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Marvel Snap Love It or Leave It: The Patch, Spotlight Caches, and More

In this week's edition of Marvel Snap Love it or Leave it, catch up on all the latest news and trends about Marvel Snap over the past week.

Hello everyone, and welcome to Marvel Snap Love It or Leave It, a new feature where we look at the happenings and trends of the game this week and decide whether we love it or would leave it. I’m Glazer of Snap Judgments, and I’ll be your guide through everything you need to know to keep up with this game we all love.

New Patch Buffs and Nerfs: Love It

At first, I was upset at the light touch to High Evolutionary, but playing the game for this long has taught me that the mental aspects of nerfs often cause a deck to see less play. Further, while this is played a lot, it’s far from overbearing like Shuri was at the time.

The same is true of Bounce, though to a lesser extent. While Bounce is both too powerful and prevalent, it’s not either by any extreme measure, and adding 2-4 cards to most decks turns it into a reasonable matchup.

Neither of these are long-term solutions, to be sure, but with OTA updates and the needed summer vacation, I think the meta is good enough to not need triage.

Spotlight Caches: Love It

These are controversial and a lot of players are claiming they’re getting fewer cards now that will take longer than when we just had regular Series drops. I’ll be honest – I am incapable of doing that math, but our friend LaurenWhatever isn’t, nor are numerous other luminaries of the community who all claim this is a benefit. With time, this system allows for collection completion according to the math with only the purchase of a season pass. I’ve seen literally no math done by the naysayers, so until I do? Love it!

The Jean Grey Release: Leave It

Jean Grey is a very good card, maybe a little overhyped, but she has homes and wins certain matchups. So why do I hate it? Well, this is yet another huge card release that many were excited for that came out with huge, game-breaking bugs (for example with Goose and Enchantress). While these were fixed quickly, the taste left in the mouths of many is sour with disappointment.

Delaying the Patch: Leave It

Delaying the patch was 100% the right move. As I argue above, releasing content that is poorly tested or flat out doesn’t work is a problem, so yes, delay when you need to. I’d rather have something work than not.

So why Leave it? The lack of communication here is killer. There is no downside to Second Dinner telling us of the problem and the plan. If we know about it, we can adjust expectations. Waiting for a patch to no avail is not a good feeling – and yes, I may be bitter that I had planned a podcast with NinaisNoob and SuperTechGod for the daytime, arranged for childcare for my son, and my co-host Roy was in a hotel taking time off his vacation only for a last-minute announced delay. We got the Podcast done, but yeesh, was it much ado that could have been fixed with a simple tweet.

Cosmic Wildfire Bundle: Love It


By all accounts, this is the best bundle for months into the past or future, at least in terms of progression. This Gold basically buys a Series 5 card and the credits are third of the way to opening a Spotlight Cache. That variant is beautiful. Heck, since it was datamined so long ago, it was even possible to just save up for long enough to get it. If you don’t believe either Kirallas or me? Here are two more great creators explaining:

Marvel Snap Zone and Community News

New Datamined Spoilers

The Legendary Den Does Tier Lists

Deck of the Day, Every Weekday by Me!

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