Marvel Snap April 2023 Bundles Comparison Chart

Marvel Snap April 2023 Bundles Guide – Value and Comparison Chart

Kirallas takes a look at the current and upcoming Marvel Snap bundles for April 2023, calculates their estimated value and compares them side by side.

In April 2023 we will get some interesting bundles, which can please both lovers of the Collection Level and those who appreciate cosmetics. Let’s have a look at what awaits us! Keep in mind that contents, costs, and dates are yet to be confirmed and are not final until announced or released.

Marvel Snap April 2023 Bundles Comparison Chart
Marvel Snap April 2023 Bundles Comparison Chart

April 2023 Bundle List

The above chart compares the upcoming Bundles in April 2023. More information can be found on their individual pages:

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
A Hand Full of RocksApr 1Apr 2400 Gold• Avatar: Rock
• Title: I Got a Rock
Weekend Bundle 2Apr 1Apr 3$19.991000100300Mystery Variant
Daily Bundle FinaleApr 3Apr 5$9.991250
Token Tuesday 1Apr 4Apr 5650 Gold60035
Throg, Frog of ThunderApr 5Apr 257,000 Gold3,0007,000155 Thor• Variant: Thor Throg
• Avatar: Thor Throg
• Title: Cold Blooded
Aww-vengersApr 8Apr 14$4.99• 35 Mister Fantastic
• 35 Ant-Man
• 35 Captain America
• Variant: Mister Fantastic Mooster Fantastic
• Avatar: Mister Fantastic Mooster Fantastic
• Variant: Ant-Man Ant-Ant
• Avatar: Ant-Man Ant-Ant
• Variant: Captain America Captain Americat
• Avatar: Captain America Captain Americat
Token Tuesday 2Apr 11Apr 12450 Gold40015
Artist Showcase: Dan HippApr 14Apr 212,900 Gold2,000• 155 Devil Dinosaur
• 155 Moon Girl
• Variant: Devil Dinosaur Dan Hipp
• Avatar: Devil Dinosaur Dan Hipp
• Variant: Moon Girl Dan Hipp
• Avatar: Moon Girl Dan Hipp
Token Tuesday 3Apr 18Apr 19850 Gold80065
Earth-616 DayApr 21Apr 28$9.99400400• 35 Hela
• 35 Groot
• Variant: Hela Gardening
• Avatar: Hela Gardening
• Variant: Groot Baby
• Avatar: Groot Baby
Token Tuesday 4Apr 25Apr 26650 Gold60035
The TokensApr 25May 25,000 Gold4,500• 155 Squirrel Girl• Variant: Squirrel Girl Rian Gonzales
• Avatar: Squirrel Girl Rian Gonzales
Team Cat Bundle700 Gold1,250105Title: Cats Rule
Team Dog Bundle700 Gold1,250105Title: Dogs Rule

A comparative analysis of the bundles in the table above that are not represented in the April chart can be found in the March bundle comparison:

1. How the chart works

The key visual principles of information display on the chart remained unchanged compared to the March chart:

  1. The price in dollars, next to the price in gold is calculated based on the conversion of 700 gold to 10 dollars. The reasons for this have been described earlier.
  2. The total number of Collector’s Tokens in the bundle is calculated by adding the Collector’s Tokens from the bundle to the tokens you get when you contribute all of the remaining currency to increase the Collection Level. The basic gold-to-credit conversion rate of 1.25 is taken as the basis.
  3. The number of Collector’s Tokens per 1 gold is calculated by dividing the total number of tokens by the bundle price in gold (for bundles sold for dollars the conversion ratio of $10 to 700 gold is used again).
  4. Progress value means how many times more profitable it is to get currencies used to increase the Collection Level (gold and credits) by buying a bundle, than to get the same resources through a standard currency conversion through the store.
  5. Сosmetic value means how many times more advantageous it is to buy cosmetics from a bundle (avatar, title, variant) by buying it than to buy similar items in the store. The price for avatars and titles is based on a price of 350 gold. The reasons for this are also described in the first guide about bundles.
  6. The total value is calculated by adding the two above.
  7. As for the Token Tuesday bundles, the calculations were done on average, since their value is extremely similar. They were combined so they do not take up much space on the chart individually.
  8. Boosters are not included in the calculations because they have no real value due to how easy it is to get them later in the game.

