High Evolutionary Variant

March 21, 2023 Patch – Version 13.13 Datamine: New Cards, Variants, Bundles, Seasons, and More Content!

All the upcoming new Marvel Snap content, including cards, variants, locations, bundles, seasons, and more!

Marvel Snap Patch 13.13 is now out, and with it, new content waiting to be released for the upcoming month in the game files! As always, the data is from the team over at MarvelSnap.pro and the Marvel Snap Tracker. This guide is a live article and currently being updated in real-time. Please check back often for updates as we collect all the information!

This guide is for upcoming future content and is currently being updated in real-time. All details are not final and may change upon release – beware of spoilers! Please check back often for updates as we collect all the information!


June 2023 Season

While there is not much information for the June 2023 Season yet, we are predicting it to be related to the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse film with Ghost-Spider being the Season Pass card. It has been in the game data for a while now, and it has so many variants already! Related cards such as Spider-Ham and Spider-Man 2099 have been found.

May 2023 Season

May looks to be all about the Guardians of the Galaxy, with a bit of character spoilers for the new film ahead. Nebula is the Season Pass card and appears in the current in the game data as a [1/1] but a 4 cost, 6 power in the promotional image (see details further below).

Iron Lad and Howard the Duck utilizes the information from the top card of the deck, as well as a new “tapping” feature – could it be similar to Magic: The Gathering?

High Evolutionary is an epic card that is certainly going to be a Series 5 Big Bad card that will join the likes of Thanos, Galactus, and Kang. It will be interesting to see a different angle of Patriot-like decks!

The Living Tribunal finally makes its timely appearance having been in the game since the beginning.

  • May 2: Nebula [4/6]: Each turn your opponent doesn’t play a card here, +2 Power. (except the turn you play this)
  • May 9: Iron Lad [4/6]: On Reveal: Copy the text of your deck’s top card.
  • May 16: Howard the Duck [1/2]: Ongoing: Tap this to see the top card of your deck.
  • May 23: High Evolutionary [4/7]: At the start of the game, unlock the secret ability of all your cards with no abilities.
    • Evolved Wasp [0/1]: On Reveal: Afflict 2 random enemy cards here with -1 Power.
    • Evolved Misty Knight [1/2]: When you end a turn with unspent Energy, give another friendly card +1 Power.
    • Evolved Shocker [2/3]: On Reveal: Give the leftmost card in your hand -1 Cost.
    • Evolved Cyclops [3/4]: When you end a turn with unspent Energy, afflict 2 random enemies here with -1 Power.
    • Evolved The Thing [4/6]: On Reveal: Afflict a random enemy card here with -1 Power. Repeat this twice more.
    • Evolved Abomination [5/9]: Costs 1 less for each enemy card in play that’s afflicted with negative Power.
    • Evolved Hulk [6/12]: Ongoing: +2 Power for each turn you ended with unspent Energy.
  • May 30: The Living Tribunal [6/4]: Ongoing: Split your total Power evenly among all locations.

April 2023 Season

Cards for April are already known, but below is the expected schedule for the card releases.


Loki and Gorr has been added.



BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
March 2023 Token Tuesday 5Mar 28Mar 29850 Gold80065
April 2023 Token Tuesday 1Apr 4Apr 5650 Gold60035
ThrogApr 5Apr 257,000 Gold3,0007,000155 (Thor)Thor Throg Variant + Avatar
Title: Cold Blooded
Aww-vengersApr 8Apr 14$4.9935 of eachMister Fantastic Mooster Fantastic Variant + Avatar
Ant-Man Ant-Ant Variant + Avatar
Captain America Captain Americat Variant + Avatar
April 2023 Token Tuesday 2Apr 11Apr 12450 Gold40015
Dan Hipp 1Apr 14Apr 212,900 Gold2,000155 of eachDevil Dinosaur Dan Hipp Variant + Avatar
Moon Girl Dan Hipp Variant + Avatar
Bundle April 2023 Token Tuesday 3Apr 18Apr 19850 Gold80065
Earth 616 DayApr 21Apr 28$9.9940040035 of eachHela Gardening Variant + Avatar
Groot Baby Variant + Avatar
Bundle April 2023 Token Tuesday 4Apr 25Apr 26650 Gold60035
The TokensApr 25May 25,000 Gold4,500155 (Squirrel Girl)Squirrel Girl Rian Gonzales Variant + Avatar
May 2023 Token Tuesday 1May 2May 3450 Gold40015
May 2023 Token Tuesday 2May 9May 10850 Gold80065
May 2023 Token Tuesday 3May 16May 17650 Gold60035
May 2023 Token Tuesday 4May 23May 24450 Gold40015
May 2023 Token Tuesday 5May 30May 31850 Gold80065


Each new Season starts and ends on the first Monday of each month. The May 2023 Season looks to feature Nebula, Gamora, and Star-Lord for the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 film!

May 2023 Season Rewards
May 2023 Season Infinite Card Back
May 2023 Season Infinite Rank Card Back

Nebula‘s ability “Each turn your opponent doesn’t play a card here, +2 Power. (except the turn you play this)” is certainly an interesting one that has synergy with the other Guardians of the Galaxy cards.


Only one new location was found for this round, as Marvel Snap looks to wound down the Featured Locations.

  • Milano: Turn 5 is the only turn cards can be played here.

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  1. Some real good Dan Hipp variants coming.
    Waiting on a Moon Girl and Dino reflecting the recent animated series.

    Also pretty surprising, three new cards coming that haven’t been in the data this whole time.

  2. Only 4 weeks for the May season? April season starting on May 30th? Seems odd considering that the February season didn’t start until the 6th when it could have started on January 31st.

  3. Is there any specific reason you think Howard the Duck’s “tap” text means something like it does in M:TG as opposed to meaning “tap on Howard the Duck with your finger” in order to view the card?

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