Series Drop May 2023

Marvel Snap Series Drop May 2023

A summary of the Marvel Snap downgrade of Series 4 and 5 cards for the May 16, 2023 patch, as well as cards staying in Series 4.

Marvel Snap has confirmed the cards for the May 2023 Series Drop that happened with the patch. There was no previous announcement to warn players about these changes, and there were some deviations from the previous patterns. Check out the Card Acquisition Updates post for more related information regarding these changes.

Series Drop May 2023
May 2023 Series Drop
5 to 44 to 3Stays in 4
Master MoldSentryKnull
Negasonic Teenage WarheadSilver SurferDarkhawk
Shadow KingStature

The cards for the May 2023 Series Drop deviated based on the chronological order of card releases and previous Series Drops. Based on the Card Acquisition Updates post, the Series Drops will be more flexible going forward and will also depend on the power level of cards.

Knull and Darkhawk looks to be staying in Series 4 for a bit while longer, and to compensate four extra cards have been added to Series 3 earlier than usual.

For future card releases and expected Series Drop schedules, check out our guide:

Staying in Series 4

The big news is that Knull, Zabu, MODOK, Stature, and Darkhawk, mainstays of the metagame, will be staying as Series 4 cards a bit longer and more cards will be added to Series 3.

Series 5 to 4

Master Mold and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, were understandably not used much as it was not a popular candidate to be purchased as Series 5 card. More players will get a hold of them slowly, but the real use of them will start when they reach Series 3!

Remember, players will eventually get the First Edition Badge (not yet implemented in game) to these cards if you obtain them before they drop in Series.

Series 4 to 3

These cards will be offered as your free Series 3 card for the season after you update to the May 16th patch if you have not claimed it yet.

Remember, you can pin Series 4 cards and when the patch drops, their price will go down to 1,000 tokens so it won’t use up your free Series 3 card!

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    • Don’t worry it didn’t work anyway you can’t use your free series 3 pick to pick up a seri s drop if you had a complete series 3 collection before

  1. If you are reading the comments on sites like this Second dinner. You done screwed up. I am done spending $100 a month on this game with this drop and the new “flexible releases.” At best you get ten bucks a month till something better to play comes along. That dc game is starting to sound kinda promising.

    • Uh, what’s wrong with this? I find it much healthier for the game. Series 4 and 5 will become actual pool, instead of just hoarding new card for the vast majority in pool 3. It’ll just be more balanced in the end.

      • While the change is probably a good one for the long-term health of the game and the pool system, the way it has been communicated to the players has felt really disingenuous. If they were going to hold back key cards in P4 we should have been told well in advance of today.

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