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Marvel Snap Zone June 2023 Update: Daily Meta Reports, Card Backs, DC Dual Force, and More!

Our monthly update to Marvel Snap Zone! A lot of new features and improvements have been added - read all about them here and learn more about the website.

Hello to our valued Marvel Snap community! Welcome to Marvel Snap Zone’s June 2023 update post. Our goal is to regularly communicate what changes are undergoing on the website regularly, and this is our monthly log (consider it a “patch note”) of what’s changed, what’s being worked on, and what’s to come in the roadmap.

With that in mind, here at Marvel Snap Zone we strive to improve everyday, and your feedback is what motivates us to keep going. Let us know how we are doing, and any improvements you’d like to see.

We did not make an update post in May as most work was done behind the scenes, but now we’re ready to share some new stuff coming out this month and next. Without further ado, let’s dive in for some June 2023 news!

Daily Meta Reports

Our new Premium feature, Daily Meta Reports, now has three new and improved pages where you can check the latest trends in Marvel Snap that is updated every hour. Below are the samples, pulled at the time of writing. You can join Premium now with a limited-time 50% sale of the Annual plan!

Top 10 Decks
Top 30 Cards
Top Card Pairs

Card Back Database

Card Back List

At last, the full list of Card Backs are now live again thanks to! Each Card Back has its own page, and has their source listed. At the very least, we can use these as references for other stuff, such as the Itsy Bitsy Spider Bundle which offers the Miles Morales Card Back!

DC Dual Force

We’re pleased to present our new project:! DC Dual Force is an upcoming digital card game based on the DC universe, and as card game enthusiasts, we are looking to support the game! We’ll make a bigger deal out of it once it’s fully ready, but we just wanted to let you know it’s a work in progress.

We already got some introductory articles you can check out so you can learn more about the game – make sure to check them all out, including the card database!

New Team Member and Podcast!

We’d like to welcome PulseGlazer to the Marvel Snap Zone team and as the host of our new official podcast: Snap Judgments. You may have seen some of his work live on the site already:

Each week a new episode of the podcast will be released to our YouTube channel (as well as daily videos over on the Snap Judgments channel) and the usual podcasting platforms, giving you a strong, consistent voice to guide you through the Marvel Snap meta. You can listen to the first episode featuring EducatedCollins!

What Next?

That’s it for this month! We have more stuff in the works we can’t reveal quite yet, but we can tell you it is going to be an exciting next few months over here at Marvel Snap Zone. We appreciate everybody’s support and would love to hear from you about anything and everything – so drop us a line! We’ll put the links again below, so simply leave a comment.

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