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Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache Schedule: Big in Japan (August 2023)

Marvel Snap's upcoming featured cards and variants of the Spotlight Caches for the Big in Japan (August 2023) Season!

Marvel Snap’s contents of the Spotlight Caches for the Big in Japan (August 8, 2023 to September 5, 2023) Season has been revealed! Each week, three cards will be featured in the Spotlight Caches, and their corresponding Spotlight Variants if you have already collected the card. We recommend that you carefully choose the cards you want, and save up at least four Spotlight Caches to open to get your desired card. So take a look at the Spotlight Cache card release schedule below, and plan ahead! For a more detailed review on the new cards and some potential decks, check out our corresponding article:

You will also be able to find the full Spotlight Cache release schedule here for past, current, and upcoming months, and also in our dedicated new card release guide:

This guide is for upcoming future content that are datamined. All details are not final and may change upon release. We will do our best to update as soon as we know more!

Week of August 8, 2023

Galactus5Kim Jacinto

Our first week doesn’t feature a new card, since the new card will be in the Season Pass. Instead, this week kicks off a full season featuring past season pass cards. This week carries a combo in the same cache! Nimrod and Galactus pair great together, and even more so if you also have Shuri!

Spider-Ham is also available, which is competing with Jeff the Baby Land Shark for the best 2-Drop in the game. If you are missing these cards in your collection, this is a great week for you!

For the full guide, check out our article!

Week of August 15, 2023

Lady Deathstrike5Mech
Stature4Eduardo Mello

The first new card of the Caches this season is Lady Deathstrike. This card could be the wildest tech card we’ve seen yet! We finally have a guaranteed counter to cards like Dracula and Lockjaw!

We also see the return of the discard saint, MODOK! If you enjoy a good surprise deck, Invisible Woman, MODOK, and Hela can be a surprise win with minimal cards in many games.

Stature also joins this week. While her meta presence isn’t as high as it once was, her usage in Dawkhawk decks with Blackbolt still remains incredibly strong. An exciting week to look forward to overall!

For the full guide, check out our article!

Week of August 22, 2023

Silk5Jung-Geun Yoon

X-23 might be the most anticipated new cache card of the season. Her ability to both fuel destroy decks with targets and add energy next turn makes her potentially top tier!

Nebula also joins as one of the best 1-drops in the game currently. If you don’t already own this card, don’t let this week pass you by.

Silk, despite her great stats, doesn’t see a ton of play currently. Her strongest home appears to be in lockdown decks or combo’d with Kraven. Yet again, a very exciting week coming up!

Week of August 29, 2023

Silver Samurai5Mech
Kitty Pryde5Wedding
Spider-Man 20994Skan

Silver Samurai is the most niche card of the set this month. His ability has an interesting targeting system to it, though in application I don’t see it being highly meta.

Kitty Pryde is a must have card for Bounce decks, but most players got this for free due to her bug at launch. With that in mind, most players will only get a variant for her this cache, but at least the variant looks great!

Spider-Man 2099 is the worst card of the Spider-Versus season. It sees virtually no play since his destroy ability can often times miss the crucial target and hit a rock (its a canon event!). Overall, a pretty lackluster ending to the season.

Wrap Up

What Spotlight Cache are you looking forward to the most? Let us know the comments below!

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  1. Other than skipping the second week (Lady Deathstrike seems bad), this is an incredibly hard month to plan. I want Nimrod, but have Galactus and Ham. I want X-23, but have Nebula and Silk. I want Silver Samurai, but have Kitty and don’t care about 2099. Yeesh, I wish there was a week I could go all in.

  2. I’m in the same boat, but luckily this week I got Lady Deathstrike (meh but I want to collect all cards) and the MODOK variant (excellent as he’s a card I use plus it’s the nicest variant I have for him). I also got Silk this week as the random S4/S5 card.

    Getting Silk now makes week three not as attractive. I would only want X-23 as I don’t care for the other variants. Too big a risk for a 25% chance of what I want.

    Week four is better – I’ll take Silver Samurai and Spider-Man 2099 as part of the “get all cards” goal but wouldn’t use them. Kitty variant looks nice but I don’t play her.

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