Series Drop - 5 to 4

Marvel Snap Series Drop January 2023: First Edition Badge and Token Shop Improvement Announcement

Marvel Snap has announced its first downgrade of Series 4 and 5 cards planned for January 31st, as well as planned updates to the Token Shop and introduction of First Edition Badges.

Following the latest patch, Marvel Snap has announced the first downgrade of Series 4 and 5 cards, which will happen two months after their release. The next patch planned on January 31st, 2023 is when the Series Drop will happen, and hopefully other stuff already announced such as the Battle Mode teased in the Developer Update.

The developers have also acknowledged the problem with the current card acquisition system for new Series 5 cards. The plan is to introduce First Edition Badges for players who acquire a new card as a Series 5 card before its downgrade, as well as improvements to the current Collector’s Token and the Token Shop model. Check out the full details from the official announcement below.

Get Ready For The Drop

It’s been a couple months since we introduced Series 4 and Series 5 cards, and we’re excited about our first-ever Series Drop! With every Series Drop, some Series 5 cards will move to Series 4, and some Series 4 cards will move to Series 3.

Series 5 cards that will move to Series 4:

Series Drop - 5 to 4

Series 4 cards that will move to Series 3:

Series Drop - 4 to 3

When cards drop Series, they become 10x more common in Collector’s Reserves, and much cheaper in the Token Shop.

We look forward to doing a Series Drop every month! Series Drops currently require a patch, so the exact date and time may vary. The patch with this Series Drop (and the ability to Battle friends!) is currently planned for January 31st, though if we run into last minute issues we may choose to delay for a little longer to make sure things work correctly.

When choosing which cards to drop, we will often start with some of the ones that have been in that Series the longest. That is, except for…

The Big Bad

All cards will eventually become easy to obtain through enough Series Drops. However, there are currently two cards that we do not plan to drop down a series: Our favorite 6-Cost supervillains, Thanos and Galactus. They’re just too dang epic.

Introducing “First Edition”

We’re excited to announce a new feature that we’re working on: First Edition Badges! If you acquire a Series 5 card before it moves down a Series, that card will show a “First Edition Badge” when you inspect it. It’s a way to show that you got the card when it was brand new. This feature will take us some time to build, but our goals are to retroactively apply First Edition Badges to cards earned before the feature comes online AND to show the Badge on all variants and Infinity Splits of the card!

Token Shop Improvements

The Token Shop has been live for a little while and we’ve had some time to experience what we like and don’t like about it. We love how it allows players to make progress towards the cards they want most. We don’t love that the hottest, newest cards don’t feel very accessible to players who haven’t completed Series 3. Once players complete Series 3, they start earning 500% more Tokens on the Collection Track, but before then, Series 4 and 5 can feel out of reach. We are starting to experiment with changes we could make to let players who are still progressing through Series 3 feel quicker progress towards the new hotness. It’s going to take us a little time to make these changes, but our goal is to make the experience of earning Series 4 and 5 feel much better for folks who haven’t completed Series 3.

With so many new cards dropping to Series 3 and 4 and more dropping every month, things are about to get spicy! We can’t wait to see what wild new decks everyone will build!

Our Thoughts?

HowlingMines offers his thoughts on this update in today’s YouTube video!

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  1. Really glad the devs appear to be listening to the community, this is positive for the game. Everyone that spoke up on social media deserves a pat on the back. Let’s be real, if they hadn’t, it’s unlikely that cards would be dropping Series as quickly (I expected a much slower drip feed tbh). Hopefully, SD has now realised that CCGs are about novelty, brewing, and experimentation – for that, we need to be able to access the cards!!

  2. Pulling one of these s4 cards before the 31st will feel really, really bad. I bet some people will not open any caches until the 31st, and this might be the reason why Brode recently revealed that the content of caches will be changed to be predetermined instead of random.

  3. They’re dropping all the best pool 5/4 cards, tbh. That is very nice. It does mean the next pool 4 deranking selection will be the stinker squad.

    Anyway, for those wondering what they should do in the token shop – either save for Galactus/Thanos as they won’t be deranking, or save for cards about to derank from pool 5 to pool 4, especially Bast and Shuri.

  4. Looking at the cards demoted, I have a prediction for next month’s demotion
    5->4 Four cards, Silver Surfer and the cards from his season
    4->3 Three cards, Cards that should’ve been released during Nick Fury’s season.

    It seems to me that they will keep at most three seasons worth of cards in each series. Once series 5 becomes three seasons worth, oldest season from each series will be rolled down.

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