Mystery pack bundles

Mystery Pack Bundles Guide – Details and Analysis

Marvel Snap's Mystery Pack Bundles details and analysis. Is it worth purchasing and what does it contain?

Mystery Packs are a series of Bundles in Marvel Snap that don’t have a regular schedule but instead become available at least once a week. Find out all the details you need to know, compare them side by side, and plan ahead. You can also compare the July 2023 Mystery Pack bundles with each other and with other bundles in our guide below:

Mystery Pack Bundles Details and Rewards

Each Mystery Pack Bundle starts at 3 AM GMT (daily reset time) and lasts lasts between 24 and 48 hours. Keep a close eye on their schedule so you don’t miss them!

July 2023

Start DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldCosmetics
Jul 9Jul 11$4.99700Mystery Variant
Jul 16Jul 18$9.99500200150Mystery Variant
Jul 19Jul 22$19.991,000550200Mystery Variant
Jul 27Jul 29$4.99700Mystery Variant
Jul 30Aug 1$19.991,000550200Mystery Variant

August 2023

Start DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldCosmetics
Aug 3Aug 4$9.99500150200Mystery Variant
Aug 11Aug 12$4.99750Mystery Variant
Aug 18Aug 20$19.991,000750200Mystery Variant
Aug 25Aug 27$4.99750Mystery Variant
Sep 2Sep 4$4.991,000750Mystery Variant


Although Mystery Pack bundles differ slightly within each price category, we can draw conclusions about them depending on the cost. So we can distinguish the following categories of Mystery Pack bundles:

  • $5 Mystery Pack
  • $10 Mystery Pack
  • $20 Mystery Pack

$5 Mystery Pack bundles are the worst of those presented. On average, such a bundle has 0.09 Tokens per Gold (in equivalent), a Progress Value of 1.7 and a Cosmetic Value of 2.0. The last two values on paper seem good, but in reality you need to understand that the Cosmetic Value is for a random variant and you may not get lucky with it. And the Progress Value is only in Credits, the number of which with the new card acquisition system will not get you much closer to getting a new card. On the contrary, you will get 0.02 less cards by buying a $5 Mystery Pack bundle than you would have gotten if you had invested that $5 in buying the Token Tuesday bundle.

Thus, we rate such $5 Mystery Pack bundles at 1.5 out of 5. A little more credits than spending that many dollars is nice, but the variant randomness and low progress on the number of cards significantly lowers the rating. We can only recommend it to those who want to add more random variants to their collection and are willing to spend money to get a bunch of credits as a bonus.

$10 Mystery Pack bundles, on the other hand, have an extremely high value of Tokens per Gold (in equivalent) thanks to the Collector’s Tokens. Because of this, you will get 0.13 more cards than if you spend the same amount in the shop without buying any other bundles (except Token Tuesdays). In addition, such bundles have a nice Cosmetic Value of 1.0 and a Progress Value of 1.9.

These values significantly exceed the values of Token Tuesdays bundles, so a $10 Mystery Pack bundle can definitely be considered as an alternative to Token Tuesdays. They not only give more progress, but also more cosmetics! Of course, it’s only true if you already spend money on Token Tuesdays. If not, then this bundle might make you think about buying some progress and cosmetics for this price.

As for $20 Mystery Pack bundles, all of a sudden they are slightly worse in value than the $10 ones. $20 Mystery Pack bundles have an average value of 0.83 Tokens per Gold, a value of 0.15 Card Difference, a Progress Value of 1.5, and a Cosmetic Value of 0.5. In general, all of the above conclusions about the $10 bundles are true here as well. But you should consider that these $20 bundles are still a little worse and you might want to buy two $10 Mystery Pack bundles rather than one for $20. Besides, for both $10 and $20 bundles, it’s true that you really need to spend every resource you get efficiently. Gold, Credits, and Tokens – all of that you should invest well to get the maximum benefit we’re talking about.

So, while being a worthy alternative to Token Tuesdays for dollars, these bundles still have their advantages (more value) and disadvantages (buying only for dollars, variants randomness, the importance of spending each currency effectively), so we think it’s fair to give them a rating of 3 out of 5. The lower rating than Token Tuesdays is fair, as today’s bundles for dollars have a lot more value on average, so you’re more likely to have a better choice for investing your money.

Thus, since we have 5 Mystery Pack bundles per month, two or three of which cost $5, one cost $10, and one or two cost $20, the average score of Mystery Pack bundles as a series of bundles is 2.5 out of 5. Unfortunately, the $5 bundles lower the score by a whole point, but if you ignore them, Mystery Pack bundles are pretty good and similar in value to Token Tuesdays, but only sold for dollars and have a bit more cosmetics.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

As usual, keep in mind the following points before purchasing Bundles:

  • Date: Bundle start and end dates are at the daily reset time, which is 3 AM GMT.
    • Bundles are grouped according to the season.
  • Cost: Cost for $ is in US Dollars and will be converted to your local currency in-game.
    • You may be able to purchase cash items cheaper using the official publisher Nuverse web shop with a different currency.
  • Credits: The maximum Credit storage limit is 10,000. With a bundle purchase, you may go over the limit but not be able to collect anymore from other sources.
  • Collector’s Tokens: Players need to be at least Collection Level 500 before being able to see bundles that offer Collector’s Tokens offered in the Shop.
  • Mystery Variant: Is chosen randomly from a Base Card you already own, from the released 700 Gold Rare variant pool.
  • Variants: You can use any new bundle-specific variants acquired even if you don’t yet own the Base Card.
    • Bundle-specific variants are exclusive and are likely will not be offered through other sources, unless it is from a Season Pass from the Beta.
  • Value: Compare Bundle values using our comparison chart guide.

You can also view all upcoming Marvel Snap Bundle information in our guide below:

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