Winning At High Ranks While Free To Play: Deck Highlight and Gameplay

HowlingMines wants to dispel this myth that you cannot compete in Marvel Snap if you don't pay to win - if you don't have Series 3, 4 and 5 cards. And so he took to the ladder. At Rank 86, At Collector Level 4700+ with a deck of Series 2 only.

” I don’t have those cards”

A five word phrase carved into my bones at this point. I understand the frustrations of Marvel Snap players who see smatterings of decks all over content creator channels that they do not have a hope in building – and I’m not here today to discuss the card acquisition or token acquisition model (although that video might be in the pipeline…)

Today, I want to dispel this myth that you cannot compete in Marvel Snap if you don’t pay to win – if you don’t have Series 4 and 5 cards. I really mean it, so this time – no Series 3 cards either.

Of course these decks aren’t optimal, but I promise, it can be done.

And so I took to the ladder. At Rank 86, At Collector Level 4700+
With a deck full of Series 2 Cards only.
And then I left the 5 games unedited, so nobody could tell me I played 30 games and picked out the wins.

Pool Two Only – Meta Breaker MSZ Video
Created by HowlingMines
, updated 5 months ago
2x Collection Level 1-14
4x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
6x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)

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HowlingMines is the Operations Manager of DotGG and many of their sister sites, such as MTGAZone and Marvel Snap Zone!

A TCG Specialist for over a decade, he now looks to share sweet decks, detailed articles, and help upcoming creators grow!

Articles: 104


  1. Important to note – being f2p while not doesn’t really change things. It’s just a question of time.

    Any f2p player is just a paid player who traded 2 months for money. Yay, you’re f2p, but you’re 3,000 CL. f2p or p2w means nothing with regards to how “competitive” you are in this game, only CL. At the end of the day, that’s what purchases do for you – get you CL.

    So everything should be couched in terms of CL.

    • I do keep telling people that control is the best way to climb in pool 2. The swings in power afforded by Shang-Chi, Enchantress, and Killmonger just win so many games. It’s much easier to do addition (of power, via cards) than subtraction (due to cards removing power).

      Just wanted to complain about the “f2p” phrasing with regards to this game in particular.

    • i have hitted infinte since the first season within the first week but i can tell you that your statement here is wrong. Why?
      Because you can purchase tokens and they are not only encountered in cashes so by paying you can afford tier 5 card that otherwhise you can not if you are free to play. All this being on the same CL.

      • The video is to show that with proper play and metagame knowledge (this is probably the most important part of knowing when to snap, and when to retreat) that any reasonable deck (including several pool 2 only decks) can climb to infinite. Some climbs will be faster then others of course as different decks are much easier to farm cubes with. Also CL is used only one part of the matchmaking algorithm. Its comprised of your MMR, your current rank, and your CL. The CL seems to be broken into 4 separate brackets.

  2. I’m on the opposite side, I can actually make some pretty solid decks, I just can’t seem to climb. It takes FOREVER and I feel like it’s constantly 2 steps forward then 2 steps back. Last season, I got up to rank 87 and then was just stuck…but to even get there, it took me 1100 games, that seems insane and I could only do it at all because I was on vacation.

    Now back to normal weeks and forget it. I dropped back down to 50 and I am now sitting at 62 just kind of ebbing and flowing.

  3. You can win F2P, but paying unquestionably buys you a substantial competitive advantage, because S5 / pass cards have a power differential over lower series cards. As much as I like Snap, it is becoming increasingly P2W.

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