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Developer Update for the Week of March 1, 2023: End of Season Edition!

In this week's edition of Developer Update, we get answers to questions such as: Frequent balance patches, player retention, Leech nerf, and more!

Hello all! Welcome back to this week’s breakdown of what’s happening over on the Marvel Snap official Discord! If you want to stay up to date with what’s coming and what answers developers have for the community, make sure to check back here each week! For further information on what’s coming to Marvel Snap, check out the Development Roadmap:

This week’s edition comes after the new patch went live! Make sure to check out the patch notes if you haven’t yet. The latest Series Drop also went live during this update, so make sure to check out what cards are effected! You can find the complete guide to the new patch below:

In this edition, we get answers to are we getting more frequent balance patches, is Second Dinner satisfied with player retention, and is Leech up for a nerf! Answers and questions may be slightly rephrased for more clarity and ease of reading.

This Week’s Questions

Q: Do you have plans to patch more outside of the once a month patch?
A: KentErik “We’re working on some new technologies to allow us to balance more frequently if required, and can hopefully stop an out of control meta if required.”

Q: Is the new Thanos animation from twitter the final one?
A: Stephen “We only shared the opening animation not when him or stones are played”

Q: Will the new Thanos animation be visible to the other player as well? Or just to the Thanos player?
A: Stephen ” Both players can see it”

Q: How is the game going? With many players reporting themselves leaving, how stable is the current player base and the influx of new players? Is the game active enough to support the 10+ year model you aim for?
A: Stephen “We won DICE mobile game of the year last night, the player base is healthy and growing and we are in amazing shape for 10+years of support.”

Q: What aspects of the game were completed by Nuverse vs Second Dinner?
A: Stephen “Second dinner lead all aspects of the game development. Nuverse is an amazing partner that gives us advice and drives publishing efforts for us like customer support, user acquisition, and platform integration.”

Q: That satisfiying “BWUNG” sound that activated whenever you opened a new card or variant is gone. What is the reason for that?
A: Stephen “It’s a bug”

Q: Is Leech up for a rework? Thanos is Tier 1 meta right now, and a large part is because of Leech because he has no counter.
A: Glenn “Leech is among the cards we monitor for balance”

Q: Why do discard cards all say “from your hand”?
A: Glenn “It’s common for players, especially ones new to card games, to assume their cards do good things for them, and bad things to their opponents. If Blade said “On Reveal: Discard a card.” that could lead to confusion in multiple ways, so we pay a small text price for clarity”

Q: Is it intended for Shuri to only double the power of Mysterio on the left most copy?
A: Glenn “The leftmost Mysterio is always the one played first, so that is how these two cards interact. It’s currently a necessary element of how we structure “play” triggers.

Q: Will Kang + Absorbing Man let Kang’s ability be copied??
A: Glenn “The game won’t ‘remember’ Kang, so Absorbing Man should copy the previous card, if it had an On Reveal ability.”

Q: Just had a game with Quantum tunnel, I played Mystique onto the location to copy Morbius. She copied it, and shuffled back into the deck. When another card was played into the tunnel, Mystique came back but didn’t retain the Morbius ability. Is this intended?
A: KentErik “Yep sorry bout this! We have a bug in general when a card gets moved from certain places it gets “fully reset”. We are fixing this in an upcoming patch!

Final Turn

That’s all for this week’s update! Be sure to check back here at Marvel Snap Zone for next week’s update!

If you have a question for the developers, be sure to submit it in their official Discord in the “#ask-the-team” channel and you might see your question in the next update!

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    • Well Hearthstone has been around for 9 years and this game is better on so many levels esp with the match time approx 5 min.
      If they put in an arena mode when people get bored of ladder ranking and the player base doesn`t drop drastically I believe
      they can hand around for at least 5+ years.

  1. Has the question of changes to the matchmaking system been asked to the developers? It feels really flawed, as described by many in the playerbase and even the articles on this website so could that be a question to ask in a future developer update?

  2. Ture, Leech needs to be nerfed, but that’s not a big part of Thanos getting Tier 1 because of him, it’s just that the game is too “random”. Lockjaw Thor also has this problem, trading low cost cards for high cost cards by luck. It’s not fun to play a game when it’s mostly luck that wins or loses the game.

  3. Q: What aspects of the game were completed by Nuverse vs Second Dinner?
    A: Stephen “Second dinner lead all aspects of the game development. Nuverse is an amazing partner that gives us advice and drives publishing efforts for us like customer support, user acquisition, and platform integration.”

    Kinda feel like Nuverse handling customer support could be a problem.

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