Marvel Snap November 2023 Higher, Further, Faster Season Bundles Guide – Value and Comparison Chart

What are the best bundles to buy in Marvel Snap? In this buyer's guide, Kirallas takes a look at the upcoming bundles for the Higher, Further, Faster Season (November 2023), calculates their estimated value, and compares them side by side.

The Marvel Snap Higher, Further, Faster November 2023 Season will once again be a good one for buying Bundles at a wide variety of price points. So let’s analyze each of them and consider whether something is worth picking up for you this month!

Marvel Snap Higher, Further, Faster Season (November 2023) Bundles Comparison Chart

This guide is for upcoming future content. All details are not final and may change upon release. Check out our datamining article for more information!

How the Chart Works

  1. The price in dollars, next to the price in Gold, is calculated based on the conversion of 700 Gold to $10. The main reason for this is that if you take the more expensive and profitable offers to buy Gold, the more expensive bundles for Gold will turn out to be more profitable for those who bought Gold directly. In addition, there are two very popular values in this deal – 700 Gold is the price of a variant in the shop, and $10 is the price of a season pass, which allows for a more universal comparison system.
    This starting point allows us to make the comparison more balanced and even, especially since the exact prices will be difficult to set because of the different currencies and the ability to buy items through the Nuverse Shop at a discount.
  1. The number of Collector’s Tokens per Gold is calculated by dividing the total number of tokens by the bundle price in Gold. The total number of Collector’s Tokens in the bundle is calculated by adding the Collector’s Tokens from the bundle to the tokens you get when you contribute all the Credits to increase the Collection Level and buy Token Tuesday bundles for Gold.
  1. The maximum Tokens per dollar shows the maximum possible number of Tokens you can get if you effectively use the contents of a particular bundle. This assumes that you will convert all Gold from the bundles into Tokens via Token Tuesdays.
  1. Progress value means how many times more profitable it is to get currencies used to increase the Collection Level (Gold and Credits) and get new cards by buying a bundle, than to get the same resources through a standard currency conversion through the shop. Token Tuesday bundles are used to calculate the value of Collector’s Tokens, as they are the only remaining way to buy them directly since getting Collector’s Tokens through the Gold-Credits-CL conversion gives too little Collector’s Tokens to be considered seriously as a way to get them.
  1. Сosmetic value means how many times it is more profitable to buy cosmetics with the bundle (avatar, title, variant) than to buy similar items in the shop. The price for avatars and titles is based on a price of 350 Gold. This is simply half the cost of any basic variant in the shop. Also, Second Dinner setting the value to 8x on the Welcome Bundle makes it clear that avatars are worth exactly 350 Gold. Card backs are also valued at 350 Gold. There is currently no way of objectively estimating how much a card back is worth.
    However, the price of 350 Gold was based on the fact that card backs, avatars, and titles are barely visible during a match and they have no option of further customization like variants do. There was also an opinion poll on my twitter which showed that 61.6% of over 4,500 players think that card backs should be priced at 350 Gold (or lower). Therefore, until there is a way to estimate the value of card backs more accurately, 350 Gold will be taken as the basis.
  2. Premium mystery variants began appearing in bundles in October 2023. They differ from the regular Mystery variants in this way:
    1. You can’t get a pixel variant;
    2. From it 3 out of 9 variants will be from super rare variants pool (1,200 gold);
    3. 6 out of 9 variants will be from rare variants pool (700 gold).
    Thus, a premium mystery variants gives an average value of about 867 Gold, which is taken into account in the calculations.
  1. The row named Series 5 difference means how many cards you get when you buy the bundle compared to spending the same amount of Gold (or $) on Token Tuesdays as the best way to get cards compared to converting Gold into Credits. In other words, this is the number of cards you get when you buy the bundle ON TOP of the number of cards which is considered normal for that amount of currency spent.
    For these calculations Tokens are used to buy Series 5 cards, Gold is used to buy Token Tuesday bundles (it’s much more efficient than converting into Credits for the purpose of obtaining new cards), and Сredits are used to raise the Collection Level to get new cards through Spotlight Caches.
    Since a player with an almost full collection is defined as a condition, an average player will get more cards this way. It is also assumed that such a player will receive a new card every 2.5 Spotlight Caches on average. Also, since a new card can be either a Series 4 card or a Series 5 card, all calculations are based on the fact that a player will receive Series 5 cards as he bought Series 4 cards on Collector’s Tokens obtained naturally, without buying any bundles. And if a player buys a card, it’s always a Series 5 card, as previously stated). You can find more info about these calculations in our ultimate economy guide!
  1. Boosters are not included in the calculations because they have no real value due to how easy it is to get them later in the game.
  2. The chart contain the amount of new Series 5 cards for a player with a nearly completed collection for every $10 or 700 Gold spent. These values will be useful alongside the card difference value versus buying Token Tuesdays (Series 5 card difference value at the bottom of the chart). This way, you will be able to more accurately compare bundles within each bundle group – both for Gold and for dollars.
  1. With the new system, you should first pay attention to the value of the Difference in Series 5 Cards. It’s also worth looking at the Tokens Per Gold/USD if you want to buy specific cards from the shop. Cosmetic Value and Progress Value will also help you understand what a particular bundle is good for.
  • For the “Collector’s Tokens per Gold” row, a value less than or equal to 0.3 is considered bad (red highlight). A value in the range of 0.3 to 0.71 remains white and indicates a good value. In other words, this value is equal to or slightly lower than Token Tuesday bundles. The most profitable bundles are highlighted in green and have a value above 0.71. These are the bundles we advise players to buy if they want to get as many Collector’s Tokens as possible in the long run.
  • In the Cosmetic Value and Progress Value rows, we use red highlighting to display bundles with a value below 1, which means that it is more profitable to get the same resources through standard conversion methods. The base white color is for values between 1 and 2 and indicates the offers are above average. A green highlight is used for values more than 2; these are very good offers in their categories (cosmetics and collection progress) and should be the target for the players who want to get the most out of it.
  • For the Difference in the number of new cards row, a red highlight reflects values less than 0, a green highlight is used for values more than 0.25, and white for values between 0 and 0.25.

