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Marvel Snap Love It or Leave It – August 11, 2023

In this week's edition of Marvel Snap Love it or Leave it, catch up on all the latest news and trends about Marvel Snap over the past week.

Hello everyone, and welcome to Marvel Snap Love It or Leave It, a new feature where we look at the happenings and trends of the game this week and decide whether we love it or would leave it. I’m Glazer of Snap Judgments, and I’ll be your guide through everything you need to know to keep up with this game we all love.

Spider-Man Reworked – Love It

Spider-Man as a lockdown card was becoming oppressive, not to the meta, but to specific strategies. With the card everywhere strategies using combinations of cards like Wong and Shuri were kept from the top of the meta while go-wide strategies were limited, as well. There was also, of course, Galactus, but the less said about that, the better.

Spider-Man is now a totally different card – a full redesign, and I couldn’t be happier. He’s already in meta decks, both Silver Surfer and Move variations, and as a 3-5, his power and versatility keep him playable. Heck, he even makes Jeff the Baby Landshark a touch less oppressive, as now there’s a commonly played cheap-ish card that can help get into locked lanes. Spider-Man is quite powerful, but more importantly, now he’s both fun and powerful.

New Patch Card Updates – Leave It

Outside of the Spider-Man change, the rest of the card updates were lackluster.

  • Cable was changed to pull the top card of the opponent’s deck instead of the bottom. Functionally, this just means he’s way less likely to pull America Chavez. That’s a good change, but compared to Maria Hill, Sentinel, and, especially, Mirage, it’s probably not enough to get him into decks.
  • Evolved The Thing now hits three different targets, which means at any location without three targets, there will be fewer negatives overall. Thing wasn’t what was oppressive about the High Evolutionary package, though it was a very good card. I’m not sure it still is now.
  • Mister Negative now caps the power of negated cards at 6. That’s good and consistent with the Peak. I’d give more props for this, but it’s fairly obvious this is how it was always meant to work.
  • Rogue copies On Reveals if she grabs an Ongoing from a card. Soul Stone and Electro beware, I guess.
  • Magik can now be played (without effect) on the last two turns of the game. This is definitely a functional improvement. I am, however, still sad that the cool Invisible Woman for Limbo on Turn 6 plays are gone.

A lot of the bigger changes this month happened during OTA, but that doesn’t change how anticlimactic these changes (outside of Spider-Man) felt.

Collector’s Cache Update – 100 Tokens or Gold Ticket – Leave It

Collector’s Caches have been a sore spot in the wake of Spotlight Caches being released. In particular, many were frustrated that opening a Collector’s Cache could lead to a paltry 50 Tokens. That has been changed to be 100 Tokens or a Gold Ticket at a 50-50 rate. That’s still 50 Tokens. A Gold Ticket is nice, I guess? It doesn’t address the core issue. Do better.

New Patch And No Card Series Downgrades – Leave It

We’re now three months without any cards going down in Series as the size of Series 5 has swelled to an all-time high. There are cards, particularly Darkhawk and Season Pass cards for whom it feels a breach of trust to have not downgraded to Series 3 by now. Second Dinner has steadfastly refused to communicate on this issue. The new system will no longer be advantageous to the community if this keeps up.

If there are no downgrades in September, this will be the first ever absolute HATE it.

New Season Pass Card: Daken Releases – Love It

Daken is excellent. He goes in so many archetypes. There are Destroy builds that run him and Deadpool and go big by blowing up their own board. There are Silver Surfer builds that use him as a big body to receive the Surfer buff.

There are Good Stuff Darkhawk builds that use him as base stats. There are Sera builds that use him to tempo out power and be able to discard something big with Dracula later.

There are ramp abuse builds that are trying to use Arnim Zola to play huge Dakens in multiple spots.

And of course, there are Discard builds, suddenly the most relevant they’ve been in ages.

I’m ready to declare Daken the best and most versatile Season Pass Card since Zabu and a must-buy.

If you want videos on Daken decks, check these out:

Big in Japan Season Cards All Series 5 – Leave It

For the first time since direct-to-Series-4 cards were released, we’re going a month without any. That’s hugely unfortunate. This combined with my frustration about cards not going down in Series discussed above is my great concern about the game going forward.

I have no idea if all of these cards are worth it, and for the previous two months, the best card was a Series 4 release each time – Spider-Ham and Legion. What it does mean is that Spotlight Caches are extremely important now because there is absolutely no Token discount on these cards at all.

Please at least consider optimizing your Token use to get the most out of this system.

Spotlight Caches August Week 1 – Leave It

The only real reason to open this week is if you’ve been absolutely dying for Galactus. If you are, that’s fine, and he can certainly compete, but the big G is no longer a meta card, so it’s a personal want, not a need for the meta.

