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Marvel Snap Balance Patch Coming: No Hotfix Updates for Now

With the current meta deemed stale and solved, players are looking forward to the major monthly patch in March to solve some issues regarding card acquisition, ranked ladder, and some card balance updates. Developers at Second Dinner has been updating the community on the official Discord regarding these matters.

On February 8, we saw a nerf hotfix to Zabu and Silver Surfer, the first of its kind to not require a full game update. Players may have believed this to be a more frequent, hands on approach to help with the meta, but unfortunately there had been some issues, so we may have to go through a new patch, and the timing of it is currently unknown. We will update you when as we find out more.

We have balance updates in the works. We ran into some issues with our ability to OTA them the past few weeks.

This happens every meta though. Some folks love it and some hate it. We have to find the right cadence to drop balance updates that isn’t too frequent for most players but keeps the more engaged players on their toes


Cards prominent in the meta such as Thanos, Leech, Aero, and Lockjaw have been in discussion for the past few weeks as mainstays in decks in the top tier.

With the new season Marvel Snap has started to make updates to the ranked ladder (50 Cubes gained when going up a tier) and reduced duration and frequency of Featured and Hot Locations. More updates have been promising in the next week or two regarding the state of ranked and matchmaking, with more in the works:

we are closing in on a plan and we’ll share more in the blog post thats coming up in the next week or two

I’m super pumped about a lot of the things we are doing right now. Between ranked mode changes, token and token shop changes, a new competitive mode, and our full PC release there is a ton to get hype over.


The Development Roadmap was last updated in December 2022 and we are excited to see what will be coming next! It is an interesting time for Marvel Snap – let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. 1. First they will allways relativise and devaluate players thoughts, critique and demands.
    2. And then they deviate from the issues with “pumped”, “hype” and “so much more in the future” rhetoric.

    I am sick of these guys.

  2. Thanos Lockjaw is an extremely fun deck to play, that requires strategy, planning ahead, and actually using your brain cells in order to win the match. On the other hand Shury Zero, the other powerhouse deck around is the most braindead deck i ve ever played. So why not nerf that instead of thanos, lockjaw, aero or leech???

  3. Do you think that the Series drop may come together with this future balance patch? I’m holding resources to avoid getting Atuma, M’baku or Orka from super rare drops.

  4. Touching Lockjaw would be so dumb, same as touching Quinjet. Clear problem of the deck is what Hoogland exposed:

    1) Leech now has no drawback given how easy is to cycle and throw it with Lockjaw
    2) Lockjaw is insane because of Space Stone.

    Just changing Space Stone to work like Cloak would fix the issue and not kill the Stone, since it’d still be very good and flexible. Just that would fix most of the issues. Leech maybe make it to affect only a random subset of cards, or cards played.

    Shuri needs clearly a cost bump to 5 and stats increase. The toxic thing isn’t Shuri but its interactions and how easy is to have huge combos. It feels like a no-brain card.

    Aero… I wouldn’t touch it. Now I feel it’s balanced. It feels busted because of the amount of decks with the “play a bunch of stuff in turn 6” or “play this here and win” decks that there are. It’s a failsafe against those kind of decks.

    • No reason Quinjet doesnt have the same restirction as Sera, or vise-versa

      either buff sera by taking away the (minimum 1) or add it to quinjet

      If Thanos isnt “playable” (dont like that word in this case but its good enough) with the stones not being free it shows the very design of the card is broken and needs a redesign. Or only allow one stone to be played per turn. The free value Quinjet+Stones give the deck are the biggest problem this game has. All the free draw, energy, location disruption, movement. One of those for “Free” every game is broken enough let alone all of them

      Thanos is just straight up a broken card, they need to change how the card+stones are designed, it just doesnt allow itself to be “balanced” its either going to be busted or dead

      Didnt expect to rant sorry haha

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