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Pro Bundle Guide – Details and Analysis – Is It Worth Buying?

Marvel Snap's one time purchase Pro Bundle, details and analysis. Is it worth purchasing and what does it contain?

Pro Bundle is Marvel Snap’s one of the two one-time purchase Bundles along with the Welcome Bundle released with Patch 10.13.3. Players receive 12500 Credits and 155 Boosters for 8 cards, purchased for $99.99 USD or equivalent currency. Check out all the details about this bundle including our guide.

Pro Masterpiece Bundle Details

Pro Bundle
Start DateJanuary 10, 2023 at 7 AM PST
End DateAvailable until purchase
Cost$99.99 USD

Pro Bundle Rewards

12500 Credits
155 Boosters for 8 Cards (1240 Boosters)


The value of the Bundle is easily calculated since you can directly buy 8000 Gold for $99.99 USD from the Shop. Converted to Credits we get 10000 Credits, meaning we get 2500 extra in the Pro Bundle. The Boosters included is also enough to spend all the Credits and upgrade 8 random cards in your collection to the Infinity rarity, which equates to over 200 games depending on match turn length.

As the product intended, it is targeted for new players that want to save time and catch up, since there is a limit on how much Credits you can buy per day. The Bundle is worth much less for players that have Collection Level 1000+ as you are not likely to get many new cards in the current system from Collector’s Reserves.

For its content and value of time saved, we would rate the Pro Bundle as a low priority purchase and would mainly be for players that would already be purchasing the $99.99 Gold Bundle. This Bundle gives marginal Credit value for its cost, but enough to increase around 250 Collection Levels and skip Pool 1 or 2 instantly with its included Boosters.

Furthermore, players may want to hold off purchasing Bundles as we may potentially get another Bundle with Collector’s Tokens like the Winter Wonderland and Cyber Holiday Bundles.


Rating: 2 out of 5.

Keep in mind the following points before purchasing Bundles:

You may also want to plan ahead and find out what other Bundles are upcoming and save your resources for until the one you like comes along. Find all the upcoming Bundles here (subject to change when they are released):

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  1. Thanks for the rating. I would’ve been tempted to purchase this otherwise, even with 2020+ CL.

    Again, throw in tokens and we can talk, Second Dinner. No moneyz for you.

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