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DC Dual Force Digital Collectible Card Game: DCDualForce.gg Launch

Check out our latest project on DC Dual Force, read about the game, and participate in the Beta Weekend!

Hello everyone! We hope everybody is enjoying the new Marvel Snap patch and the new Conquest mode. The team at Marvel Snap Zone and the DotGG gaming network is proud to launch DCDualForce.gg where we will be covering the new digital collectable card game DC Dual Force! Starting this Friday until Sunday, players will be able to join a limited Beta Weekend. Read more about the game, and how to get the Beta key to try it out this weekend!


The game’s only similarity to Marvel Snap is that it’s a card game and utilizes a famous superhero franchise to draw in players. It’s more comparable to the likes of Hearthstone or Legends of Runeterra, where games are longer and slightly more deeper in nature.

A big draw to the game is that other than the usual ladder matchmaking, there is a PvE adventure mode called Comics, and as the name implies you will be going through the stories of some of the real life DC comic books.

It also has the usual subscription-based model (season pass), and cosmetics to spice up your decks.

A quick overview of the game.


A DC Dual Force deck consists of up to 40 cards, spearheaded by up to two “Leader” (superhero) cards that can use leader Power to help with combat. Each leader is associated with a Faction. Each Faction has Action and Recruit cards that you fill the deck with. Below guides cover the general overview of the game that you should check out!

Read more on how the game is played and decks are built.
Read more about leader cards in more detail.
Read more about the five Factions in more detail.
Read more about the resource system in more detail.
Read more about the combat system in more detail.

Beta Weekend

The first public Beta Weekend is set to start from Friday, June 16 through Sunday, June 18 and is available only for PC. Servers will be online for all players with beta keys to play in a four hour window from 12 PM Eastern (US) to 4 PM Eastern (US). More details about the Beta Weekend can be found in the below links:

Last week was the first trial of the game by the streamers, and our very own SafetyBlade got to try the game out and given Beta keys to give out for this weekend! There’s a few more keys left so make sure to join our Discord and request one in the dedicated DC Dual Force channels if you’d like to try it out. Alternatively, there may still be time to sign up for the Beta from the official DC Dual Force website.

Read more about SafetyBlade’s experience and first impressions of the game.


Now to bring that altogether, we’ve launched the early version of DCDualForce.gg with the first version of its own card database, deck database, and deck builder. Players are already building decks in preparation for the Beta Weekend, so why not come and join us? Obviously everything is still a heavy work in progress – we will bring all our experience from MTG Arena Zone and Marvel Snap Zone for an improved experience that can be adapted to all our sites as well!


If you are a card game lover and a DC Universe fan, it’s definitely worth having a look at. The game itself doesn’t intersect with Marvel Snap though, and is more of a traditional card game that borrows more off Hearthstone. Before its global release, we hope the client can be released on mobile and get more polish. We’ll see you there as well!

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  1. Your bbc code changing certain keywords into auto-links (I presume) makes the short Gameplay section of this write-up look very funny while also being very confusing: what with Marvel Snap’s Leader card being featured front and center as a prime example.
    We’ve also got a couple typos elsewhere: “improved experience that can adapted”, “The game itself is doesn’t intersect”

    Other than that… eh, not sure if I can actually find room for yet another card game in my life. Only so much time in the day. But Marvel Snap getting some possible extra Distinguished Competition on the marketplace could be a good thing for us all, perhaps forcing Second Dinner to try a little harder on the player-friendly front. Which is something that’s been missing lately.

  2. So… Hearthstone with 2 hero powers… Why would anyone want to play this? I mean I get it, maybe you like superhero games… But is there any other reason? PvE looks fun, but once you end it, if you like this kind of games you’ll probably go back to play Hearthstone.
    If this lasts for two years I would be seriously amazed lol.

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