchase cash items cheaper using the official publisher Nuverse web shop with a different currency.
  • Credits: The maximum Credit storage limit is 10,000. With a bundle purchase, you may go over the limit but not be able to collect anymore from other sources.
  • Collector’s Tokens: Players need to be at least Collection Level 500 before being able to see bundles that offer Collector’s Tokens offered in the Shop.
  • Mystery Variant: Is chosen randomly from a Base Card you already own, from the released 700 Gold Rare variant pool.
  • Variants: You can use any new bundle-specific variants acquired even if you don’t yet own the Base Card.
    • Bundle-specific variants are exclusive and are likely will not be offered through other sources, unless it is from a Season Pass from the Beta.
  • Value: Compare Bundle values using our comparison chart guide.

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