Sword & Shield

Sword & Shield (Beta Rewind) Bundle Guide – Details and Analysis

Sword & Shield Marvel Snap Bundle details, guide, and analysis. Is it worth purchasing and what does it contain?

Sword & Shield is a Bundle that is part of the Loki For All Time season in Marvel Snap. Find out all the details you need to know and plan ahead. You can also view all upcoming September 2023 (Loki For All Time) Bundle information in our guide below:

Sword & Shield Bundle Details



Sword & Shield seems to be the last bundle of the Beta Revision series. The October 2022 Season Pass (Symbiote Invasion) is not in the game’s files, and is unlikely to return as it technically started during the global release month. So the Sword & Shield bundle is probably the last of its kind, at least for now.

As with other such bundles, it’s less favorable in value than the season pass of the corresponding season and even less favorable than modern season passes. To be exact, any modern Season Pass for $10 gives you 300 Credits, 900 Gold, 7 variants, 3 avatars, 3 titles, 2 card backs, and, most importantly, a new Series 5 card. Also after purchasing a season pass you get access to exclusive missions every week, giving you a cumulative total of about 600 Gold per month.

The Sword & Shield bundle, on the other hand, will only give you 3 variants, 3 avatars and some boosters and importantly, this particular one has no Card Backs! The lack of progress value can be seen as well, this bundle naturally has a Progress Value of 0.1 (8.6%) and won’t give you any resources to get new cards, as it’s solely focused on cosmetics. But judging by the cosmetics alone, this bundle is 4.5 times better than the regular in prices, so if you like 2 or 3 of the variants above, it’s already a good deal overall.

One more small detail – since Nick Fury is a Series 3 card, he will be immediately available to play after purchasing the bundle. And while he can seriously strengthen the Devil Dinosaur archetype at low collection levels, it seems questionable for a new player to buy this bundle just for that purpose, although it can be a nice bonus.

Nick Fury and Agent 13 fit the recent Loki archetype quite well, though they don’t appear as often in the archetype. Otherwise, you can use them in Devil Dinosaur decks, but other than that, there’s not much use for these cards.

Please insert deck uuid. click the edit button for this block.

Iron Man is a card found in a wide variety of archetypes and strategies. But right now Iron Man has found the best place for himself in Hela Tribunal decks, so if you like that deck, the variant will look pretty good there.

Hela Tribunal
Created by Kingvenom
, updated 3 months ago
1x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
2x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
5x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Series 4 Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 4)
2x Series 5 Ultra Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 5)
1x Starter Card

In the end, the Sword & Shield is just a regular three-variant bundle at a good price, but only if you really want to get not just one variant of them, but several. If so, we rate this bundle 3 stars out of 5 and additionally emphasize that for other categories of players who need new cards and progress value there are many other good bundles info on the special page.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

As usual, keep in mind the following points before purchasing bundles:

  • Date: Bundle start and end dates are at the daily reset time, which is 3 AM GMT.
    • Bundles are grouped according to the season.
  • Cost: Cost for $ is in US Dollars and will be converted to your local currency in-game.
    • You may be able to purchase cash items cheaper using the official publisher Nuverse web shop with a different currency.
  • Credits: The maximum Credit storage limit is 10,000. With a bundle purchase, you may go over the limit but not be able to collect anymore from other sources.
  • Collector’s Tokens: Players need to be at least Collection Level 500 before being able to see bundles that offer Collector’s Tokens offered in the Shop.
  • Mystery Variant: Is chosen randomly from a Base Card you already own, from the released 700 Gold Rare variant pool.
  • Variants: You can use any new bundle-specific variants acquired even if you don’t yet own the Base Card.
    • Bundle-specific variants are exclusive and are likely will not be offered through other sources, unless it is from a Season Pass from the Beta.
  • Value: Compare Bundle values using our comparison chart guide.

Wrap Up

Will you be purchasing this Marvel Snap Bundle? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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