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Card Acquisition Updates

Marvel Snap will be updating card acquisition for players: Flexible Series releases, Series Drops, Mystery Series 3 cards, and weekend missions!

Marvel Snap has announced an update to the improvement of the card acquisition model. Starting with the May 16th patch, the Series Drop has confirmed 3 cards moving down to Series 4 as predicted, but with major deviations: 6 cards are staying in Series 4 for a bit longer, and 6 cards are making their way down to Series 3:

The below post from Second Dinner has more information regarding the new Series Drop schedule, as well as more information about making cards more accessible to players:

  • In the June 2023 Season, two cards will be released as Series 4 cards.
  • Series 3 Mystery Cards will be able to be purchased for 1,000 Collector’s Tokens starting in June from the Token Shop
  • Introduction of Weekend Missions as another way to earn tokens

The next few months are going to be truly epic for MARVEL SNAP! We have a new mode coming next month called Conquest, MARVEL SNAP on Windows continues to get polished and prepared for its global launch, and lastly, we’re dreaming up ways of improving the fun of getting new cards.

We’ve seen a lot of questions and feedback about how we introduce new cards to MARVEL SNAP. With our next patch on the horizon, we’d like to share some updates about our plans to improve how you acquire new cards. Our goal over the next few months is to find ways for more people to get the chance to play with new cards, more often.

Flexible Series Release

We’ve heard many players express that releasing every new card in Series 5 is interfering with their ability to get excited about those releases. We don’t want you to feel pressured to wait for Series Drops in order to enjoy that content, and we’d like you to be able to play with more new cards each month. Our goal is to make all new card releases feel exciting, accessible, and impactful in MARVEL SNAP. In our future seasons, we’ll be experimenting with releasing some cards directly to Series 4 – starting with two cards released to Series 4 in June. We believe releasing some cards at lower Token cost will increase accessibility and excitement for new cards released each week. We’ll be listening to your feedback to find the right balance between Series 5 versus Series 4 card releases.

Flexible Series Drop

In addition to modifying the Release Series for some cards, we’ll also be taking a look at the Series Drop cadence for cards. Currently all cards are on the same schedule starting in Series 5, dropping to Series 4 and eventually Series 3. However, the reality is that not all cards are created equally appealing to players. Going forward, we’re going to exercise more flexibility in what cards drop series and when. Sometimes this means preserving the Series of a card, as is the case with Thanos and Galactus. Other times this means we may drop a card from Series 5 to Series 3 because we simply want more people to experiment with it. We may even skip a monthly series drop entirely when the meta looks fun and healthy. These decisions will be made on a card-by-card basis based on data and player feedback instead of applying a blanket rule to all cards. 

In our upcoming patch, we’re dropping more cards into Series 3 than we ever have before. In addition, some of our more impactful cards are staying in their current series for longer than expected. There are some fun cards in this drop and we hope they inspire you to experiment with new decks!

Series 3 Card Acquisition

In a previous patch, we made a few changes for Series 3 players that greatly increased their Token earn rate and introduced the free, seasonal Choose Your Card section. This made new card releases more accessible to these players and ultimately resulted in more cards being collected, but we’ve heard feedback that some players would still like the flexibility to use Tokens for Series 3 cards. In addition to the Choose Your Card section, we’re adding a new way to collect Series 3 cards. In our June patch, we’re updating the Token Shop to include a new section: Series 3 Mystery Card. This option will be available for 1,000 Tokens and can be purchased anytime you have enough Tokens and unowned Series 3 cards.

More Ways to Earn Tokens

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been making adjustments to increase the rate players are able to acquire Tokens. We think there are more improvements to be made here. In the next few patches, we’ll be introducing a couple more features that will reward more Tokens to more players. Our goal is that with these new features increasing the flow of Tokens, players will be able to purchase more new cards, more frequently! The first of these new features will be Weekend Missions.

Weekend Missions: Weekend Missions offer more goals and rewards for players, beyond their current Daily Missions and Weekly Missions. With the initial release of this feature, each weekend will have three Weekend Missions:

  • Win Games to Earn Credits
  • Win Games with Season Pass Card to Earn Gold
  • Win Games with Newly Released Card to Earn Tokens

Each of these reward amounts will vary depending on the difficulty of the mission. There will be Weekly Missions available for each new card release. Weekly Missions for a Newly Released Card are a great way to earn back Tokens with your new cards – essentially reducing the overall Token cost!

Thank you for all your feedback and patience as we’re continuing to make updates to MARVEL SNAP. We hope to make a game that we can all play together for years to come!

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    • Agreed, this is not better, they’re lowering the cost of crappy cards to get players to waste tokens on them and keeping the desirable cards more expensive for longer. Obviously Brode needs to buy a new house or payback the mouse for the use of the licence.

  1. I will no longer be buying anything beyond the season pass. So perhaps I should thank them for that. I was happy supporting the game with $50 a month in gold and the season pass. I now have an extra $600 a year to my fun budgets. These changes to card drops are very infuriating. The only card of the predicted drop I was missing was darkhawk. Then they go and F me. At least a boy usually buys me dinner before sticking it in me.

  2. I’m not understanding what some folks here are asking, maybe I can get clarifications on this thread. Are you guys asking to get cards for 100% free? Because I don’t see NOTHING wrong here. Yes, now we have less visibility of which card is going to drop. But wait time should be less, since some cards will start from P4 or maybe even from P3. That’s good.

    • They are making desirable cards more expensive to acquire where the old system downgraded cards based on when they were released. This change is to maximize profits, not the bs excuse they note above. I am hoping the Snap community sees this for what it is and reacts accordingly by spending less on the game.

  3. Yes. But what I don’t understand is that I am not finding series 4. I found the last one 48 boxes ago. Yes, I know that this might happen. Anyway, I can argue that this is the second time that this is happening to me. I will leave the data:
    CL: 6.305

    Pool 4 Sentry – CL: 5.734
    Pool 4 Sauron – CL: 5.290
    Pool 4 Valkyrie – CL: 5.002
    Pool 4 Helicarrier – CL: 4.330

    So. I found in more than 40 boxes a pool 4 after Hellicarrier (Valkyrie) and now, and I don’t know when I will find the next pool 4. So, it might happen to not find a pool 4 in 40 boxes but it is happening very frequently to me. I don’t understand why they don’t adjust the pity timer because it really pisses off when this happens.

    • It’s not 40 boxes since your last series 4, its every 40 boxes, you’ll get 1. You could get one on your 40th box and your 41st. You would not get another until your 81-120th box.

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