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Marvel Snap Zone Premium
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Marvel Snap Zone February 2023 Update: Mobile Tracker App, Card Stats, Early Access, and More Improvements!

Our monthly update to Marvel Snap Zone! A lot of new features and improvements have been added - read all about them here and learn more about the website.

Hello to our valued Marvel Snap community! Welcome to Marvel Snap Zone’s first monthly update post. We hope everybody is enjoying the new Season. Our goal is to regularly communicate what changes are undergoing on the website regularly, and this is our monthly log (consider it a “patch note”) of what’s changed, what’s being worked on, and what’s to come in the roadmap.

With that in mind, here at Marvel Snap Zone we strive to improve everyday, and your feedback is what motivates us to keep going. Let us know how we are doing, and any improvements you’d like to see. Without further ado, let’s dive in for some February 2023 news!


After our new Premium member dashboard was successfully revamped and relaunched, we rolled out the first full Early Access Meta Tier List for Premium members this week. The next one is due to be out on February 20, 2023 at around 00:00 PST. Here’s a bit more information on how it all works:

  • Every week on a Monday (around 12:00 AM Pacific Time), we will be releasing our weekly Meta Tier List for Premium members 24 hours earlier. After that time, it will be available for everybody at the usual schedule (around Tuesday 12:00 AM Pacific Time).
  • During this 24 hour period, we want to give the opportunity for our Premium members to discuss the list in our Discord, ask questions, and offer any feedback. We may then further review it before its public release on the following day.
  • Dates on the release dates of the Tier List is subject to change depending on Marvel Snap patches, balance updates, and other events that may significantly shake up the metagame.
  • Keep in mind we need to collect sufficient data before making informed decisions. You can also check our meta stats section for the latest data.
  • You can see all previous week’s editions of the Tier Lists and articles here.

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Meta Section

  • New meta card stats section is now live! If you are curious to dive into more stats, find out what the top Marvel Snap cards are in the current meta. We also plan to add this information on our individual card pages also.
  • Our meta decks and stats section has been updated to improve deck archetype algorithms, more useful filters, and more.

Deck Builder

  • You can now add a bit of flair to your decks by adding any variants in our deck builder! Click through the updated “variants” button under the card image, and add them to your decks.


Collection Counter
  • The card and variant collection pages now have a counter to display how many cards you collected.
  • The title collection (and the guide) page has now been updated to include all known and upcoming titles. Add them to your profile!

Card and Variants

  • Cards in the card gallery and articles now display the source of the card (e.g. Series 4, unreleased, etc).
  • Cards in the card gallery and articles now display a more prominent button to switch between its variants.
  • Variants in the variant gallery now display the rarity and category of the variant (e.g. Rare, Steampunk, etc).

Deck Database

  • Added a filter to remove duplicate decks from the search. Note that this function can take up to a few minutes – we are looking to improve its performance.
  • Added a filter to search for decks with a description to differentiate from the misused “Guide” tag.

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