You can also find previous seasons’ comparison charts here:

Half a World Away


This $10 bundle offers almost as much Gold as buying a season pass – 800 vs 900, as well as a nice amount of Credits and some cosmetics. Gold, being the most versatile currency, looks especially good here and sets the Half a World Away bundle apart from similar $10 counterparts.

The included variant isn’t the best choice a bundle – Black Widow as a Series 3 card is almost nowhere to be found, so it’s unlikely to be useful on its own for those who want get to play her before getting the base card. The same goes for advanced players – it’s hard to find a place for it in competitive decks.

Overall though – this is a decent bundle for a relatively small price that can help you get some gold (and a themed variant) for the Peach Momoko Shop Takeover.

Peach You are So Cool


Despite the significant changes that have happened to the contents of this bandwagon behind the scenes – it’s still very good for its money and allows you to get a huge amount of Collector’s Tokens. For comparison – if you buy Gold in the in-game shop and then convert it to tokens through Token Tuesdays – for $65 you would get about 3450 Collector’s Tokens, which is noticeably less than here.

However, a very important problem is that Peach, You’re So Cool bundle isn’t very attractive in terms of end game progression for Marvel Snap veterans. Those who have collected almost the entire collection and buy season passes don’t need Tokens to maintain the collection. They need Credits to get cards from Spotlight Caches and to make nice splits for their cards while getting cosmetics on the Collection Level track.

This severely limits the target audience for this bundle: variant collectors and relatively new players who are still in the process of completing their collection. And for such new players, this bundle can be seen as a way to get She-Hulk earlier than usual. And that’s a nice option considering her power level.

At the end, the Peach, You’re So Cool bundle is great, but only for those who can spend 6,000 Tokens on cards they want that won’t be in Spotlight Caches in the coming months.

Oops! All Peaches


Here’s another bundle containing a variant of Peach Momoko! At 3,500 Gold, it barely justifies its price. You’ll literally only get a couple percent more value compared to the in-game shop if you buy it – the numbers above speak for themselves.

Therefore, the Oops! All Peaches bundle is not recommended as a way to spend Gold profitably. However, if you like this variant or you are a new player who doesn’t have Deadpool yet, buying the bundle will be worth it. Otherwise, you’d better save your Gold.

Species: Flerken. Threat: Adorable.


This bundle is kind of the opposite of the She-Hulk bundle. It costs almost half as much and offers a lot of Credits instead of Tokens. The values of this bandle are high and it is a great way to convert USD into Credits at a favorable rate, since normally you would only get 3,250 Credits for that amount of money.

As mentioned above – Credits are especially interesting for those who have collected all or almost all cards and want to continue to maintain their collection and get good splits for cards, while getting cosmetics on the Collection Level Track. Thus, the Species: Flerken. Threat: Adorable. bundle is recommended primarily for those who appreciate spotlight variants and want to get a lot of nice splits.

Also note that even though Goose is a Series 3 card, this bundle is definitely not worth it to get a chance to play this niche card early in the game.

Pro Bundle Mk. III


This bundle is part of a series of extremely expensive, but extremely favorable Pro bundles. Unlike the last Pro Bundle Mk. II, Pro Bundle Mk. III has 1,000 more Collector’s Tokens and 2,000 fewer Credits. This is a carefully calibrated change that completely matches our math. You’ll end up with about the same number of new cards as before, but for some players 2,000 credits would be a more desirable resource for getting new card splits.

