Den-Verse Surfer

Deck of the Day – Den-Verse Silver Surfer

Hello everyone, and welcome to Deck of the Day! I’m Glazer of Snap Judgments: The Official Marvel Snap Zone Podcast, and every weekday I’m going to be highlighting a different deck for you to try out!

Today’s deck is Sera Surfer… with a twist! This is another pure Series 3 deck, just like yesterday where we looked at Shuri Red Skull.

Intro + Disclaimers + Giveaway

Sometimes these decks will be Tier 1, the most competitive decks in the metagame. Sometimes they will be fun tier. Often, they will feature Series 4 and 5 cards (which is hopefully less of an issue with the Card Acquisition change), but sometimes they will be Series 3 or even lower.

Additionally, these decks can come from anywhere – they could be homebrews, a really cool idea from your favorite content creator, a tried and true meta deck, and sometimes, well, we won’t really know where the deck came from. We endeavor, however, to credit original deck creators whenever possible, so if we miss one, please do let us know! Want to submit a deck for consideration? Email me [email protected].

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The Deck

Den-Verse Surfer
Created by PulseGlazer
, updated 3 months ago
1x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
2x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
9x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)

Deck History

Once upon a time, Silver Surfer was a brand new Season Pass card. At that time, he was a [3|0] that gave +3 power to every 3-Cost card on your side of the board. This was quite strong, and, in a meta dominated by Leader, he was one of the best counters. Eventually, a player named Dera thought to put Leech in the Leader deck, and Surfer became a good deck that was clearly second fiddle.

A month passed, and Zabu was released as a [3|2] that discounted all 4-Cost cards by two. This was insanely powerful, and, after a brutal Leader nerf, Silver Surfer decks were the only thing that could stand up against them. In fact, Silver Surfer and Zabu decks became nearly the entirety of the meta for a while.

At the end of the month, Silver Surfer and Zabu were nerfed to their current state. The meta moved on to yesterday’s deck, Shuri Red Skull, which was soon followed by Thanos Lockjaw. Surfer was left for dead and, until those decks got nerfed, was just a C-Tier deck in the game.

Of course, those decks were nerfed. Silver Surfer has not yet been the meta deck it was, but I’ve hit Infinite with it since. It’s a good, reliable, and steady deck that couldn’t quite compete with the power of Kitty Pryde Bounce decks… until now!

How to Play

Kitty Pryde had been a nightmare for the Silver Surfer decks for a while. Storm lanes could be won with Juggernaut (as long as they weren’t the Bishop lane as well), but there was no reliable way for Shadow King or Killmonger to go second and win the match up. Invisible Woman changes that completely, and the card is more important for that match than nearly anything else.

Here are the play lines:

  • Turn 1: Nova if you have him is fine. You can pass if your meta has a lot of Armor, but Nova is fine to waste to get information.
  • Turn 2: Invisible Woman is my preferred play on Turn 2. I play her in whichever lane seems safer for the opponent. I will play Goose on Turn 2 as well, usually away from any other card the opponent has played thus far. This can be bad against Lockjaw since it doesn’t care a bit for Goose, but then you can just ignore that lane.
  • Turn 5: If you have a 2-Cost and a clear line that can make your opponent’s life difficult, play it here over Sera. If not, Sera is the play.
  • Turn 6: If you’re set up right, you can play two or three cards behind Invisible Woman. Ideally, the last of those is Silver Surfer. The first should be Shadow King or Killmonger against Bounce, but it can be a big stat card for various other matches.

Card Substitutions

For the deck to stand a chance against Kitty Pryde, you need the Invisible Woman and Shadow King combo – obviously, you’ll have Killmonger from Series 2. Silver Surfer and Brood are required cards, too. Storm is an earlier series card, but it needs Juggernaut for this deck.

The rest? You can switch anything around, even Sera. There’s some argument for Luke Cage if you’re still seeing a lot of High Evolutionary, but Shadow King does a similar job in that match up. Rogue is good if your meta is full of Devil Dinosaur, Patriot, Iron Man, or Darkhawk. Finally, a good all-around card (and one of my favorites in previous Silver Surfer decks) is Mister Fantastic.

I just realized one more. I may make this change. If you have Spider-Ham, Shadow King on a hammed target makes it zero power. That might be worth trying, too!

Conclusion and Video

I’d like to thank den for this great deck and for figuring out exactly how Silver Surfer fits back into the top of the metagame. I hope you try this deck and find great success!

If you’d like a video discussion of this deck, check my page out. Here’s the video:

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