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June 13, 2023 Patch – Version 16.14.1 Datamine: New Cards, Variants, Bundles, Seasons, and More Content!

All the upcoming new Marvel Snap content, including cards, variants, locations, bundles, seasons, and more!

Marvel Snap Patch 16.14.1 is now out, and with it, new content waiting to be released for the upcoming month in the game files! As always, the data is from the team over at and the Marvel Snap Tracker. This guide is a live article and currently being updated in real-time. Please check back often for updates as we collect all the information!

Check out the full patch notes for the current update!

This guide is for upcoming future content and is currently being updated in real-time. All details are not final and may change upon release – beware of spoilers! Please check back often for updates as we collect all the information!


Each new Season starts and ends on the first Monday of each month.

August 2023 Season

The August 2023 Season is Marvel Snap’s 15th season and looks to feature Daken as the Season Pass card, with the new card X-23 and Silver Samurai being featured together as their Mech variants! More details on the cards below.

July 2023 Season

The July 2023 Season is Marvel Snap’s 14th season and looks to feature Phoenix Force as the Season Pass card, with the new card Echo and Magik being featured together! More details on the cards below.


August 2023 Season

  • Daken [3/4] – On Reveal: Add the Muramasa Shard to your hand.
  • Lady Deathstrike [5/3] – On Reveal: Destroy each card here with less Power than this.
  • Silver Samurai [4/5] – On Reveal: Each player discards the lowest-Power card from their hand.
  • X-23 [1/2] – When this is discarded or destroyed, regenerate it at a random location and you get +1 Energy next turn.

July 2023 Season

July 2023 Season is more X-Men themes! The Phoenix Force looks to be the Season Pass card, along with Jean Grey, Mirage, and Legion being potentially being featured as Series 4 or 5 cards.

  • The Phoenix Force [6/3]: On Reveal: Revive one of your destroyed cards and merge with it. That card can move each turn.
  • Jean Grey [3/3]: On Reveal: Players must play their first card here each turn. (if possible)
  • Echo [1/2]: After your opponent plays an Ongoing card here, remove its abilities.
    • The show Echo on Disney+ is releasing on November 29.
  • Legion [5/7]: On Reveal: Replace each other location with this one.
  • Mirage [2/2]: On Reveal: Copy the lowest-Cost card in your opponent’s hand into your hand. Give it +2 Power.





Power To Move You

  • Cost: $
  • July 6 – July 13
  • 1,500 Credits
  • 500 Collector’s Tokens
  • Variant: Falcon Phoenix Force
  • Avatar: Falcon Phoenix Force
  • Variant: Iron Fist Phoenix Force
  • Avatar: Iron Fist Phoenix Force
  • Title: The Weather Here Sucks
  • Boosters: 155 Falcon
  • Boosters: 155 Iron Fist

Don’t Touch the Ocean!

  • Cost: $
  • July 7 – August 8
  • 600 Credits
  • 1,000 Gold
  • Variant: Namor Phoenix Five
  • Avatar: Namor Phoenix Five
  • Title: Thiccture Perfect
  • Boosters: 465 Namor

Cosmic Wildfire

  • Cost: 7,500 Gold
  • July 13 – July 21
  • 2,000 Credits
  • 6,000 Collector’s Tokens
  • Variant: Black Panther Phoenix Force
  • Avatar: Black Panther Phoenix Force
  • Title: My Abs Have An On-Reveal Effect
  • Boosters: 310 Black Panther

Love & Thunder

  • Cost: $
  • July 21 – July 25
  • Card Back: Asgard
  • Card Back: Mjolnir
  • Variant: Thor Olivier Coipel
  • Avatar: Thor Olivier Coipel
  • Variant: Lady Sif Daniel Acuña
  • Avatar: Lady Sif Daniel Acuña
  • Variant: Heimdall Eric Guerrero
  • Avatar: Heimdall Eric Guerrero
  • Title: I Survived Nexus Events
  • Boosters: 155 Thor
  • Boosters: 155 Lady Sif
  • Boosters: 155 Heimdall

