Lamby’s New Thanos Bounce

Deck of the Day – Lamby’s Thanos Bounce

Is Thanos is back in the Bounce archetype? This could be the next Tier 1 deck in the works!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Deck of the Day! I’m Glazer of Snap Judgments: The Official Marvel Snap Zone Podcast, and every weekday I’m going to be highlighting a different deck for you to try out!

This deck absolutely requires Thanos, obviously – it’s a Thanos deck! The other Series 5 card in the list is Jeff the Baby Land Shark. I’m in no way sure Jeff is right here. I’d consider running Spider-Ham, but likely just replace Jeff with Shang-Chi.

Intro + Disclaimers

Lamby hit Infinite with this deck in less than a day. He’s one of the best players and deck builders in the game. It’s early, but there’s a real chance this deck is Tier 1.

Sometimes the decks featured in this article will be Tier 1, the most competitive decks in the metagame. Sometimes they will be fun tier. Often, they will feature Series 4 and 5 cards (which is hopefully less of an issue with the Card Acquisition change), but sometimes they will be Series 3 or even lower.

Additionally, these decks can come from anywhere – they could be homebrews, a really cool idea from your favorite content creator, a tried and true meta deck, and sometimes, well, we won’t really know where the deck came from. We endeavor, however, to credit original deck creators whenever possible, so if we miss one, please do let us know! Want to submit a deck for consideration? Email me [email protected].

The Deck

Lamby’s New Thanos Bounce
Created by PulseGlazer
, updated 3 months ago
5x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
2x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
3x Series 5 Ultra Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 5)
1x Recruit Season
1x Starter Card

Deck History

When Thanos was released, for a good while, most people thought it was a bad card. The decks it was played in struggled mightily, and while some had success it was limited.

At around the time, people had written Thanos off, the metagame was made of Zabu and Silver Surfer decks. As both of those got nerfed, Shuri went from Series 5 to Series 4 and the era of Shuri Red Skull was upon us. It was thought that this would be the single scourge of the meta.

Enter Lamby. At around this time, a regular Rank 200+ player (and our friend, so go support him!) Elite Hassa convinced a former Hearthstone Grandmaster named who goes by LambySeries that Thanos was worth playing. The Infinity Stones, he argued, were cheap versions of cards you’d play anyway and they drew cards. What’s not to like?

In short order, Thanos was on par with the Shuri Red Skull lists, largely using Lockjaw and Quinjet abuse. It went from a pure power dump build, similar to the current High Evolutionary Lockjaw to a bounce/lane control as nerfs came for it, such was the power of the deck. Eventually though, too much was nerfed, and Thanos fell by the wayside… but a card this powerful will never be out of the meta for long!

How to Play

The concept of the deck is to use the utility of the Stones to draw into and cheat out powerful effects. With Carnage and Beast to ensure you have space on the board with all the Stones, while Bast and Blue Marvel make the Infinity Stones useful.

Bishop and Angela take advantage of the Stones utility, and Kitty Pryde works with literally every card noted except Carnage, and even then, if you draw her late enough and have extra energy, it’s not terrible.

Finally, you win by locking a lane with a card like Professor X or going super wide with Stones and Blue Marvel, then tall with Iron Man. There are just so many ways to win!

Kitty Pryde or a bunch of draw early basically win the game, and this is the rare Thanos deck that doesn’t really suffer from bad draws!

You end the game by playing multiple 5s and rarely a 6-coster. Again, another card that wins games in place of Jeff the Baby Land Shark might be useful, but with the main three 5s – Iron Man, Blue Marvel, and Professor X, it’s impossible for most opponents to play around all the ways you can beat them.

Finally, the keys to various matches: An early Professor X is the key to the bounce matchup. If you close a lane they cannot get over you in, they will usually struggle for space late. Against High Evolutionary Lane Control, Reality Stone on a flooded location is absolutely stellar.

Against Destroy- lock their location where they want to Destroy cards. This is often the worst match-up. Lockjaw isn’t too bad. Bishop and/or Angela can take anything but the Lockjaw lane, and Iron Man handles anything else.

Finally, don’t worry about shrinking Thanos with Bast. You’re very unlikely to get every Stone out between Beast and Carnage, and, at that point, America Chavez is only one less power than Thanos.

Here are the play lines:

  • Turn 1: Kitty Pryde is absolutely the card you want most, but Bast is usually the first play. This is followed by various Stones. The Mind Stone is basically always the priority Stone to play. The others I will play in this order: Soul, Space, Reality, Time, Power. You play all the draw ones first. Soul Stone is just fine to have out early, and it’s affect doesn’t add much later. Space Stone is good for moving a card out of a bad spot or off Angela, so better later than Soul. Between Storm and general bad locations, I like to hold the Reality Stone when I can. After that is Time Stone which can give you an early lock with Professor X or just help you ramp out more Stones.
  • Turn 2: If you had Kitty, it’s Kitty and a Stone. If you don’t have a Stone, but have Angela, play her instead of the second Kitty trigger – the end-game power should be the same either way. I’d play Stones, Bast, or Kitty over any of the other 2s here. Carnage is basically never played on 2. Jeff the Baby Land Shark is a fine play when there’s nothing else.
  • Turn 3: If you have a bunch of Stones in a lane, Beast is the priority, then Bishop. If you Beast before playing Bishop, you can drop Bishop and immediately get all the extra points from him. Angela and Kitty or Bast are more important here than playing Bishop usually. Bishop is, of course, still a very good play here in most circumstances. It’s worth abandoning any of these if both Time Stone and Professor X are in play.
  • Turn 4: This is your double (or more) play turn. Bishop and a bunch of ones are fine. If you didn’t see Beast, this is where Carnage comes out almost always, and usually with Jeff or some more Stones. If you were able to get Time Stone out last turn, Professor X is great here.
  • Turn 5: I usually have a big enough lane to drop Professor X in safely. This is the real joy of Jeff, in that if he was out, he adds extra safety here. If it’s not Professor X, I want to play Blue Marvel here and make all my cards more useful. This, ideally is close to winning a location.

Card Substitutions

Jeff the Baby Land Shark is the least powerful card in the deck, and also the only Series 5 besides Thanos, so that’s convenient. He could be almost anything, but these are my main contenders: Spider-Man, Spider-Ham, Shang-Chi, Devil Dinosaur. All of these add something extra and powerful to the deck that help you win a lane except Spider-Ham who often tells you how to play out the game.

Other Thanos Decks

If you want to try other decks with the new season pass card, check out these great videos right on my YouTube!

Conclusion + Video

Thanos can win enough games to get you to Infinite, but it requires practice. This is one of the strongest Thanos builds of the past few months, though, and definitely a force in the meta.

If you’d like a video discussion of this deck, check my page out. You can also watch the video here:

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  1. With the exception of Kitty and Jeff who weren’t out at the time, I’m sure I tried this deck months ago when Thanos was relatively new and I lucksacked him from a reserve in the first month.

    As a word of caution, reaching Infinite as a previously Infinite player felt easier (and more loaded with bots) than ever before this season, I was there in a little over 24 hours myself which is the fastest I’ve ever done it (not counting last month’s auto-Infinite), and I think any good player like Lamby could do it with any old deck pretty much.

  2. I was surprised to read these arguments about our little shark friend, as Jeff seems to be absolutely crucial for the deck when we are including Professor X – which can be randomly pulled by Lockjaw and sometimes immediately put us in a losing spot in that location by locking it down. Only Blue Marvel can then increase our power in that space, but only by a little.

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