As in previous times, we rate this bundle extremely high, as whoever buys it will really get a lot more currency than usual. It’s important to realize that such bundles are intended for so-called Whales, i.e. for those who spend a colossal amount of money to get the maximum amount of resources in the game.

For everyone else, there are a huge number of slightly less favorable bundles for a significantly lower price.

Thanksgiving Dinner


The Thanksgiving Dinner bundle is very similar to the recent Magik‘s Birthday Party! bundle, except it contains Collector’s Tokens instead of Credits, two variants for rarely used cards instead of one variant for a strong and popular card, and in addition the Thanksgiving Dinner costs $5 more!

The only thing that saves this bundle from a very bad rating is that in terms of value it’s above average and gives you enough to not regret it. Should I add that a Gambit as Series 3 card is not worth spending $20, albeit with a bonus of Gold on top?

So no, it’s not worth it, you’re probably better off skipping this bundle entirely. The only reason to get it is if you buy Gold from the in-game shop at the regular price anyway. There you’d get 1,450 gold, here you’d get 1,500, which is a little better.

Festival of Lights


At the very last moment the Festival of Lights bundle was changed from its datamined version and now its price is 4 times higher, and the contents have also been proportionally increased. Thanksgiving Dinner and Clever Girl are the closest candidates for comparison from the latest bundles. And both of those bundles are clearly losing to the Festival of Lights bundle in terms of value. If you look at the three most important parameters when comparing bundles: progress value, number of cards per dollar, and difference compared to buying Token Tuesdays, this bundle is better placed against a significantly more expensive bundle from another price range – Species: Flerken. Threat: Adorable.

And even here we see the overhall superiority of the Festival Of Lights bundle on all fronts: 0.19 cards for $10 vs. 0.15, 2.4 progress values vs. 2.0, and only the last value is slightly lower – the difference in cards vs. Token Tuesdays is 0.22 vs. 0.25. So essentially you’re getting as much value percentage-wise as buying a $35 bundle but buying a $20 bundle.S

So the Festival Of Lights bundle is still very good, but unfortunately with the change of its target audience and the prioritization of credits instead of gold it is hard to call it a must buy. But its value is clearly here and the updated bundle gets 4.5 stars.

Second Dinner


Second Dinner is a good bundle for gold with a low price and nice content. Essentially you get 500 extra Credits and a variant on top if you buy the bundle instead of using the standard Gold to Credits conversion.

For this price it’s a decent option for players who want to open Spotlight Caches and get more splits for cards, since this amount is enough for a little more than 2 full card splits. The small price makes the Second Dinner bundle more affordable than usual.

So it’s recommended for purchase if you have an extra 2,000 Gold and belong to the category of players listed just above.

Artist Showcase: Kai Lun Qu


Artist Showcase: Kai Lun Qu is a very expensive and very good bundle, but vastly inferior to the Sugar, Spice, and Everything Ice bundle and the Boon of the Savage Lands bundle. However, the Artist Showcase: Kai Lun Qu bundle has an important advantage. It targets players with a nearly complete collection and offers a huge amount of credits at a bargain price. Anyone who doesn’t feel the need for Collector’s Tokens should definitely consider buying this one, especially since there’s a chance that the Sugar, Spice, and Everything Ice bundle will be nerfed before release.

When compared to what you would normally get for 6,500 Gold, it turns out that you could expect to get about 8,125 Credits, which means this bundle offers 875 Credits and 1000 Collector’s Tokens on top, as well as a sizable amount of cosmetics. Also, it might be important for someone to get Human Torch this way instead of getting a base card. Although this scenario is rather unlikely.

Ultimately though this bundle is inferior to a few of its competitors, it’s definitely worth it, especially considering this bundle will be able to give you an average of 97% of a new Series 5 card due to the Spotliht Caches system.

So I recommend to think about your priorities and the amount of available Gold, taking into account that per month you get on average 2,000 gold without buying a season pass and 3,500 gold if you buy it. After all, you’ll probably want to buy the 7,500 Gold Sugar, Spice, and Everything Ice bundle when it releases next month.

Ronan the Kawaii UwU


This bundle, at $15, offers too little. Just compare it to the very recent Magik’s Birthday Party! There you could get 150 more Credits and 500 more Gold, as well as a variant for a strong and playable Magik card. Yes, there is a Infinity Ticket in the Ronan the Kawaii UwU bundle, but its value varies greatly from case to case and most of the time it will bring you very little value at all, especially if you already play Conquest often enough.

Even if we move away from comparing Ronan the Kawaii UwU to other bundles, it turns out that in terms of progression for 15 USD you would get 1,000 gold at the regular in-game shop price. Which means by buying the bundle you would only get 600 credits on top of that. For how much USD bundles give you compared to bundles for gold, this is a very poor value. Your dollars are worth much more than 600 Credits. And while Ronan is a Series 3 card, that doesn’t save his position in the eyes of either novice players or Marvel Snap veterans, as he’s too bad to put in competitive decks.

