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Marvel Snap Rise of the Phoenix (July 2023) Variants & Guide

Our guide to all the new Marvel Snap variants in the Rise of the Phoenix (July 2023) season. Find the complete gallery, list, and their source here.

Variants are the spice of life in Marvel Snap! In this section, you will find a complete list of all the new variants to be released with Marvel Snap’s July 2023 Rise of the Phoenix season. They are released periodically throughout the season from July 4 to August 8 via various sources, as categorized below. You can also check out the complete list of variants in our database or click on the below links to browse them all by their rarity.


Below bundles are exclusive to the bundles they are purchased in, and currently cannot be obtained through other methods. When purchased, they can be used in your decks before you collect their Base Card. The list of upcoming bundles can be found here.

CyclopsJuly 4thPatriots
Misty KnightJuly 4thPatriots
PatriotJuly 4thPatriots
FalconPhoenix ForcePower To Move You
Iron FistPhoenix ForcePower To Move You
NamorPhoenix FiveDon’t Touch the Ocean!
Black PantherPhoenix ForceCosmic Wildfire
HeimdallEric GuerreroLove & Thunder
Lady SifDaniel AcuñaLove & Thunder
ThorOlivier CoipelLove & Thunder


The exclusive variant for Conquest mode can be obtained by purchasing 9 items from the Medal Shop for the corresponding season.

Mister Sinister Phoenix Variant
Mister SinisterPhoenix


Rare variants can be purchased from the Shop in the Daily Offer section for 700 Gold. They can also be obtained randomly from a Mystery Variant from rewards such as the Caches, Season Pass, Ranked, Medal Shop, or Bundles (among a Base Card you already own).

Agatha HarknessDan Hipp
Black WidowDan Hipp
DeadpoolMax Grecke
Jean GreyPixel
LegionDan Hipp
MagnetoDan Hipp
Mister SinisterSinister London
Misty KnightSports
Moon KnightPixel
PsylockeDan Hipp
Red SkullGiulio Rincione

Season Pass

Season Pass variants can only be obtained from the paid Premium Season Pass track. The exceptions to these are for the Season Passes from Beta (June 2022 to October 2022), which can be available in a Bundle.

MagikPhoenix Five18
ColossusPhoenix Five34
The Phoenix ForceAlex Horley50


The new Spotlight Cache system is going live on July 11. There will be three featured cards, and if you already own one of the featured cards, the Spotlight Cache will instead feature a time-exclusive Spotlight Variant for the featured card.

Jean GreyArtgerm
The Living TribunalEric Guerrero

Super Rare

Super Rare variants can only be purchased from the Shop in the Daily Offer section for 1,200 Gold.

America ChavezRian Gonzales
Black Bolt3099
EchoPeach Momoko
Ghost RiderKim Jacinto
Jean GreyArtgerm
Jean GreyPhillip Tan
MirageMaria Wolf
MiragePeach Momoko
MystiqueElizabeth Torque
Omega Red3099
Red SkullVenomized


Ultimate variants can be purchased from the Token Shop for 5000 Collector’s Tokens.

Adam WarlockAlex Horley

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  1. Knull, Jean Grey and Living Tribunal in Spotlight… Great… Since several weeks i am waiting for Jeff to appear in the token shop. No signs of him. Had several times Galactus, Kang and Co, but Jeff still missing. Here too.

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