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Kitty Pryde Temporarily Disabled

Kitty Pryde was added to Marvel Snap as a Series 5 card on March 28, as a promising 1-Cost card that we thought could have a big impact on decks. However, on its release, it ran into a few issues that made it not work how it was intended such as not working with The Collector or Beast and even crashing the game! As a result, the card has been disabled until Second Dinner can come up with a fix including compensation.

We’ve temporarily disabled Kitty Pryde while we resolve an issue that sometimes results in a game crash when playing against Kitty Pryde.

Players cannot queue into matches with Kitty Pryde in their deck, and we’ve removed her from random card generation abilities. Kitty Pryde will also not show in future card rotations in the Token Shop & players who currently have her in their shop will receive an error when trying to purchase the card.

We’re sorry for this inconvenience and will compensate all players at a future date. We’re working hard to resolve this issue and will provide updates as we learn more information. Thank you for being so patient with us as we troubleshoot this issue!

Glenn Jones, Principle Game Designer of Marvel Snap, also took the time to clarify how the card is meant to work on Twitter.

You can return Kitty and replay her in the same turn. You can’t play her and return her with her own effect, she needs to have started the turn resolved at a location.

In order to undo how you’ve played Kitty, use the “Undo All” function. Picking her up and replaying her in the same place will be using her effect unless you do so.

Returning Kitty to your hand with other cards won’t give her the +2 buff.

Lockjaw (bug): An existing display bug is extra-awkward.

The Collector (bug): Returning her to hand should buff Collector.

Beast (bug): She should hold Beast’s Energy reduction permanently, but returning her with her own effect is currently changing her Cost to 1 instead.

Elysium/Dream Dimension/Wave/etc. (not bugged): Passive cost modifiers look for the last zone the card resolved in to apply. A Kitty Pryde returned to hand and replayed is still technically stationary at its original location until you end turn and lock in your decisions.

The above is similar to why playing Blue Marvel doesn’t immediately add Power to your cards. If you start a turn with Kitty in your hand, these effects will apply. We know it’s odd, but it’s consistent with other functionality in the game. We may revisit it in the future.

Kitty Pryde stats March 28 to March 30

Series 5 cards are still not the first priority to collect for most players, so while we cannot say how many players this may have affected, stats from our Marvel Snap Tracker show that it has been played in a total of 3589 games so far since its release.

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  1. Have there been any indicators as to how long fixing this might take? I have her pinned in the token shop, and was expecting to buy her this weekend. If it’s a week or so til they can restore functionality, that’s a shame but I can live with it. If it’s much longer, the opportunity cost of leaving her pinned starts to feel like too much.

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