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Top 5 Things You Need to Know for the Infinity Conquest

We take a look at some tips to help you win the Infinity Conquest league!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Top 5! I’m Glazer of Snap Judgments: The Official Marvel Snap Zone Podcast, and every week, we’ll be counting down a different Top 5 things you need to know in, around, and about Marvel Snap! Sometimes this will be silly in nature, but we’ll always have some pearls of wisdom to help make you the best (and best adjusted!) Marvel Snap player you can be! This week? The Top 5 Things You Need to Know for Conquest Infinity!

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5. Watch These Players!

There are certain players in the game who are absolute monsters in tournament play. In fact, they not only grind daily tournaments most people don’t even know exist, but they play their casual ladder games with that same intensity. Here are the two key players I’d follow for this:

Watch these players. Have a notepad or notes app open. Try and think of what you’d do in their spot. When they do something else, write it down. Figure out why. It will help!


We had Lamby on our podcast a few weeks back and, the week prior, we had KMBest on. In both cases, the focus was on improvement and both had a very Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers take on the situation: The more you play, the better you’ll be.

I’ll add one caveat to this though – it’s possible to practice bad habits. If you find yourself losing a lot in Silver and Gold, change your strategy, and go try #5. Don’t just repeat failure. If you need advice, come find us on the Marvel Snap Zone Discord!

3. Snap and Retreat Advice

Okay, I need to give you some actionable Snapping and Retreating advice, so here it is:

  • Retreat before stakes double. When your opponent Snaps, you need to look at your hand. If you’re paying to see an answer you don’t have, just run, especially early in a match.
  • Stakes always double on the last turn. If it’s a 50-50 whether you can win, you can stay in, but if you’re just hoping they don’t have it? Run.
  • Conversely, Snap aggressively when your deck is favored through locations and match-up/draw. If you have the cards in hand, and the deck strong enough, make them pay to see if their hand can draw into matching your power.
  • If they then stay in and are looking to be ahead going into the late game, again, run. If, however, you can read the opponent and know what they have and you beat that? Do the math. Stick around; that’s your big win!

2. Know the Meta

Simply put you need to know the following decks as of the June 2023 Metagame:

Practice these matchups, and refer to the latest Meta Tier List by Den!

1. Infinity Isn’t a Referendum on You or Your Skill!

Look, it’s easy to fall into a downward spiral in this game. I don’t think it’s possible to fully avoid tilt in this game. I do it. I’ve seen all the best players do it. My advice is, instead, about falling further down the downward spiral.

Infinity, winning five matches in a row, is going to be extremely difficult and extremely variance heavy and extremely time-consuming. You’re probably not a content creator. Don’t take this outside of the game. Don’t let it take too much time away from things that are more important.

If you don’t make it, you aren’t bad at the game, and more, it’s in no way a reflection of your quality as a person or how you choose to spend your leisure time. You can be great at this game and not make it due to not having time, bad locations, or just running into insanely good players over and over again not being something most people can really practice. So?

Catch your breath. Try as often as is healthy. When it isn’t healthy? Hop on that Discord I linked above and vent to us. A ton of our Discord hit Infinite on Ladder where they didn’t otherwise or prior. We don’t have some secret sauce. Just a place full of adults who support you, and who help you, well, it lowers the cognitive load. It makes it easier to succeed. As our buddy Imposter says:

Safe environment leads to lower stress leads to lower stochastic load which in turn leads to greater focus and increased freedom to experiment/question in here can lead better play and positive reinforcement then repeat to create a feedback loop. People being there, taking the sting out of annoying losses, validating retreats, etc. is insanely powerful.

And when you don’t succeed? Well, that’s what being a part of a community is for, too. We, not just on our Discord or in this article, but, everywhere, we need to lift each other. We’re one community. We all rise together. We’ve got your back.

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  1. Nice concept! Most of these tips shouldn’t become outdated anytime soon. And there are many meaningful words of wisdom contained within the #1 especially, that many players could stand to hear. It’s beyond important to maintain that right balance.

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