Conquest Medal Shop Guide and Analysis – Higher, Further, Faster (November 2023) Season

In this buyer's guide, Kirallas breaks down the rewards for the Higher, Further, Faster (November 2023) Season Conquest Medal Shop and analyzes possible strategies for purchasing items.

Another month is upon us, which means it’s time to take another look at the contents of the Medal Shop and analyze the prices. Let’s take a look at how many Medals this season’s Conquest exclusive variant will cost you.

You have four weeks until the end of the season to earn enough Medals for the rewards. Make sure to spend them all on the Medal Shop before the season ends! If you have leftover Medals at the end of the season, each Medal will be worth 0.15 Boosters for a random card. For example: 100 Medals will convert to 15 Boosters.

Season Start: November 7, 2023 at 11 AM Pacific Time
Season End: December 5, 2023 at 11 AM Pacific Time

Exclusive Card

In November 2023, the main Conquest reward is the Peach Momoko variant for Psylocke. Just like before, to get it you need to make any nine purchases in the Medal Shop.

Week 1

150Mystery Variant
151 Silver Ticket
300150 Credits

Week 2

1300Title: Taking Out The Trash
20075 Psylocke boosters
700200 Gold

Week 3

400250 Credits
4001 Gold Ticket
500155 Psylocke boosters

Week 4

1300350 Credits
5001 Infinity Ticket
600155 Psylocke boosters
1500Psylocke Peach Momoko Variant Avatar
750 ♾65 Boosters
1000 ♾155 Boosters
1,500 ♾310 Psylocke boosters

Different Strategies In November 2023

StrategyMedals% diff relative to the cheapest

A few different strategies were chosen for the chart, and each corresponds to the thee major types of players.

The strategy of the cheapest purchases is, as expected, based on the fact that you don’t like the Conquest mode and want to get the reward as soon as possible. Also, if possible, we chose as many different awards as possible, as long as the price stayed the same.

The optimal strategy is related to getting the maximum progress value when choosing nine items to buy. We also select variants and other items, the purchase of which will allow you to make the final cost lower. It’s supposed to be the most balanced strategy for a player who wants to get the most important and necessary items from the Medal Shop.

The premium strategy is based on the fact that a player wants all the resources and cosmetics that are only sold in the Medal Shop. This is the most expensive strategy that will require you to play a lot of games in Conquest.

For all strategies, it’s taken into account that when you buy a ticket, you get Medals back when you use it. So, for example, if you buy a ticket to the Gold Tier for 300 Medals and use it, you get 75 Medals just for that. This ultimately makes the cost of this purchase equal to 225 Medals.

What’s Changed

SeasonCheapest StrategyOptimal StrategyPremium Strategy
July 2023 (5 week)4,3956,0208,895
August 2023 (4 week)3,3704,2706,070
September 2023 (4 week)3,7704,3206,070
October 2023 (5 week)3,1954,5457,050
November 2023 (4 week)2,8703,6705,845

As you can see, there has been a decrease in medal shop prices again this month. It’s worth noting that this is true when comparing it to any previous season, including those with only four weeks. There is no coincidence here – Second Dinner has really made rewards in Conquest more accessible without reducing their number (and even sometimes increasing them, which is what happened in October 2023).

That said, the difference between the strategies remains largely the same. There is an 800 Medal difference between the cheapest strategy and the optimal strategy, which is roughly equal to five games in the Silver Tier at a 50% Win Rate. Thus, as before, we advise you to follow the optimal strategy and choose the cheapest only as a last resort. If you have no time or desire to play Conquest you can still get the exclusive Psylocke variant as efficiently as possible using the cheapest strategy.

The premium strategy, on the other hand, remains premium. Due to the high cost of the avatar and the title, it requires significantly more time to obtain all of the unique rewards.

At the end of the day, Conquest rewards are still a great way to get additional resources in the game, and over time this task only gets easier. There is the exception of players who want to get the maximum number of exclusive cosmetics; they still need to spend at least 1.5 times as much time to get all the monthly rewards. We hope that the variety of items will still grow and the prices remain acceptable for most players.

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