The chart uses the following color coding:

  • For the “Collector’s Tokens per one gold” row, a value less than or equal to 0.5 is considered bad (red highlight) since it’s quite close to the standard value of 0.3 and there are usually much better offers. A value in the range of 0.51 to 0.7 remains white and indicates a good value. This is the value of the best bundles that were in the in-game store before Token Tuesday bundles appeared in the game. The most profitable bundles are highlighted in green and have a value above 0.7. These are the bundles we advise players to buy if they want to get as many Collector’s Tokens as possible in the long run.
  • In all three of the bottom rows of values, a red highlight is used to display bundles with a value below 1, which means that it is more profitable to get the same resources through standard conversion methods. The base white color is for values between 1 and 2 and indicates the offers are slightly above average. A green highlight is used for values greater than 2; these are extremely profitable offers in their categories (cosmetics, collection progress, or all together) and should be target by players seeking the most value.

Answers to other possible questions about Marvel Snap’s in-game economy can be found in the following article:

2. What’s new with cosmetics?

The first thing I want to point out this time is an insanely good deal for cosmetics lovers. The Aww-vengers bundle is the most profitable bundle in the history of Marvel Snap! Yes, it only contains cosmetics. Yes, it only sells for real money. Yes, the price might be different at release (though there’s been no such precedent yet), but it’s definitely something to consider for those who don’t mind spending some money on cosmetics.

Also worth mentioning is Throg, the Frog of Thunder bundle. It’s quite expensive and costs 7,000 Gold, with its value being on the edge of what we would recommend to buy. So if you have enough gold and you really want this variant, it’s worth considering buying this bundle.

Thor Throg Variant
Thor Throg Variant

The Earth 616 day bundle is also a decent option for cosmetics lovers. However, having to pay real money may discourage many players from buying the bundle.

Moving forward, unfortunately, it’s hard to say anything good about the Dan Hipp bundle. Obviously, Second Dinner bet on the popularity of the artist’s variants and released the bundle at an excessively high price. It’s one of the worst bundles in terms of value that we ever have seen.

3. The Tokens

For token lovers, almost nothing changes in April. The very good news is that Token Tuesday bundles stay with us at least until May. They are still very profitable and are a great way to convert gold into Collector’s Tokens.

Also this month players can buy The Tokens bundle. This bundle is almost as good as any Token Tuesday bundle and has a cherry on the cake in the form of the Squirrel Girl variant. So we can definitely recommend this bundle for purchase if you have enough gold. Otherwise, don’t worry if you can’t buy it – Token Tuesday bundles are just as valuable and allow you to spend your resources much more accurately.

Squirrel Girl Rian Gonzales Variant
Squirrel Girl Rian Gonzales Variant

4. Conclusion

The April 2023 bundles are a good trend in improving the economics of the game. We will see the best balance of bundle content and price compared to previous seasons. Even the disappointing Dan Hipp bundle has an understandable explanation for its price, although of course I wish that all variants, regardless of artist, were judged in terms of their value not by Second Dinner, but by the players themselves. I wouldn’t want to get to a situation where one artist’s variants would sell for an incredibly high price, while other variants would sell for almost nothing, just because another artist made them.

I hope that Second Dinner will continue to listen to the community, as it has with past bundle changes, and continue to improve the economic component of the game for the players’ enjoyment.

In the meantime, I suggest you take another look at the chart above and draw your own conclusions about which bundles are worth your money and gold this month.

Have fun and stay safe everyone!

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