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Can't Stop Snapping Podcast

Can’t Stop Snapping! – A Marvel Snap Podcast – Episode 48: Shanna and “Big Recruits” with SafetyBlade!

I am joined by fellow Marvel Snap Zone contributor, SafteyBlade, to break down the latest additions to Marvel Snap. We share ideas on synergies, counters, and how these additions stack up against the rest of this season. SafetyBlade also breaks down his deck guide for the "Big Recruits" deck that he used on his way to achieving Infinite Rank this season.

We Have To Talk About New Card Releases, And Why Nobody Cares.

If a new card releases in a card battler, but nobody is around to collect it - did it make a sound? New cards should be time for excitement, but the community at large just doesn't seem to care anymore. Today, I'm breaking down some of the reasons why I think that is, and offer some potential solutions as to how we could potentially remedy this growing problem for players.
Nian Challenge Event

Nian Challenge Event Guide

Deal damage to the Nian Beast with firecrackers as a community to earn Gold, Credits, and a Lunar New Year Sword Master Avatar! You can even try to climb the leaderboard to show off an exclusive Title. Here is our complete guide to the latest Marvel Snap web event.
Screenshot of Credits purchasable in the Shop


Table of ContentsBundlesToken ShopDaily OfferFast UpgradeCreditGold The Shop in Marvel Snap offers various goods for purchase, with both in-game currency and real money. The shop resets daily at 7 PM PST (3 AM GMT), except for the Fast Upgrade which…

Beating Zabu with…Zabu? – Infinite Rank Deck Highlight!

Many folks out there are still looking for the best way to use their new shiny season pass card, especially if they don't have Series 4 and 5 powerhouses like Absorbing Man or Darkhawk - and I think we have a good contestant here from our own Den_CCG, with a deck all about stats, and controlling the final turn of the game, and one that is also Series 3 only!

Breaking Down The Effects Of The First Series Drop

We've all been waiting for it, and Second Dinner finally delivered - 9 cards will be going doing one series at the end of January - five from Series 5, and four from Series 4. We've already written a lovely article that includes the cards going up and down and the developers comments on them, but I'm here to break down if this is good enough a fix and what I think of the cards chosen