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March 2023 Series Drop

Marvel Snap Series Drop March 2023

Marvel Snap has announced its downgrade of Series 4 and 5 cards planned for the next patch in March 2023!

Marvel Snap has announced the Series Drop for March 2023, which will happen in the next patch. The exact date is not currently yet known, but it could come with the start of the Steampunk Variant Rush event on March 21, 2023, along with balance changes, Collector’s Token acquisition, and Token Shop experience.

Balance changes will be in our next client update which will come out next week if all goes well with certification and deployment. In that client update there are also improvements to token acquisition and the token shop experience.

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March 2023 Series Drop
March 2023 Series Drop
5 to 44 to 3
Shadow KingM'Baku

As many predicted, the cadence of the cards that are downgrading is in chronological order of their release date. There are no back to back Series Drops, so cards that dropped last month may have to wait another month before dropping down further.

Series 5 to 4

The powerful Season Pass card Zabu makes its Series 4 introduction, which despite its nerf still sees some play in decks such as Zabu Sera Control. Sauron is also seeing some play, and the other cards, Shadow King, Shanna, and Dazzler, has seen very limited play thus far due to their rarity, so we hope to see them being experimented with more as more players get access to them.

Remember, players will eventually get the First Edition Badge (not yet implemented in game) to these cards if you obtain them before they drop in Series.

Series 4 to 3

With these, the first batch of Series 4 cards introduced to Marvel Snap, have now all made their way down to Series 3. Arguably these are the weakest ones, though Attuma and especially M'Baku are getting popular, and Orka leaving a lot to be desired compared to its Series 1 counterpart Namor.

As we wait for the patch and Series Drop in the meantime, you can prepare for the drop by checking out our Series Drop and Token Shop guide!

What do you think? Will you be pinning any of the cards right away? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Luckily I skipped all these before series 4 drop. Would love Dazzler though I already got Shanna from reserves. Shanna really screws up with random Redhood, Titania. If only Shanna added like two power 1 cost cards consistently it would be so much better.

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