Ben Brode, lead developer on Marvel Snap

Developer Update for the Week of January 18, 2023: Post-Patch Edition!

Hello all! Welcome back to this week’s breakdown of what’s happening over on the Marvel Snap official Discord! If you want to stay up to date with what’s coming and what answers developers have for the community, make sure to check back here each week! For further information on what’s coming to Marvel Snap, check out the Development Roadmap:

This week’s edition comes after the new patch went live. If you haven’t seen what changed or read about the new Series Downgrade System, make sure to check that out!

In this edition, we get answers if that Killmonger translation is a hint of a upcoming nerf, will Galactus and Thanos get first edition titles, and are the devs happy with the number of players hitting infinite! Answers to questions will be prefaced with the developer who said it. Answers and questions may be slightly rephrased for more clarity and ease of reading.

This Week’s Questions

Q: Will there be global matchmaking or region changes? Are there plans to let players change their matchmaking region, or will they be locked in?

A: Ben Brode “We are working on global matchmaking so we are hoping to make the distinction irrelevant”

Q: Do you see a daily increase or decrease in active players during features/ hot locations?

A: Ben Brode “We are tracking this but they don’t seem to have much affect (positive or negative) in how many games folks play on average. That’s just data, though – not the only thing we look at as we make decisions. Payer feedback is a big component as well. (And our own experiences with the game)”

Q: If a player gets all of the 700 gold variants, what will happen? We Know you can only get 700g variants from reserves, 1200g variants can be gotten only from the shop. If whales have all 700g variants and they get a reward of a variant, what will they get?

A: Ben Brode “If it’s a reserve that would have had a variant in it, the other items in that box just become more likely to drop (in this case it’s the cosmetics box, so you’ll see more titles and avatars, at least until we add more categories of cosmetics). If it’s one of those purple “Mystery Variant” rewards on the season pass or something, the fallback is 200g.”

Q: Do you have any plans for more login events like winterverse?

A: Stephen “Yes we will do more login events in the future.”

Q: Any plans for different types of cosmetics for purchase? Like new split effects, card borders, emotes, animated avatars, alternate voice lines, etc?

A: Stephen “We will keep adding new cosmetic options over time”

Q: I was wondering if you guys had a schedule for patches, for example league has a patch every two weeks, or monthly, or is it just kind of case by case basis for what you think the game needs?

A: Ben Brode “We do, but unlike League, we need approval from the platforms before we can patch and so our patches are by necessity a bit less reliable. Also we sometimes find last-minute issues and need to delay. So we can’t communicate an exact pace. But our goal is to patch about every 4 weeks right now.”

Q: It appears the latest patch introduced a change to the translation of Killmongers card text. In german, for example, it now says “…kill all cards HERE”. Is this a sign of an incoming nerf?

A: Ben Brode “I don’t believe so – I think it’s just a mistranslation.”

Q: I believe during the beta it was possible to get Avatars of card variants. Is it still possible? Do we need to get all base card avatars first? if not possible, will it be again in the future?

A: Stephen “Right now you can some variant avatars from season pass, bundles, and events. We will make more available in the future.”

Q: I know that if you buy a series 5 card you will get a first edition badge for the card. If I buy a variant after the badge is applied, will the variants also get the badge still?

A: Stephen “Yes it will be applied to all variants and splits for that character going forward if they are acquired while they were a Series 5 card.”

Q: Will players be able to earn badges for Thanos and Galactus since they won’t be downgraded?

A: Stephen “They will both have first edition badges when acquired”

Q: Will ultimate variants ever go on sales or be reduced in price? Are you going to introduce higher than ultimate tier?

A: Stephen “We plan to add Mythic variants in the future (custom vfx, VO, sfx) but no time table right now when that will launch. We have no plans right now to put Ultimates on sale or downgrade them.”

Q: Does the game not remember mute? I played the same player twice in a row. On the second run he was unmuted, even though I set him to mute the first match.

A: Stephen “It does not remember right now. It’s solely a priority thing. We are a small team so have to make tough calls on features at times”

Q: Will players have the ability to toggle off First Edition badges?

A: Ben Brode “No plans for disabling the badge. Also the current plan is not for it to obscure the art of frame, but rather be elsewhere in the zoomed in card UI. So you can see it when you zoom in but not on board.”

Q: Does the matchmaking use machine learning?

A: Ben Brode “No, the matchmaker cannot see your deck, nor does it use machine learning”

Q: Who is your least favorite card in the whole game?

A: Ben Brode “Maybe Professor X? Haha”
Stephen “Shang Chi for me. I love playing big cards so he has taken many cubes from me haha”

Q: Will any of the previously released shop bundles make a return for player who didn’t get them the first time around?

A: Stephen “No plans at this time to bring back previous bundles but we will keep adding new ones that will have awesome new variants”

Q: How many colors are there for particle effects?

A: Stephen “8 – Red, Blue, White, Purple, Green, Rainbow, Gold, and Black”

Q: Is there any chance artists can submit their artwork of marvel characters to the team and possibly make it a variant in the game?

A: Stephen “Yeah of course. hit up impulse139 on Twitter”

Q: What’s the percentage of players that reach rank 100 each season and are you satisfied with that number?

A: Stephen “The amount of players reaching infinite is lower than we want right now. We are always iterating and ranked mode is an area we will continue to improve over time”

That’s all for this week’s update! Be sure to check back here at MarvelSnapZone for next week’s update!

If you have a question for the developers, be sure to submit it in their official Discord in the “#ask-the-team” channel and you might see your question in the next update!

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    • They don’t have any plans currently, but it’s not been that long since the game was released globally. They may very well decide later on to bring some of the more popular bundles back.

  1. Softball questions. I am excited for the card downgrades, but the economy still has major problems. For example, it is difficult to get hyped for new card releases when very, very few players will get to play with them. It’s almost like they designed an economy that sucks the fun out of CCGs. Bizarre game design.

    • They’re moving towards a point where a card joins series 3 from series 4 each week. This may not be a NEW card, but it will be a card that you’ll get to experiment with that becomes super excessible.

      Also, they intend for series-3-complete people to get to buy 1 series-5 card each month with collector tokens gained from caches. You’ll basically get to choose your favorite card of the month, or stockpile them for a later month. I think this might feel much better once free-to-play people from global launch start becoming series-3-complete. (or worse, because they won’t unlock series 3 cards regularly anymore, but those don’t seem to hype people much anyways)

      I’m not saying there aren’t any issues with the economy, but I do think it’s not as bad as people make it seem. Marvel Snap actually moves ALMOST all cards down to series 3 with time, making them much more excessible, even for free-to-play. That’s much better than most games.

  2. I’m sorry, but you all have to do a better job pushing for answers to your actual questions or stop publishing these updates. If you’re a site for players, you can’t just be a mouthpiece for the devs. When you ask What % of player hit infinite, I expect that you should get the actual number or specifically report that Second Dinner chose not to answer the question.

    • Lol, are you J. Jonah Jameson? I like these weekly info dumps. If the devs don’t want to answer something explicitly or reveal internal information, it’s not the fault of the person asking the question. Besides, this info is culled from Discord, where lots of people are asking questions, not just the staff here.

  3. So you are blaming the staff of this website because you don’t like what the game devs are saying. Got it. I’ll continue to read these articles, personally. Calling it a waste of time for a 2 minute read is just silly.

  4. I am truly shocked by this answer….I guess it’s confirmation bias with what I feel like I see each time I change decks.

    Q: Does the matchmaking use machine learning?
    A: Ben Brode “No, the matchmaker cannot see your deck, nor does it use machine learning”

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