Token Tuesday Bundles


Token Tuesday Bundles are slowly losing their appeal, although they remain the starting point for evaluating any bundle. They are still good if you need to buy specific cards and don’t want to save up Gold for a long time to buy expensive and more profitable bundles to do so.

I can hardly recommend buying these bundles – at least not this month – but their pure value hasn’t gone anywhere, and they can help in a difficult situation to get the missing Collector’s Tokens to buy a coveted card.

Mystery Pack Bundles

Once again, Second Dinner offers us a variety of very different Mystery Pack Bundles. We would like to pay special attention to Mystery Pack Bundles number 2 and especially number 4.


Two premium mystery variants is nice and 1,100 gold too, but the $20 price tag for that seems steep, especially when you keep in mind that the variants you get will be random. So at that price and with that kind of content, it’s better to look at something else.


For 5 USD you get a very nice amount of different currencies. The only thing that spoils it is that players who need Gold, after spending 5 USD in the in-game shop for it, will still get more – 300 vs. 200. If this bundle had less Credits but more Gold – the rating would be much higher. For now, let’s settle on a fair and weighted rating of 3 stars. If you have $5 dollars to spare, this is something worth spending it on. But this is by no means a first- or second-priority purchase.


This Mystery Pack bundle is barely better than regular in-game shop prices. Half a World Away, for example, for the same price offers a third more resources and a specific variant. The upcoming Naughty or Nice? bundle also offers tangibly more for the same $10. So pay attention to those instead.


The Mystery Pack #4 bundle is without exaggeration a must-buy bundle. This is the first time we’ve seen such a low price of $2, yet the credits alone cost about $12!

So no matter what category of player you belong to – if you’re willing to spend some money – don’t pass it by. There is a chance that the bundle will be nerfed before release, but if not, don’t forget to buy it since it’s only two days long.


This one is the only Mystery Pack bundle for Gold this month. Unfortunately, it offers too little to recommend it to anyone. If you calculate the progress value, it’s even worse than buying the same resources in the in-game shop, and if you count cosmetics too, it’s barely better than buying the same items yourself. If you want Collector’s Tokensfor so little gold, you better buy 1 or 2 Token Tuesday bundles instead.

Conquest Ticket Bundles

For the first time, we see a new category of bundles designed for Conquest players. The distinctive feature of such bundles, which distinguishes them from Mystery Pack Bundles, is the replacement of cosmetics with tickets for the Conquest mode. However, due to the fact that such tickets cost almost nothing, the exchange is not very fair – and bundles are mostly not worth their money.

Why is that? The thing is that low tier tickets (Silver and Gold) are easy to get even for those who don’t play Conquest very well and too often. As for Infinity Tickets, players who actively play Conquest will not get a serious advantage from just one such ticket, and they have enough Medals to afford everything in the Medal Shop. Furthermore, players who devote little time to Conquest are unlikely to be able to use the ticket profitably and get anything but a couple hundred Medals, which when converted give little to nothing.


There’s a whole gulf between this this one and the Festival of Lights bundle. This bundle doesn’t give cosmetics and contains 250 Credits less for the same price. For $5, it’s not terrible, but it’s not too good to recommend to a wide range of players. You’re probably better off saving that $5 and invest it in a different, more expensive purchase.


For $10, this bundle is barely able to give you the minimum of that price. There’s simply too little currency for that price tag and zero cosmetics, so I highly recommend skipping it.


Getting 1,400 Credits for 900 Gold is pretty good, considering you would normally get 275 credits less for that price if you converted gold to credits the standard way. However, due to the fact that that’s generally all this bundle has to offer and the fact that 900 Gold is about 2 weeks of progress for a player without a season pass – it’s not the best choice for investment. It’s generally better to save up Gold and buy something more expensive and of higher value.


For $20 you get a fair amount of currency and zero cosmetics. This can be seen as a good deal for those who need Credits for card splits and getting new cards from Spotlight Caches. However, you usually get more value for every USD than you do here, so probably you should consider other options.

Booster Pack Bundles


Booster Packs, just as before, are too bad to be a real way to speed up your progress and get more cards. Just don’t buy them – especially with the addition of Conquest mode since you can easily get lots of boosters in the Proving Grounds without risking anything.


The main innovation this month in bundles was the introduction of Ticket bundles, which aren’t the most successful now, but carry the idea of continuing to separate bundles into different categories, for each type of player.

Also the trend of the month was the continued release of good and generally favorable bundles in every price category! It’s a great trend and we’re glad to see it continue. So, for example here are the best of the bundles for different price categories this month:

So in the end, this is a great month for buying bundles, but remember that all prices and content are preliminary and subject to change!

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