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High Evolutionary Confirmed “Big Bad”, The Living Tribunal [6/6] is NOT a Big Bad – No Card Acquisition Changes For Now

High Evolutionary is now confirmed to be a Big Bad, and will cost 6,000 Collector's Tokens and be in Series 5 for an indefinite amount of time. The Living Tribunal however, will be an ordinary Series 5 card.

The 12th Season of Marvel Snap – Guardians’ Greatest Hit – has one of the most exciting Marvel Snap card releases so far, that started with the Season Pass card Nebula and is already making waves in many decks so far. We have four more card releases coming up in May 2023 until the next season:

Iron Lad and Howard the Duck already pose an unique mechanic: Utilizing the top card of your deck like Jubilee and Yondu. We will be following up with strategy guides for these cards in the coming days, but one the most anticipated cards are certainly High Evolutionary and The Living Tribunal, and whether they are going to be a “Big Bad” or not.

What is a Big Bad?

“Big Bad” cards are indefinitely in Series 5, and will cost 6,000 Collector’s Tokens from the Token Shop. They will not undergo Series Drops unlike the other cards. Currently, these three cards are classified as such:

High Evolutionary

High Evolutionary, if you read the card, you can see it has a very special effect similar to the ones listed above. Players have already speculated it to be a Big Bad, and Stephen Jarrett (leading product at Second Dinner) has confirmed that it will be joining the Big Bad ranks when it releases on May 23, 2023.

We know there is a lot of excitement around High Evolutionary, and many of you have been wondering whether or not he’ll be a Big Bad!  We have been waiting to announce that because we are working on revising and improving our card acquisition system. (1/3)

Our hope had been to finalize the improved card acquisition plans and announce High Evolutionary’s fate at the same time, but that hasn’t worked out.  We can share that High Evolutionary will be a “current Big Bad” and cost 6000 Collector’s Tokens for an indefinite amount of time

We’re looking forward to sharing more about card acquisition in the future! (3/3)

Originally tweeted by Stephen Jarrett (@stephenjarrtt) on May 5, 2023.

This means that the value of this card will be locked, unlike the other Series 5 and 4 cards that will be easier to acquire over time. Players may want to save up their 6,000 Collector’s Tokens now if they wish to play this card!

The Living Tribunal

Some players may have also anticipated The Living Tribunal to be a Big Bad – but it has also been confirmed by Stephen that The Living Tribunal will not be a big bad (although considered). Furthermore, the card has now been confirmed to be a [6/6] card, rather than the current datamined version of [6/4].

Card Acquisition Improvements

Furthermore, Stephen mentions the card acquisition improvements to Marvel Snap that is yet to be announced. While no details of these changes are known yet, we hope to hear news about this soon as the noted changes in the most recent Development Roadmap are already live in game.

While powerful effects for sure, having cards in Big Bad are not necessarily a good thing as they almost force people to save up for the most expensive cards in the game just for the sake of value. We hope to hear from Marvel Snap about the changes soon!

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  1. Living Tribunal is an anti-randomness card. As such I expect it to be played in randomness heavy cards such as LockJaw and Hela. The other place Tribunal fits well is a control deck where you have over compensated in a lane where the opponent can not play and can share some of the points around or where the opponent or Location has locked you out.

    High Evolutionary creates a playstyle which is trying to play one under curve. Wasp and Thing fit a little into that because they help discount Abomination. Shocker helps you get that one energy sometimes. The others shine when you have one energy left after playing. This is a card you build a deck around. Gamma Wave like a Death or Doom Wave are looking to play Wave on 5 to drop a lot of points on 6 with the Gamma Trio (Abomination, Hulk+8-12 and She-Hulk).

    HE also works well in a Thor/Lockjaw deck. Using Shocker, Wasp and Thing while playing on curve. Wasp’s gets to zap the opponents in the lane having a lasting impact before Lockjaw sends her back into the deck. Shocker reducing Jane to follow immediately after Thor for less chance to draw the hammer naturally or allowing some crazy plays like Mjolnir & Odin on 5 with an Absorbing Man in the same lane on 6 (and hopefully pulling Living Tribunal from Lockjaw to spread Thor’s power around).

    HE also is good friends with Sera. Shocker could get Sera on the board on 4 instead of 5 which gives a large amount of discounted energy.

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