Ring of Fire

  • Cost: 3,500 Gold
  • July 25 – August 1
  • 3,500 Credits
  • 1,000 Collector’s Tokens
  • Variant: Shang-Chi Phoenix Force
  • Avatar: Shang-Chi Phoenix Force
  • Title: Groot’s Chiropractor
  • Boosters: 465 Shang-Chi

Artist Showcase: Rian Gonzales

Pro Bundle Mk. II

  • Cost: $
  • August 6 – August 11
  • 11,000 Credits
  • 5,000 Collector’s Tokens
  • Title: 100% Beef
  • Boosters: 155 for 5 random cards

Stegronosaurus Wrecks

  • Cost: 7,500 Gold
  • August 8 – August 14
  • 5,000 Credits
  • Card Back: Stegron Kaiju
  • Variant: Stegron Mech
  • Avatar: Stegron Mech
  • Title: I Am Having Fun
  • Boosters: 310 Stegron

The Doctor is Tin

  • Cost: $
  • August 9 – August 17
  • 500 Credits
  • 500 Gold
  • 1,000 Collector’s Tokens
  • Variant: Morbius Mech
  • Avatar: Morbius Mech
  • Boosters: 465 Morbius

Death Becomes Her

  • Cost: $
  • August 14 – August 21
  • 2,500 Credits
  • 2,000 Gold
  • 4,000 Collector’s Tokens
  • Card Back: Death Mech
  • Variant: Death Mech
  • Avatar: Death Mech
  • Title: At Some Boring Funeral
  • Boosters: 620 Death

My Hero Arachnia

Full Charge

  • Cost: $
  • August 20 – August 28
  • 500 Credits
  • 500 Gold
  • 1,000 Collector’s Tokens
  • Variant: Juggernaut Mech
  • Avatar: Juggernaut Mech
  • Boosters: 465 Juggernaut

One-Punch Women

Heroes for Hire

Hail Hydraulics

2 Cute 2 Furious

Token Tuesday

Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)Collector’s TokensBoosters
Jul 4Jul 51,4001,000105
Jul 11Jul 121,4001,000105
Jul 18Jul 191,4001,00065
Jul 25Jul 261,4001,00035
Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)Collector’s TokensBoosters
Aug 1Aug 286080065
Aug 8Aug 91,4001,000105
Aug 15Aug 161,4001,000105
Aug 22Aug 231,4001,00065
Aug 29Aug 301,4001,00035

Booster Pack

Start DateEnd DateCostCreditsBoosters
Jul 8Jul 9300 Gold25065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Jul 15Jul 16300 Gold25065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Jul 22Jul 23300 Gold25065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Jul 29Jul 30300 Gold25065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Start DateEnd DateCostCreditsBoosters
Aug 5Aug 6300 Gold25065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Aug 12Aug 13300 Gold25065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Aug 19Aug 20300 Gold25065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Aug 26Aug 27300 Gold25065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Sep 2Sep 3300 Gold25065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)

Mystery Pack

Start DateEnd DateCostCreditsGoldCollector’s TokensCosmetics
Jul 9Jul 11$700Mystery Variant
Jul 16Jul 18$200150500Mystery Variant
Jul 19Jul 22$5502001,000Mystery Variant
Jul 27Jul 29$700Mystery Variant
Jul 30Aug 1$5502001,000Mystery Variant
Aug 3Aug 4$150200500Mystery Variant
Aug 11Aug 12$750Mystery Variant
Aug 18Aug 20$7502001,000Mystery Variant
Aug 25Aug 27$750Mystery Variant
Sep 2Sep 4$750Mystery Variant


August 2023 Season

  • Mount Vesuvius: Players can’t retreat after turn 5.
  • Valley of the Hand: After turn 5, your destroyed cards revive here.
  • Yashida Base: At the end of the game, destroy the last card to get here.

July 2023 Season

These two new locations will also appear during the July 2023 Season.

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  2. You are linking to the incorrect patch (from May 16) in the opening paragraph.

    And as much as I appreciate these datamining compilations, they supposedly being “live articles updated in real-time” can be more than a little infuriating due to the absence of any changelog or even the article itself featuring any “added/updated this at X/Y” info.
    I never know when I should be “checking back for updates”, as from my experience with previous entires, they actually don’t happen all that often if at all after the initial post goes out.

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