Spotlight Cache Updates – Duplicate Fallback to 1,000 Collector’s Tokens – Hotfix Now Live!

Duplicate protection for Spotlight Caches is being changes to 1,000 tokens in the next update, as well as potential improvements in other areas.

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Since the introduction to Marvel Snap’s new Spotlight Cache system with the July 12th patch, the community at large has been unhappy with how if you open a duplicate Series 4 or 5 card you get a Premium Mystery Variant in its place. They are now hotfixed so they contain 1,000 Collector’s Tokens instead!

Originally planned to be updated for the next patch (predicted to be August 9th, four weeks from the previous one), all you have to do is restart the game to ensure the update happens! Read the below official announcement and further details from Second Dinner that hints at other changes.


The below announcement was made on the official Marvel Snap Discord by Molly, the community manager.

We’re making some upcoming adjustments to the Spotlight Cache system. Since we launched Spotlight Caches last week, we’ve been closely monitoring community feedback and player data. We do see the Spotlight Cache system accomplishing the primary goal of bringing more cards to more players, but we hear your feedback and agree there’s room for improvement.

Our highest priority by far is the Random S4/S5 duplicate fallback. We’re going to start with a tuning change that we could quickly get into our next patch. We also have some future UI work planned and minor improvements to the surrounding systems that contribute to card acquisition. We’ll be continuing to monitor, listen, and actively make changes to card acquisition until it’s in a great place! More updates on that later…

Spotlight Cache tuning change coming in the next patch:

  • Random S4/S5 Duplicate Fallback reward being changed from Premium Mystery Variant to 1000 Tokens.

Game development is an iterative process, so please keep sharing your thoughts and feedback! Your passion has been huge in getting us this far, and we promise to continue unlocking the potential of MARVEL SNAP for years to come. ♥

Molly – Official Marvel Snap Discord

Further announcement was made on the hotfix.

Last Friday, we announced that we’re going to be making some improvements to Spotlight Caches in our coming patches – including an update to the Random S4/S5 Duplicate Fallback Reward from Premium Mystery Variant to 1000 Tokens. We know many of you were hoping to for this change sooner than later!

An opportunity presented itself to include the Spotlight Cache improvement in a bug fix that’s being deployed today. We had a choice to either announce and wait for a bit, or release it right away. So we made the decision to get this in your hands as soon as possible!

The following Spotlight Cache change is NOW LIVE:

  • Random S4/S5 Duplicate Fallback reward has changed from Premium Mystery Variant to 1000 Tokens.

Please restart your game to ensure the change has been synced to your account.

Molly – Official Marvel Snap Discord


While we do not know the other improvements that were teased (potentially an increase in rewards in Collector’s Reserves?), we can still plan ahead with the information on hand. The cache schedule is known until the end of the August 2023 season, and there is no doubt that the other caches are not as fruitful as before. This will give some thought as to whether you want the cards listed now, or saving your caches until further improvements.

For the full schedule of the upcoming cards, check out our guide below:

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  1. This is the absolute minimum fix the community would tolerate, which is probably why SD did it. They are developing quite the reputation, which is a shame because the actual game is fun. If only they could get the economy right!

  2. This is the kind of change I was hoping for, but no word on whether or not there will be compensation for those who have already opened a random? If not, this highly incentivizes people to sit on caches again and wait for another patch, not to mention feels really bad for everyone who already opened caches.

  3. Stoked about this change! Glad they’re jumping on it after so many of us compla- provided feedback.

    I know it might seem greedy to ask for more immediately upon announcement, but since it is a weighted roll 66/33, could it be increased to something like 1,500 in the event we high roll into a S5 duplicate?

  4. I am fully disappointed by the Spotlight Cache. The first time I made it I got Jean Grey, ok cool new card and the whole point of this. Then the next time I was able to make it was the next cycle of Echo, Iron Lad and Kang. Guess who I pulled…. Jean Grey. So I choose to kick it back and they gave me a random “rare” skin for Mystique. Boo. Why even have the spotlight cards?

  5. Absolutely trash decision to put only 1000 Tokens as replacement for a Random Series 4/5 Card. Series 4/5 Cards are Worth 3000/6000 Tokens and a Premium Variant is worth 1200 Gold. So either give us a random series 4/5 card we don’t already have or give us at least 3000 Tokens because we grinded 120 Collection Levels, while getting more Titles and 50 Tokens then anything else and in Spotlight Cache‘s is now also only disappointment?…

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