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Marvel Snap Love It or Leave It – July 22, 2023

In this week's edition of Marvel Snap Love it or Leave it, catch up on all the latest news and trends about Marvel Snap over the past week.

Hello everyone, and welcome to Marvel Snap Love It or Leave It, a new feature where we look at the happenings and trends of the game this week and decide whether we love it or would leave it. I’m Glazer of Snap Judgments, and I’ll be your guide through everything you need to know to keep up with this game we all love.

$5,000 Prize Tournament w/ Travel and Hotel to Hong Kong!

I don’t know why this isn’t the biggest news in Marvel Snap. $5,000 and international travel and lodging for EIGHT players is absolutely insane. This bodes so extremely well for the future of Marvel Snap. It’s an Open Tournament, too, so everyone has a chance at a free vacation and the highest level of competition just for playing Marvel Snap. What’s not to love?

Please, either participate or watch this event if you love Marvel Snap. If you do so, there will be more opportunities like this, it will keep the game healthy, and we all win!

New OTA Nerfs: Love It

Bounce was long overdue for a hit, having several months as the nearly undisputed top deck in the game. Lamby claims bounce is still good – and I have little doubt it’s good – but it’s not oppressive. We can run decks without Invisible Woman and Killmonger, Wave, and Sandman. As I argued, in my Top 5 Potential Nerfs for Bounce (I nailed the Kitty Pryde nerf), with only 12 cards in a deck, requiring 2-4 of them for one matchup is unreasonable.

Am I sad Hit Monkey is worse? Yeah, a little. I like the card. And I was a Spider-Ham Stan (told you it was crazy – third highest win rate in the deck!). But the health of the game comes before my favorite pig and monkey.

New OTA Buffs: Leave It

The Living Tribunal badly needed his buff and is now rightfully one of the coolest cards in the game. Magik is also great and so much deckbuilding is opened up because of her costing 3 now. Heck, Ghost-Spider is now the absolute perfect cost and power.

So, wait, why am I leaving this? Two reasons.

The first is simple: They pushed The Phoenix Force too far. It’s the best card in the game now, or at least in the best deck. I think it’s a matter of time before it breaks the meta just like Bounce did.

Worse, though, in the past little while they have buffed Nimrod, Ghost-Spider, and The Phoenix Force. Hit-Monkey was just in the best deck in the game for months. Silver Surfer keeps getting new toys for his deck. They are signaling and signaling HARD that to stay competitive in Marvel Snap, you will need to buy the Season Pass.

I hate that, but not for the reasons many think. I’m fine with what amounts to a $ 10-a-month subscription fee for cards for those who can afford it, and I have little sympathy for those who want to enjoy the game, and can afford it, but don’t want to. Yet there are many for whom and many who live in places where $10 a month isn’t viable.

They need to work something out for these people. A few will take advantage, but they always do. I think it’s worth it to get the games in the hand of more people internationally.

Spotlight Caches Week 2: Leave It

Two things have become clear about Spotlight Caches. The first, we knew and talked about last week – this is a great way for smart players to get more cards. The second took a while to take shape – the system feels terrible right now. It feels like there’s no reason to open 90% of caches with their horribly nerfed rewards. 50 Tokens feels like a slap in the face. And for advanced players, the 25% booby prize of no duplicate protection for the fourth spot in the Spotlight Caches is a bad joke.

The system is salvageable by fixing these two things, and just today it has been announced that the duplicate protection is being changed to 1,000 tokens in the next patch so players may want to hold on to their caches until then:

Echo Released: Leave It

Ongoing cards are back in the meta with the recent OTA – in particular, Knull, Iron Man, and The Living Tribunal seem everywhere. So why is Echo still a no to me? We have answers for these cards already and saving Caches should be a priority right now with more powerful cards with a likely wider use coming in August and September.

Marvel Snap Awards – Love It


SnapCon is the first major Marvel Snap Convention occurring in Florida at the end of August. That’s awesome enough, but at this Con will be the first-ever Marvel Snap Awards!

A ton of our former Podcast guests were nominated for major awards: NinaisNoob, SavageYeti, Bootman, KMBest, Educated Collins, LambySeries, Molt, Drewberry, TheJollyRoger, SuperTechGod, and future guest Eggs! Throw any of them any support or subs you can!

Snap Judgments (my podcast!) was nominated for Podcast of the Year!

And FOUR Marvel Snap Zone writers were nominated for Writer of the Year: the masterpiece Kirallas, the brilliant LaurenWhatever, the genius SafetyBlade, and the legendary Den! We’ve decided as a team to throw our support behind Den, so a vote for Den is a vote for Marvel Snap Zone!

You can cast your ballot here! Congrats to all the nominees!

Group Coaching from Den – Love It

Den is a legendary card game player and prolific writer. He’s doing free coaching for those who have a Marvel Snap Zone Premium subscription. You should get on that right away! If you can’t afford it, check my YouTube – I’ll regularly be giving away premium subs starting soon!

Conquest Frenzy – Love It

This one is so simple: win ten games of Snap in a day, get a free Gold Ticket. Free stuff is great. Do more nice simple things like this, please!

Marvel Snap Zone and Community News

The Legendary Den Does Tier Lists

Bohe’s Back with Deck Guides!

Deck of the Day, Every Weekday by Me!

Snap Judgments Podcast

Check out the Newest Snap Judgments Podcast here:

Check back tomorrow for my Sleeper Decks of the Week, and if you found value, check out my YouTube and subscribe! See you all soon!

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  1. > They are signaling and signaling HARD that to stay competitive in Marvel Snap, you will need to buy the Season Pass.

    Not just that, SD have a history of releasing busted season pass cards, only to nerf them shortly after the season ends. They did it with SS and Zabu. They can do it because MS is one of the very few digital CGs that does not offer refunds for nerfs, but it is arguably extremely dubious.

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