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Card Acquisition Improvements: How Caches, Collector’s Tokens, and the Token Shop Are Affected

In this article, we summarize the card acquisition improvement changes announced in the Development Roadmap and what impact this will have on the current player base as well as new ones just joining the game.

Marvel Snap made a big update to their Development Roadmap for March 2023, and addressed how the card acquisition model will be changed in the next patch and the one after in April. You can read the full post word for word that includes among other things below:

Since Marvel Snap’s global launch in October 2022, the slow card acquisition model after Series 3 (Collection Level 500+) has been widely in contention and has seen some major changes since then with the introduction of Collector’s Tokens, the Token Shop, and Bundles.

Furthermore, many players who has played regularly since then should be now Series 3 complete or almost complete – where the card acquisition grinds to a halt with Series 4 and 5 cards. Most players also do not have access to new Series 5 cards that are being added each week, with the hefty price of 6,000 Collector’s Tokens or the extremely rare 0.25% drop rate with no pity. The Series Drops only happens once a month and for a new card to be going from Series 5 to 3, players would have to wait at the very least 4 months!

With the current situation laid out, in this article, we will summarize the changes and what impact this will have on the current player base as well as new ones just joining the game.

Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves

The Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves will be replacing the 100 Collector’s Tokens with 200 to 600 Collector’s Tokens instead in the next patch (estimated date: March 21, 2023). If you have completed Series 3, you will receive 100 Collector’s Tokens in its place.

In the current system, a set of 40 Collector’s Reserves has:

  • 10x 100 Collector’s Tokens
  • 9x 200-600 Collector’s Tokens
  • 1x Series 4 card

In the new proposed system:

  • 9x 100 Collector’s Tokens
  • 10x 200-600 Collector’s Tokens
  • 1x Series 4 card

Which on average equates to 100 to 500 more Collector’s Tokens every 40 Collector’s Reserves, roughly a miniscule 7% increase in Collector’s Tokens for Series 3 complete players!

While the change is great for newer players still climbing the Collection Level (as stated in the roadmap, this is a 4 fold increase), rewards are unlikely to work retroactively so players who are Series 3 complete will have “missed out” on approximately 15,000 tokens. This also does not address the fact that new card acquisition will still be very slow for many players.

In summary, you may want to hoard Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves until the patch drops, combined with the changes to Series 3 card acquisition outlined in the Token Shop change section below. Keep in mind the Series Drop also happens and Steampunk Variant Rush starts at the same time!


We will have a big update on this article soon!

Every new card released in MARVEL SNAP should be exciting and impactful. We want players to wonder how that card could unlock new possibilities for fun or to win matches–and be able to actually play out those dreams. We’ve heard your feedback that we’re not meeting these expectations right now. It’s time to change that! We’re increasing the rate that all players earn Tokens, including a huge boost for Series 3 players that brings them in-line with Series 4/5 players. These changes will give all players equal opportunities to unlock brand new cards for themselves–whether you’re in Series 3 or beyond. 

  • More Tokens: We’re increasing the amount of Tokens earned on the Collection Level Track for all players who have not yet collected all Series 4 and Series 5 Cards. Starting at Collection Level 500 players will be able to earn between 200-600 tokens in Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves regardless of whether they have completed Series 3 or not. This is an increase of 4X for players who have not yet completed Series 3! Once a Card Series is complete, caches that would have contained a card from that Series will now be replaced with 100 Tokens. All of these changes will result in more tokens for more people! 🎉
  • Choose Your Card: Series 3 cards now have their own section in the Shop! Once per season players who haven’t completed Series 3 will be able to claim one free Series 3 card to help them fill out their favorite deck and take a step closer to completing their collection. Now you can save your tokens for Series 4 and 5 cards!

You don’t need to wait long for these updates, both of these changes will be in our next patch!

Token Shop

The Token Shop will be reworked in the next two patches according to the roadmap, and the changes announced are big.

Firstly, in the next patch, Series 3 cards in the Token Shop will be separated from the Series 4 and 5 and instead will have its own section, where players can claim one free Series 3 card per Season. So our understanding is that it works like the current system where a Series 3 card you do not own appears, rotates every 8 hours, but cannot be pinned, and you cannot buy it with tokens.

This is a double edged sword for players who are not yet Series 3 complete: Although we will be getting more tokens overall, we will have to rely on opening the “core” Series 3 cards (such as Aero, Mystique, Patriot, Doctor Doom, and so on) via caches in a random manner since we cannot buy more than one a Season according to the post. However, spending tokens on Series 4 and 5 cards become a bit more accessible this way.

In the April patch, they are further separating the Token Shop with a newly released Series 5 card to be available for purchase as soon as they are released (Weekly Spotlight), as well as separating Token Shop Ultimate variants.


Token Shop is an awesome way to target the cards you want most, but we think we can do it even better. We’re dividing the Token Shop into a few different sections that will allow players to target  new and desirable cards faster. We’re also revamping the look and feel of the Token Shop so you can swipe through to see what’s new.

