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Marvel Snap Weekly Roundup – July 7, 2023

In this week's edition of Marvel Snap Weekly Roundup, catch up on all the latest news about Marvel Snap over the past week.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Marvel Snap Weekly Roundup, your home for all of the major Marvel Snap happenings of the week from your friends here at Marvel Snap Zone. I’m Glazer of Snap Judgments, and I’ll be your guide through everything you need to know to keep up with this game we all love.

Rise of the Phoenix Season Launched

The new Marvel Snap Season for July 2023 has begun! Here are 5 Reasons you should buy the Season Pass! The full rundown of the Season details is here:

  • Want to hit Infinite in the New Season? Use The Legendary Den’s Tier List!

New Conquest Season Launches – Medal Shop Changed!

The new Season of Conquest has begun, just like Ladder, but this comes with changes. The Medal Shop has become more expensive but offers a bit more value – most notably, there’s more Gold since Gold is being removed from regular caches next week! The Medal Shop has, however, become much more expensive.

Snap Judgments: The new Season of Conquest will require a greater time investment for what is already the most heavily time-consuming part of the game. That’s a bold choice. They still should revamp the shop more, though the extra gold is actually important to the health of the game, especially for free-to-play players. I just hope this doesn’t scare all but the hardcore players off the game mode.

My guess is the Medal Shop pricing change is to get people to play more Conquest, but that mode is so time-consuming, I worry it will have the opposite effect.

New Card: The Phoenix Force Releases as a Season Pass Card

Snap Judgments: So, everyone rushed on Twitter to say this card wasn’t good, then a day later, decks started coming out noting that no, in fact, this card is quite solid. It has homes in major decks and has helped people with Day 1 Infinite runs. You should get it for the value it provides in-game, but also because it’s a really, really good card.

Second Dinner’s Summer Break Continues – No OTA

The new Season launch was scheduled to be the same week as the next OTA update. However, with the summer break continuing, there will be no OTA this week. The patch is still scheduled for July 11!

Snap Judgment: Luckily, a new Season Pass card is a time of experimentation. The meta is largely solved with Lockjaw Evolutionary and Kitty Pryde Bounce, but with So many people trying out the Phoenix Force, the meta doesn’t feel as stale as it would otherwise. Again, this is an extremely well-timed break!

Bundle Releases

Patriots Bundle Released

$20 for 1700 credits, 600 gold, the variants of Cyclops, Patriot, and Misty Knight shown above along with their Avatars and 155 boosters each.

Snap Judgments: This is not great value unless you really like the variants here or you don’t yet have Patriot. It’s mediocre for progression, and if you’re saving up for the big Black Panther bundle that’s the best progression piece in the game for several months, this is a skip. If, however, you’re early Series 3 and need Patriot, you’ll still need to open him on the regular progression track, but this card nearly alone (you’ll need Mystique and either Doctor Doom or Ultron, too) gives you access to a powerful deck. If those pieces are in play, I’d suggest buying this.

Power to Move You Bundle Released

$15 for 1500 credits, 500 Collector’s Tokens, 155 boosters for each of Iron First and Falcon, along with variants above and Avatars for each, and the title Title: The Weather Here Sucks.

Snap Judgments: Unless you love the variants, and these are very cool, this isn’t great value either. Falcon is a Series 3 card, but not one needed for a top deck without many other pieces. I think this is less than a Token Tuesday, though it as at least cheaper than the previous bundle. Again, I want to spend my money on bundles with Gold in them ahead of the new drops.

Don’t Touch the Ocean Bundle Released

$10 for 600 credits, 1000 gold, the Variant below, an Avatar, and Title: Thiccture Perfect.

Snap Judgments: This is one of the best bundles of the month. 1000 gold will usually cost around $15 alone, so the credits and variant keep this one *ahem* comfortably above water. I’ll see myself out.

Marvel Snap Zone and Community News

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Bohe Shows Out with Great Deck Guides!

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