Living Tribunal All-In(finite)

Deck of the Day – The Living Tribunal All-In(finite)

Now is your chance to dust off your copy of The Living Tribunal and let it carry you to Infinite!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Deck of the Day! I’m Glazer of Snap Judgments: The Official Marvel Snap Zone Podcast, and every weekday I’m going to be highlighting a different deck for you to try out!

This deck absolutely requires two Series 5 cards – The Living Tribunal and Iron Lad. The deck is built for The Living Tribunal, and the consistency of the deck is built off of access to Iron Lad‘s and Jubilee‘s effects. Nebula is now in Series 5 as a former Season Pass card, but it is far less pivotal to the game plan. She’s strong but can easily be replaced by Sunspot, as usual. Zabu remains trapped in Series 4 and is another irreplaceable piece of the deck. You also need… ahem… every Series 3 card. This is an expensive deck.

Intro + Disclaimers

This deck went from rank 20-100 last season with about twenty minutes a day. You’ll have to Retreat intelligently when you don’t have the right cards or when your opponent is too strong, but this deck packs an awful lot of power!

Here’s the original Tweet with the deck from Mason E Clark. Thanks to our friend Bootman for finding the deck!

Sometimes the decks featured in this article will be Tier 1, the most competitive decks in the metagame. Sometimes they will be fun tier. Often, they will feature Series 4 and 5 cards (which is hopefully less of an issue with the Card Acquisition change), but sometimes they will be Series 3 or even lower.

Additionally, these decks can come from anywhere – they could be homebrews, a really cool idea from your favorite content creator, a tried and true meta deck, and sometimes, well, we won’t really know where the deck came from. We endeavor, however, to credit original deck creators whenever possible, so if we miss one, please do let us know! Want to submit a deck for consideration? Email me [email protected].

The Deck

MasonEClark Living Tribunal Infinite
Created by PulseGlazer
, updated 3 months ago
3x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
1x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
3x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Series 4 Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 4)
3x Series 5 Ultra Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 5)
1x Starter Card

Deck History

The Living Tribunal is a unique card in Marvel Snap; unfortunately, upon its release it was severely overshadowed by High Evolutionary. In addition to being a Big Bad (thus never downgrading in Series), High Evolutionary fundamentally created seven new cards for players’ collections with his ability. That lead him to be the Series 5 card that most saved up for, which left the Tribunal forgotten and understated.

This Tribunal list is a cousin of the meta saboteur Omega Red decks that used to be part of the meta. Those decks ran the same Onslaught and Iron Man top end, but ran a low end of Ongoing cards like Invisible Woman and Captain America to try to steal the doubled location by ten, thus getting the Omega Red effect (often doubled with Onslaught) to affect the whole board.

This deck was never much more than a spoiler, though, and while it could be a good counter to Lockdown decks, any meta with Enchantress as a prominent tech card would absolutely destroy the deck. Luckily for this deck, Enchantress has left the metagame since it’s so hard to get priority against Bounce decks and hitting an Evolved Hulk in Evolutionary decks usually isn’t enough to steal the location.

This lack of Enchantress has left a hole for this kind of deck to climb through, and, especially on Ladder, this deck breaks the glass ceiling all the way to Infinite!

How to Play

The concept of the deck is to cheat out one of the deck’s two six-power cards early. You’ll likely need both Onslaught and The Living Tribunal to win most games, so the deck has four ways to get them out early — two from the deck and two from the hand. If the cards are in the deck, Iron Lad and Jubilee can help get them into play (or at least their abilities into play).

I prefer starting with Jubilee when that’s the case since it thins the deck for when it does miss. Iron Lad, however, is exceptional, and it may be reason alone for Howard the Duck to belong in the deck over Nebula; a second Iron Man or Onslaught with the right combo is basically an auto-win.

If the key cards are in hand, then Wave allows you to go 6-5-6 in terms of play order, and Electro goes 5-6-6. Ideally this play line is, in some order, Iron Man, Onslaught and The Living Tribunal. Those three alone, if in one lane, are extremely powerful. In a pinch, Devil Dinosaur is also great in that five spot.

Finally, you can win without The Living Tribunal in this deck. Iron Lad and Jubilee offer the ability to cheat in a lot of power. One possible play line would be Iron Lad to copy Devil Dinosaur, then playing the Dino next turn and Onslaught or Iron Man on whichever lane needs a boost.

Another is Nebula or a card like Jubilee sealing off a locked location. At that point, Iron Man and Onslaught on one location equal 28 power by themselves. This deck has so much to do.

Here are play lines:

  • Turn 1: On Turn 1 you want to play Nebula if you can (ideally blind). If play is limited in that location, she may get quite big.
  • Turn 2: If you know you’re going ramp, especially with Wave, play Zabu. If you didn’t play Nebula but drew her, Psylocke will let you play both a ramp card and Nebula next turn.
  • Turn 6: The second of the 6-Cost cards. The beauty of Zabu and the reason he’s necessary is because if you missed one of the key cards, you can play both Jubilee and Iron Lad now to try to make up for what you missed!

Card Substitutions

The only card I can in good faith suggest you substitute here is Nebula. She is most likely to be changed for Howard the Duck, but Sunspot also works just fine here. Ant Man, also, isn’t a terrible call.

Other Living Tribunal Decks

If you want to try other decks with the new season pass card, check out these great articles right here on Marvel Snap Zone!

Conclusion + Video

This isn’t a Tier 1 deck, but it is ridiculously cool and so much more consistent than it looks. If you have The Living Tribunal and want to play him, there’s no better way than this deck.

If you’d like a video discussion of this deck, check my page out. You can also watch the video here:

Give it a look!

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