Snap Judgments Episode 2

Snap Judgments Episode 2: Two Energy Card Domination, Balances Changes, & Conquest Mode

Snap Judgments discuss the latest Marvel Snap patch in this latest podcast episode: Balance changes, Conquest mode, and more!

Episode Details

The most important patch in Marvel Snap history is here and All-New Snap Judgments jumps right in to discuss and analyze it! Glazer and Roy are joined by fan favorite returning guest Savage Yeti and friend of the show DougPie (@DougPieTTV) to dig into the HUGE balance changes wrought by the June patch and, especially, Conquest mode! No aspect of the changes to Marvel Snap is left undiscussed: the Patch/OTA balance changes, the new weekend missions, the series drops (or lack thereof), the best cards in Conquest mode, and much much more. Plenty of hot takes (including liquid hot fire about the fate of Galactus) emerge from this detailed two hour discussion.

Make sure you follow Savage Yeti on Twitter – @SavageYetiYT – and Youtube – @SavageYetiGaming. Make sure you follow DougPie on Twitter – @DougPieTTV – and Twitch.

You can now ONLY find the YouTube version of our show on the Marvel Snap Zone YouTube – with upgrades! The video version of the podcast now has a visual version of the show notes so you can follow along while watching. We are still working on the kinks of the new system, so patience is appreciated while we sort things out. You can only find all of the All-New Snap Judgments episodes each week on the Marvel Snap Zone YouTube page. Glazer will still be producing daily “Snap Takes” on our YouTube, however. So make sure you come back to the Snap Judgments YouTube each and every day so that you stay on top of the meta and get the hottest decks before anyone else.

We now offer our show notes in a NEW form – a Google Slide deck. You can see our show notes here and follow along with the episode with all the visual pazazz while you listen! If you want to check out links to everything we discuss in this week’s episode give those show notes a click!

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  1. I don’t always find the time to listen to the entirety of all the podcasts I’d like to (oh the cruel world), so I greatly value the descriptions and visual show notes. Makes it easier to locate certain interesting tidbits to focus on.

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