You may want Nimrod and Spider-Ham, but with both costing 3000 Tokens and a month full of 6000 Token purchases (or Spotlight Caches) there’s very little reason to cost yourself Caches that you’d likely need to buy back in Tokens down the line instead of spending fewer Tokens now and having Caches for later.

The Doctor is Tin Bundle – Leave It!

By the numbers this isn’t terrible value, coming in reasonably comparable to a Token Tuesday. Token Tuesdays are a baseline very good deal, so it’s strange to call this a Leave It bundle, but it’s a cash bundle, and the floor for which of those are worth is much higher. For just $5 more at the end of the month, you can get double the value.

If you’re willing to spend, this isn’t terrible, but if you’re willing to wait, you can do better. Savage Yeti has a video breakdown of the bundle here.

Stegronosaurus Wrecks Bundle Releases – Love It

7500 Gold is a LOT, and when this was announced, it was terrible. Since then, Second Dinner pumped the Credits in this bundle to 12,000 and sent its value into being worth it. This is the best Gold costing bundle this month, though it’s obviously better for people who have a use for the Collector’s Caches, and if you’re hoarding them, the value will be limited. Unless there is a change though, this is the best Gold bundle of August or September.

As an added bonus, this is actually just a very strong Love It if you need Stegron. There’s now no way to open him on the collection track until he’s in a Spotlight Cache or Series 3, so this is a nice way to get great progression and a Series 4 card to boot.

Savage Yeti has a video breakdown of the bundle here.

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  1. Glazer’s Write-ups – Love It. I still wouldn’t have known about that spicy tournament from the previous week otherwise!

    I’m very much a fan of the Spidey rework – glad they didn’t let the initial design get in their way forever, and could recognize when a card was just adding to some very unhealthy and frustrating play patterns. The game might’ve just become more enjoyable with this one change alone.

    Stegron bundle I’m not as high on, and that’s largely because Second Dinner still keeps the incredibly dumb mechanic in the game: sure, you might grab your Stegron this way if you don’t have him, but that’s still not going to stop you from potentially finding a base Stegron card in one of the Spotlight Caches – which is going to be the worst feeling ever. Owning any of the Variants should be fully equal to owning a card itself, no ifs and buts.

      • Sure, but that still doesn’t protect us from the random slot in Spotlight Caches that gives a heavier weight to pulling S4 cards. Sooner or later, one would have to pay for it by pulling a base Stegron instead of an unowned S4/S5 card or 1k tokens.

  2. I thought there was a credit limit of 10k? So how do we receive 12k from the bundle?
    Also think patches are going to have to become a love it, lol, because they’ve said before that’s where mechanical and systematic changes are going to happen.
    OTAs are a very good place for numbers nerfs which really shake things up.

  3. Love these honest weekly recaps

    Agreed about the in-game economy concerns. Feels really bad now with the 50-token ticket debacle/useless reserves, no series drops, and less gold and tokens all around.

    Throw all that on top of the fact that SD ignores/makes excuses for not adding the most requested features (card border selection; turn history, etc.) and then goes back/silent on promised features like the 1st Edition badges and booster magnet rework to instead implements features no one asked for like gold to upgrade and multi-upgrade, makes it feel like SD is out of touch with their core base of players. Hope they listen to the feedback and change course so they don’t end up alienating their own community

  4. For a while I’ve thought that a big problem with card acquisition was the sheer size of Series 3. Adding more cards to Series 3 is definitely not the solution, but eliminating series drops is also not the solution. I love that they’re trying a completely new card acquisition system compared to other card games, but they haven’t quite solved the issues with it. I hope they’ve got something planned that we can’t even guess at this point (and that whatever they have planned is good).

  5. Lack of Series downgrades is really cynical, in my honest opinion, particularly when power cards are targeted disproportionately. The devs established an economy, which was dependant on Series drops, and then backflipped. As a result, OP meta staples, like Jeff and Nebula, are inaccessible to many players (after the nerfs to caches, grinding 6K tokens isn’t realistic). On top of that, it’s worth remembering that ALL the new cards coming in August will be added to Series 5…

    I also agree Re. Collectors Caches. They used to be one of the most fun aspects of Snap, now they are almost irrelevant. The new system may give you slightly more cards, but it’s at the cost of agency, and FUN. Remember “fun” SD??

    I’m worried that players are going to quit the game en masse, if things don’t change. Just one example, but it’s very clear that, in a lockdown meta, buying Jeff confers a significant competitive advantage – that’s all you need for “P2W”. Jeff was released in April, but he’s still in Series 5…

    Re. lack of communication, we REALLY need more clarity on the card economy. That said, after some of the moves the devs have pulled, I will find it hard to trust what they say.

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