Savage Land Gold Card Back

Bonus Special Gold Card Back Added for Infinite Ranked Players in the Savage Land Season

The Infinite ranked rewards for the Savage Land Season has been updated with a bonus special Gold Card Back - Infinite Claw!

The last season (The Power Cosmic) saw some changes to the ranked and Season Pass reward structure in Marvel Snap. One of them was reaching Infinite rank rewarding players with a Title for the season. The incentive to climb and compete was lowered, but on another hand a Title for reaching the highest rank in the game that takes a lot of time and effort did not seem too rewarding either.

Update: As promised, Infinite rank players from the January 2023 Season have now also been gifted the Infinite Claw Card Back on February 13, 2023.

Please note that for login rewards, the PC Steam Early Access client does not currently have a functioning News or Inbox tab. Claim the rewards on a mobile device, on the top right corner of the screen. Check our Download page for the links.

The February 2023 Season now brings back the Card Back reward, instead of the Title!

With around two weeks left to go in the Savage Land Season (expected to end on February 6), Marvel Snap dropped an announcement that players who end the season at Infinite rank will be rewarded with a bonus Gold Card Back reward via their inbox! While there is no confirmation that this will be the case going forward, the announcement seems to have come out of the blue with no relation to any current events. However, in the latest Developer Update it was stated that not enough players were reaching Infinite so this might have been an emergency incentive for players.

Q: What’s the percentage of players that reach rank 100 each season and are you satisfied with that number?

A: Stephen “The amount of players reaching infinite is lower than we want right now. We are always iterating and ranked mode is an area we will continue to improve over time”

For the full season details, check out our dedicated guide.

Ranked rewards will be updated to the following:

5AgentMarvel Snap Card Back
10Iron200 Credits
20Bronze40 Boosters
30Silver250 Credits
40GoldDon’t Worry I Don’t Bite Title
50Platinum400 Credits
60DiamondMystery Variant
70Vibranium500 Credits
80OmegaZabu Avatar
90Galactic500 Gold
100InfiniteReally Really Dirty Title
Gold Card Back (via Inbox)

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  1. Sweet! Interesting the devs said that not enough players were reaching Infinite, in the last update. I expected them to make it easier (maybe introduce ranked floors). But perhaps instead they are going to incentivise people to try harder? I prefer this approach, because it keeps Infinite “special”.

    • I think I’d prefer the ranked floors(or both). It takes 100 cubes to move up a floor, I don’t think having ranked floors that prevents you from falling below a round number would make too much of a difference (other than making someone feel worse unnecessarily). They already got that floors reward, if they keep losing they’d be bottoming out at, lets say rank 50, if they can’t win a net positive amount of cubes over the course of every few games they won’t reach 60 anyway. Infinite, realistically, gets harder the more your CL goes up. So its probably still going to be a rank that most people (especially f2p players) won’t reach as easily. Especially when you get into pool 3 where the strategies you come across may be strategies you don’t have. I don’t see why they couldn’t provide better incentive as well as having ranked floors that you can’t fall under. I mean, honestly, you want people to keep playing the game which means limiting the amount of discouragement that can happen. They still have to fight hard for every 100 cubes, but after that they get a reward and they shouldn’t be able to fall below that rank.

      It also makes it less likely for people to test out decks (as it is now) because they’ll lose cubes, don’t want to fall down too far and have to make it all up again. Which is why right now most people are either playing a Meta deck or an Anti-Meta control deck. Which is fine but I’d think everyone would benefit from facing off against a variety of decks on the ladder. I mean, nobody likes 5 games in a row of the same sort of discard or destroy deck… followed by a Zabu Patriot Surfer… and then back to discard or destroy. I’m sure the casual game mode will help with deck testing as well as variety, but I’m sure people still want to see variety in the ranked game mode too. Having ranked floors can help encourage variety while a better curve of prizes can incentivize ranked play. Right now, I’m at 60 and the prizes after Mystery Variant don’t really excite me. Even this card back to be honest.

  2. Am I the only one that kind of gave up after rank 90 this season, since I already have the last season’s title ?
    Now I want that cardback, but the climb back seams harder to do !

  3. So let me get this straight…. People spent money on the season pass get the original card back of this card back along with other seasonal things…. and anyone who can reach Infinite rank gets a version of this card back that probably took 5 mins in photoshop to edit because Second Dinner didn’t have an actual reward for reaching 100 (other than a lame title) and people weren’t happy about it? Why didn’t they just make it a Super Rare Mystery Variant? Probably would have been just as easy to code and actually give value to reaching 100. For me, even this card back doesn’t really incentivize me to reach 100 and I don’t even have the original either.

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