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Nexus Events Discontinued, New Card and Monetization Reworks – Announcement from Ben Brode

Marvel Snap’s new Nexus Event has received a lot of backlash, combined with other monetization decisions, has boiled over in the community. New cards are hard to come by after Pool 2, and Nexus Events require you to fork over a lot of cash – which questioned the player’s motives on the future of the game.

The official Marvel Snap Discord has been a hub for the Second Dinner team, including Ben Brode, to respond to player feedback and a lot of questions have been asked and answers so far. To settle the community, Ben Brode has made an announcement to scrap the upcoming Nexus Events, and working on future card acquisition methods. Furthermore, multiple credit bundles can again now be purchased with gold. We will be sure to follow up with any of the changes, which they hope for early next week, but for now below is the announcement:

Hey everyone! We’re still working on what our future monetization/new card plans might look like, but we know for sure they’re not Nexus Events. We were able to sneak out an emergency patch to disable all future Nexus Events once the current one ends on Monday. This patch also reverts the change to credit bundle purchases that came with the Nexus Events update – you will again be able to use gold to purchase multiple credit bundles in the shop each day. These changes are just a first step that we could implement quickly. We’re continuing to work on the path forward and will keep y’all updated along the way. We’re trying to work fast here, so I’m hoping we can provide more updates early next week.

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