Marvel Snap Weekly Roundup – June 30, 2023

In this week's edition of Marvel Snap Weekly Roundup, catch up on all the latest news about Marvel Snap over the past week.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Marvel Snap Weekly Roundup, your home for all of the major Marvel Snap happenings of the week from your friends here at Marvel Snap Zone. I’m Glazer of Snap Judgments, and I’ll be your guide through everything you need to know to keep up with this game we all love.

Rise of the Phoenix Season Starts July 4, 2023

The new Marvel Snap Season for July 2023 starts July 3, 2023 at 8 PM PST, or July 4, 2023 at 3 AM GMT, featuring The Phoenix Force as the Season Pass card! The full rundown of the details are here:

Infinity Conquest Releases

For the last week of the season, Conquest’s Infinity games are viable for those with tickets. The only two ways to get tickets are to win Gold Conquest games or buy one (and only one) from the Conquest Trophy Shop.

Snap Judgments: So far, Conquest Infinity seems to be going well. Honestly, with only an infinite Avatar border at stake, it doesn’t seem like people are as upset at losses as I would have expected. Well done, Second Dinner!

New Card: Spider-Man 2099 Releases

Snap Judgments: I bought this card and while it’s not amazing, I am impressed by it. 2099 feels about as good as Stegron, a good role player that messes with an opponent’s plans. It has a few good homes- Stats, Move, and Thanos. Is it worth 6000 tokens? No, probably not. But it is worth 3000? Maybe. If you’re flush with tokens and plan to use him, he’s got value. If you love move, he’s a no-brainer. Otherwise, waiting won’t hurt.

  • The Legendary Den has Day 1 decks!
  • One of my favorite decks so far has been Metahawk Move, so I made it my Deck of the Day!
  • Check out the great ZombiesGoNomNom with the video:

Lamby Wins Creator Clash

Tournament Organizer Kawa’s tweet with some great pictures!
Lamby Kitty Bounce
Created by PulseGlazer
, updated 3 months ago
3x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
1x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
3x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Series 4 Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 4)
3x Series 5 Ultra Rare – Collection Level 486+ (Pool 5)
1x Starter Card

Snap Judgments: I’ve been telling you all Lamby is the best. This tournament was incredible. It was mostly dominated by bounce, except that two of the top for were our friends, the Legendary Den and much missed Howling Mines. Den played a Lockjaw deck that cuts Odin to instead run Doctor Octopus as a bounce counter. Howling Mines, meanwhile, went with the classic Darkhawk Stats deck adding Kitty Pryde in the flex spot.

Second Dinner Takes a Summer Break

Heading into the new season next week, Second Dinner has taken a break. That means no OTA patch on Thursday.

Snap Judgment: This is honestly great timing given that this is a skip week for OTA changes. I’d assume, unlike last Season with the de-rank error, this one goes off without a hitch. I also remain hopeful that the new Spotlight Caches release date remains July 11, and that this huge change goes out without any errors. Whether or not those errors would be the fault of this summer break, that would almost certainly be what the community blamed.

Bundle Releases

Spandexcellent Bundle Released

6000 gold for 3500 Collector’s Tokens, 1000 credits, 310 Spider-Man boosters, the variant above, an Avatar of it, and Most Spandexcellent title.

Snap Judgments: This is a really bad deal for the gold unless you really like the variant. Token Tuesdays are far better for progression. I also like the Season Pass Spider-Man Variant more. There are bundles next month too, that are far better value. Save the gold.

Atlantis Beach Club Rewind Bundle Released

$10 for 155 boosters for each of Wave, Cosmo, and Namor, along with variants and Avatars for each, and two card backs.

Snap Judgments: These are all cosmetics that were released during the game’s Beta that are now available for everyone. I think that the sheer amount of stuff for only $10 is pretty great, and I’m buying this. It’s also great value if you don’t have Wave. You’ll still open her on the Collection Track, but it’s a good way to have and play her prior.

Marvel Snap Zone and Community News

Snap Judgments Podcast ft Den: Top 10 Decks in Marvel Snap

We Welcome Bohe to the Team!

Bohe is writing deck guides that are just stellar. So far here’s what we’ve got!

Series 4 and 5 Tier List

The genius SafetybBlade has you covered!

Gain ranks fast!?

The brilliant Lauren Whatever has you covered with the decks that gain cubes the fastest at each rank. She has the most original takes in the game every single week.

Questions for the Devs?

Answers are compiled by Canadian Alfredo here!

Finally, Marvel Snap Zone has Deck of the Day!

Yep, that one’s by me!

Check back tomorrow for my Sleeper Decks of the Week, and if you found value, check out my YouTube and subscribe! See you all soon!

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