Top 5 Marvel Snap Bundles to Get Until 2024!

Our Top 5 picks from the upcoming Marvel Snap Bundles in 2023, to help you prepare and plan ahead!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Top 5! I’m Glazer of Snap Judgments: The Official Marvel Snap Zone Podcast, and every week, we’ll be counting down a different Top 5 things you need to know in, around, and about Marvel Snap! Sometimes this will be silly in nature, but we’ll always have some pearls of wisdom to help make you the best (and best adjusted!) Marvel Snap player you can be! This week? The Top 5 Bundles To Get in Marvel Snap for the rest of 2023!

This guide is for upcoming future content and is datamined. All details are not final and may change upon official announcements or release.

Honorable Mention: Premium Mystery Pack

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This bundle is only live until the end of today, so I didn’t want to put it on the list… but it’s the best value they’ve ever given us, so it has to be here. Go grab it fast! At only $2 for 1,000 Credits, the value is already through the roof; adding in a Pixel-proof Mystery Variant is just the gravy on the Thanksgiving Turkey. If you use Google Play, be sure to use the $2 coupon in the Play Store to get this one for free!

5. Naughty or Nice

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From December 22nd to January 1st comes this $10 bundle with limited progression value. Our friend Kirallas rates this bundle at only three and a half stars, which is the worst of anything on this list… but I think that if you care about cosmetics at all, this is a must-have.

On April Fool’s Day 2023, Second Dinner sold a Rock Avatar for $5. Well, with this bundle, in addition to a great Santa Korg, a totally reasonable 1k Gold, and 200 Credits, you can have a Rock Coal Avatar. 1,000 Gold is about $10 anyway, so why not get one of the coolest avatars in all of Snap to go with it? Yes, it’s a meme purchase, but it’s a good one.

4. Festival of Lights

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A nice cheap bundle, this goody is available from November 25th to the 28th and only costs $5. The 750 Credits and 200 Gold don’t jump out as crazy value for that price, right? Well, human brains are pretty bad at eyeballing math (or at least mine is) because that’s an absolutely huge 234% increase to the expected progression value. Add in one of the very best Bast variants and the boosters to split it, and this one suddenly feels like a no-brainer great deal.

I especially like buying these little bundles with great value. It’s not only important value, it also sends the message that we’re paying attention enough to get the best value Second Dinner gives us in greater numbers!

3. Artist Showcase: Kai Lun Qu

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I’ll admit that 6,500 Gold is a lot, but the value of 9,000 Credits and 1,000 Collector’s Tokens for only Gold is pretty high. It almost certainly represents at least one new card in Marvel Snap, along with two of the best variants around. I’d go so far as to argue that this is the best Human Torch variant in the game, and an absolutely top-notch Doctor Strange. There’s extra value here, too, since you can get this bundle by just saving up your Gold. Without the need to spend real money, buying this bundle is a feat that is particularly doable if you get the best value in the game – the Season Pass.

So, if you can get this great bundle with only in-game currency, why isn’t this ranked higher? Well, for just 1,000 more Gold than this one, you can get the best value Gold bundle in the past several months. If you’re being optimal, you should save for that, but there’s nothing wrong with going after both!

2. Snow Daze

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Available for the whole month of December, this one can go anywhere from off the list to #1 based on one simple question: Do you own Nebula? A Series 4 or 5 card sold in this manner is almost always $30 or more. In this bundle, you can get a key meta card that is found in a ton of top decks for half that price. In particular, the card is in the the currently meta-relevant Lockdown and High Evolutionary builds. If you don’t have Nebula, this one is an absurdly easy buy.

If you have Nebula, though, you could do worse for $15 in Snap. 500 Credits is a bit whatever but still good, and 1,200 Gold helps you get towards the #1 bundle (which I would say is a must-buy if you can).

Before we go further, this bundle is an excellent example of why you should always buy the Season Pass. For $10 with the Season Pass, you get a Series 5 card, 1,000 Gold from the Pass, another 600 Gold from the Weekend Missions, and a bunch of variants. It blows this kind of deal out of the water, and this is one of the best bundles they’ve offered for a high series card so far!

1. Sugar, Spice, And Everything Ice

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For Gold, the value here is absolutely stellar. From December 23rd to the New Year, for a little less than 100$ of in-game gold, you can get 90% of the progression value of the Pro Bundle Mk 3 and also get some adorable Sentry and Destroyer variants/avatars (and plenty of boosters for each). The real value here, though, is that you can get $100 of cash value just by saving up in the game. If you’ve been hoarding appropriately, you’ll be able to get 2-3 cards worth of value from this.

If you haven’t been hoarding, you can also get this bundle for effectively half-price. Gold in Marvel Snap is currently buy 1 get 1 for each value spent. That means that a $50 Gold purchase comes with the value of $100 of gold – enough for this bundle with some gold left over to save for the next big one.

However you decide to do it, this bundle has stellar value and is absolutely a must buy!

Wrap Up

That’s it for me this week. Keep it here on Marvel Snap Zone for the best Snap Content, check out my YouTube where daily videos will still be uploaded, and I’ll see you all next week!

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