  • Weekly Spotlight: When a new Series 5 card is released, it will be immediately featured in its own section for its first week in MARVEL SNAP. Once you buy the Weekly Spotlight card, this section will be hidden until the next new card is released. If you want the newest cards at release, here’s what you’ve been waiting for!
  • Series 4 & Series 5: This section functions nearly the same as previously, but only features Series 4 and Series 5 cards. This section will feature a card you don’t own from all currently available Series 4/5 cards and rotates every 8 hours. Series 5 cards will be added to this section once they leave the Weekly Spotlight.
  • Ultimate Variants: Ultimate Variants are some of the most epic variants in the game. We felt they deserved their own section too!  We’re moving Ultimate Variants out of the way of seeing Series 4 and 5 cards and into their own rotation for those of you who want to make your decks that much cooler. 

We’re aiming for these changes to make our April patch!

We will be updating our existing reference guides accordingly as changes are confirmed in the patch notes! Are you happy with the changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Guys, your maths are wrong. You cannot choose a circle of 40 reserves to make the calculation. The normal circle of 4 reserves has:
    – 1 = 100 Tokens
    – 1 = 200-600 Collector’s Token
    – 1 = title/variant/portrait/gold/credits
    – 1 = title/variant/portrait/gold/credits

    and it is replaced by:
    – 1 = 200-600 Collector’s Token
    – 1 = 100 Tokens
    – 1 = title/variant/portrait/gold/credits
    – 1 = title/variant/portrait/gold/credits

    That’s it, so a pool 3 complete will find exactly the same tokens.

      • I am not missing anything. Marvel Snap Zone made a mistake of data presentation because they considered a defined cycle of 40 reserves. So, there is a little gain on 40 reserves specifically, but overall there is no gain. It is the same.

  2. If the P3 is not collected, you can choose a card every month, so why can’t you choose the P4/P5 card after the P3 is completed? This is extremely unfair to those who collected p3 in advance

      • buying pool3 cards for 1k tokens just so you get 400 token instead of what whould have been a pool3 card does not get you more tokens

      • Yes sure. But before, the value perceived in using money to accelerate the progression was very low. Now, it is 0. If you accelerate the progression with real money, you will lose the free card a month, and you will only get 100 tokens more every reserve instead of a card. So, in my opinion, it is a very stupid logic that punish who wants to spend. With the new system, it is pointless to be a “medium spenders” you will have no gain and only a loss.

  3. Haven’t upgraded any of my cards in wait of these changes coming.
    Hopefully in a couple months they make an adjustment for 4 and 5s, maybe reducing the token amount to 3 is 1k, 4 is 2k and 5 is 3k.
    Or increasing the timer so it’s 1 in 8 or something like that.

  4. Lol, I’ve just finished my pool3 to increase the token’s gaining from 100 to 200-600. I bought few expensive bundles to rush. Thank you, Second Dinner, nice motivation to buy future bundles.

  5. unless they changed the cost of series 4 and 5 cards (which I doubt) this is a ridiculous and out-of-touch change, that changes it for the worse for the more engaged and “hardcore” player base like myself that finished pool 3 a month ago, the absurd thing is that they say on the patch that “If you want the newest cards at release, here’s what you’ve been waiting for!” that is so tone deaf, nobody was complaining that it takes to long for the shop to rotate to the newest card, the problem is that they release cards weekly that take us months to buy and by the time you get enough tokens, 8/12 more cards gets released.

    It is really hard to believe that there is an actual team of people working on this game, the CONTENT that we have on the game right now is probably a year old or more, most of the cards were there since the first beta, they release 5 cards per month, other than the artwork that is used on the cards (most of it is taken from somewhere else), it seems like a really chill one person job coming up with and releasing 5 cards a month worth of content.

  6. I think it’s pretty clear from how quickly the meta stagnated that the card acquisition system in this game will not work long-term. It worked initially because the meta was constantly changing as more people completed earlier series. But card acquisition is too slow once you hit series 3 and beyond.

    Other CCG’s rely on expansion models to inject large amounts of new content every few months. Second Dinner is trying to do a small constant drip of content, but the problem is that 90% of players won’t have access to any of that content for some time because new cards are put in Series 4 and 5 are way too hard to get. That’s not enough variation to keep things fresh

    If we’re going to have to wait for patch balances to inject newness into this game, it’s not looking good

  7. No pleasing the player base is there 👍

    Whinging about acquiring cards you already have that if you _may_ have got sooner if you started playing the game 3 months later than you did.

    Grow up and play Thanos.

    • Agreed, these changes are good for the game overall. It seems like people have a problem with how the game itself is structured, which isn’t going to be magically “fixed” in a single patch. The devs have stated that they don’t want players to easily have full collections of series 4 and 5, and I don’t think they’re going to change that anytime soon.

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