Conquest - Medal Shop - August 2023

Conquest Medal Shop Guide and Analysis – Big In Japan (August 2023) Season

In this buyer's guide, Kirallas breaks down the rewards for the Big in Japan (August 2023) Conquest Medal Shop and analyzes possible strategies for purchasing items.

First introduced in June, the Medal Shop was changed in its contents for the Big In Japan season once again. In addition to the Medal Shop content, Tier rewards, prices and the number of weeks in the season have changed, so let’s take a look at how many Medals will cost you this season’s Conquest-exclusive variant.

You have four weeks until the end of the season to earn enough Medals for the rewards. Make sure to spend them all on the Medal Shop before the season ends! If you have leftover Medals at the end of the season, each Medal will be worth 0.15 Boosters for a random card. Example: 100 Medals will convert to 15 Boosters.

Season Start: August 7, 2023 at 8 PM Pacific Time
Season End: September 4, 2023 at 8 PM Pacific Time

Exclusive Card

Wolverine Anime Variant - Conquest Medal Shop - Exclusive Card - August 2023

In July 2023, the main Conquest award is the Anime variant for Wolverine. Just like before, to get it you need to make any 9 purchases in the Medal Shop.

Week 1

300Mystery Variant
151 Silver Ticket
600150 Credits

Week 2

900Title: Do Not Fist-Bump Wolverine
30075 Wolverine Boosters
800200 Gold

Week 3

650200 Credits
3001 Gold Ticket
650155 Wolverine Boosters

Week 4

1,000350 Credits
5501 Infinity Ticket
1,500Wolverine Anime Variant Avatar
300 ♾65 Boosters
750 ♾155 Boosters
1,500 ♾310 Wolverine Boosters

Different Strategies

StrategyMedals% diff relative to the cheapest

A few different strategies were chosen for the chart, which correspond to the thee major types of players.

The strategy of the cheapest purchases, expectedly, is based on the fact that you don’t like the Conquest mode and want to get the reward as soon as possible and not play anymore. Also, if possible, we choose as many different awards as possible, if the price stays the same.

The optimal strategy is related to getting the maximum progress value when choosing 9 items to buy. We also select variants and other items, the purchase of which will allow to make the final cost lower. It’s supposed to be the most balanced strategy for a player who wants to get the most important and necessary items from the Medal Shop.

The premium strategy is based on the fact that a player wants all the resources and cosmetics that are only sold in the Medal Shop. This is the most expensive strategy that will require you to play a lot of games in Conquest.

For all strategies, it’s taken into account that when you buy a ticket, you get Medals cashback when you use it. So, for example, if you buy a ticket to the Gold Tier for 300 Medals and use it, you get 75 Medals just for that. Which ultimately makes the cost of this purchase equal to 225 Medals.

What’s Changed

As you can see from the chart, this season will last 4 weeks and the prices in the store have been changed proportionally, with many non-cosmetic items becoming about 20% cheaper than last season. In addition, at the end of last season the Tier Rewards were changed and now you will receive significantly more Medals for active play at different levels than you did a month ago.

So, for example, now you only need about 5 wins in the Silver Tier to get 200 Gold, while at the beginning of the July season it would have taken 25 wins in the same tier to get 200 Gold. If you play more competitively, on higher Tiers, getting rewards will be even faster.

At the same time, cosmetic rewards have become more expensive to be more premium for players, and rewards like Credits and Gold in general have become more accessible as a result of all the recent changes to the Conquest mode.

Also a noticeable change is that many good rewards have shifted to the first weeks of the season, while in the last week of the season the only reward for a collection level boost is 350 Credits. This should make for a more enjoyable conquest experience, as you can get more out of it in the early weeks, and the final week will mostly be of interest to very competitive players.


We see a continuation of the developers’ experimentation with rewards and the prices in the Medals Shop. In addition to the previously mentioned faster reward acquisition in general, the line between the cheapest strategy and the optimal strategy is also blurred. While the premium strategy, as intended by the developers, remains the choice for more hardcore players.

Overall, all the recent changes are a very positive trend and the state of the conquest store is now in a balanced and good condition.

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