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Leech Ramp Deck Highlight and Gameplay!

HowlingMines wanted to play Galactus, but doesn't have the card - but his journey to find a similar deck he would enjoy may have lead him somewhere powerful! Is Leech secretly the best card that you're not playing?

Emerging Decks And Concepts With Patch 6.9.

The long-awaited patch is allowing for brand new cards and decks to attack the metagame! Join Den_CCG as he studies how old decks have adapted, new decks have formed, and what cards stand to shine in this new metagame!
3 Good Nick Fury Decks from Data

3 Good Nick Fury Decks from Data

Second Dinner’s Principal Data Scientist and Game Designer Tian Ding, has shared with his followers on Twitter three decks that feature the new card – – from the Sword and Shield Season Pass. According to…