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Marvel Snap February 2023 Bundles Comparison Chart
February 2023 Season

New Cards
Feb 6: MODOK
Feb 7: ?
Feb 14: ?
Feb 21: ?
Feb 28: ?
Mar 6: Nimrod

Feb 6 ~ Mar 6: Quantumania Season
Mar 6 ~ Apr 3: “Nimrod” Season

Jan 22 ~ Feb 5: Festival Fireworks
Feb 7 ~ Feb 28: Positively Charged
Feb 14 ~ Feb 21: Westview Story
Feb 14 ~ Feb 21: Steamy Hell’s Kitchen
Feb 22 ~ Mar 3: Birthpool

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Electro Art

Electro Ramp Guide

Need a powerful deck that doesn't require Series 5, Series 4, or even that many Series Three cards? DoggertQBones has you covered. Find out what he likes so much about Electro Ramp and learn about the best practices to be ramping with the best of them!
Zabu Savage Land

Zabu Miracle Control Guide – Infinite Deck Report

Learn how to play Zabu Miracle Control in this in-depth deck guide, that was used reach Infinite within 72 hours of the new season with only one Series 4 card! It covers strategy, priority management, turn by turn guide, location guide, matchups, when to Snap and Retreat, and much more!
Sera Flaviano

Control Sera Guide

Learn how to play Control Sera in this in-depth deck guide, and reach Infinite consistently without the use of Series 4 or 5 cards! It covers strategy, priority management, turn by turn guide, location guide, matchups, when to Snap and Retreat, and much more!
Exodia Gambit by robcote22

Exodia Gambit Combo Deck Guide

Introduction Today’s Marvel Snap Deck Highlight features a powerful combo revolving around excessive On Going and On Reveal effects (check out our abilities guide)! The deck may take a while for people to start building, but it…

Anti-Nova Control Infinite Rank Deck Guide

Anti-Nova Control Infinite Rank Deck Guide

Introduction Today’s Marvel Snap Deck Highlight features an Anti-Nova Control deck by Wolwiloreal, who used it to reach Infinite rank this season. Since then, he managed to win 120 more Cubes, demonstrating that this deck…

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Adam Warlock Art by combobreak

Meta Tier List

Marvel Snap’s January 31, 2023 Balance Patch MASSIVELY Changes Two Cards! Are They Enough to Impact the Metagame?
The January 31, 2023 Marvel Snap patch nerfed Leader and buffed Wolverine! Den provides insight into the balance changes and updated decklists you can try with this small update before further changes happen in the next week!

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The Marvel Snap Tracker by Prometa is your best free companion app for Marvel Snap! Its features include:

  • Real time collection and deck tracker
  • Monitor your win rate and find best Cube-earners among your decks
  • Observe your ladder climb and ranking progress
  • Track your matches, each with replays, and inventory
  • Find decks using your current collection
  • Get daily summaries of your in-game accomplishments

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