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Test Your Might Nexus Event

Second Dinner announces Nexus Events refund, free Jane Foster card

After the failed launch of the Nexus Events, the team at Second Dinner have been doing what they can to move on from their admitted mistake. Just recently, Nexus Events were patched out of the game and, while we still don’t know what might take their place, we know that Nexus Events are gone for good.

Now, Ben Brode has announced that any one who spent Gold on the “Test your Might” Nexus Event will get a full refund. In addition, all current players will receive the Jane Foster card for free into their collection once the next patch hits.

Here is the full announcement:

Last week, we removed Nexus Events from the game. We have another update for you today.

Let’s just run it back and start over, eh? We’re going to give back all the gold y’all spent on Nexus Events.

Whether you spent 360 or 36,000 gold, we’re just going to dump that amount of gold back in your account with this next patch. Additionally, even if you didn’t spend any gold, we’ll be granting Jane Foster to everyone who doesn’t already have her. (Brand new accounts will find her in Pool 3.)

I want to extend my personal thanks for providing your feedback and sticking with us as we continue to improve the game. We have big dreams for the future of MARVEL SNAP; We want to build a game that can stand the test of time! To do that, we’ll be working on fair and fun ways we can add new cards to the game. As we test new monetization features, we’ll be keeping in mind that we need to be providing value and creating a player-friendly experience. We don’t have all the details quite yet, but we’ll be hard at work until we do.

Ben Brode via official Marvel Snap Discord server

The official Marvel Snap Twitter account shared a similar message as well.

This is a great step by Ben Brode and the rest of the team at Second Dinner to winning back players’ trust. Let’s hope that whatever they come up with as an alternate form of monetization and card distribution will be one that is more fair and, most importantly, more fun.

What do you think about the demise of Nexus Events? If you are someone who left the game over them, will this bring you back? And now that everyone is getting Jane Foster for free, what decks do you think she will work well in? Discuss this and more in the comments below or in our Discord!

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  1. it’s great for those who don’t have thor so they keep their skins they get their gold back and they also receive thor
    but what about people like me who received thor, that is, my gold is returned to me and that’s it, the others keep usus skins and others and thor for free, nothing except my gold is a bit pathetic if they are going to give thor to everyone who gives the skins also to all

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