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Marvel Snap Weekly Roundup – June 23, 2023

In this week's edition of Marvel Snap Weekly Roundup, catch up on all the latest news about Marvel Snap over the past week.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Marvel Snap Weekly Roundup, your home for all of the major Marvel Snap happenings of the week from your friends here at Marvel Snap Zone. I’m Glazer of Snap Judgments, and I’ll be your guide through everything you need to know to keep up with this game we all love.

Spotlight Caches

Freshly announced news is another change card acquisition in the patch on July 11th – addition of Spotlight Caches, and rewards contained in the existing caches. Check out the announcement below.

OTA Changes Arrive on 6/22/23

Snap Judgments: I called the Doom nerf in our first Snap Judgments on Marvel Snap Zone with Educated Collins. Yes, I’m taking a victory lap – no one else in the community had this change, but Second Dinner has signaled that they will always be nerfing the strongest, most-played card in the meta. I think this is unneeded, especially since they released Spider-Ham (see below) an excellent answer card directly into Series 4. I wish they’d address powerful cards with new releases rather than nerfs more often.

I hate the Red Skull buff. The card was healthy enough, and, well, call me old-fashioned, but I’m perfectly happy with it being a slightly more niche card.

The Nimrod change is probably good. The card is fantastic with Shuri now, and Destroy is rising in the meta, as you may have noticed if you play any Conquest mode. Nimrod hasn’t been in those decks, but may now become a part of them… this seems cool.

The Nick Fury change is amazing. With Zabu to play him early, Quinjet to make his cards cheaper, and Devil Dinosaur to take advantage of more cards in hand, this is fundamentally a whole new archetype born of this change. I’m still unsure if it’s competitive, but it’s cool, fun, and novel. What’s not to like?

New Card: Spider-Ham Releases

Snap Judgments: I bought the Ham, and he’s one of the best cards in the game. After a day of playing with him, I put him in basically every deck, then checked in with Safetyblade and found he was doing the same thing. Turning off everything from Iron Man to Sera to Shang-Chi to Doctor Doom is just absurdly good, and the information he provides about your opponent’s hand? *Chef’s kiss.* For 3000 tokens, this card is a steal!

Spider-Ham not Releasing in Collector’s Reserves

Spider-Ham was released into the featured spot in the shop and is buyable for 3000 tokens as a Series 4 card. There were no issues with that; however, he was not available in Collector’s Reserves. Read our article about it here. With the OTA update, the issue is resolved.

Second Dinner will send 3000 Tokens to players that would have opened Spider-Ham in Collector’s Reserves while the issue was active (we aren’t sure how that is determined for players not Series 4 complete).

Snap Judgments: I don’t even know what to say anymore. Every week there’s another technical issue, and nearly every week it’s related to the most exciting event of the week. This has to stop.

Weekend Missions to Resume

The issue with Weekend Missions was also resolved in the OTA update. Compensation for the first set of Weekend Missions around Silk is still planned and for next week:

  • 1000 Tokens for anyone that purchased Silk during her spotlight week.
  • 150 Gold for anyone who purchased the Season Pass during Week 1 or Week 2.
  • 200 Credits for all players.

This week’s one should be happening as normal with tomorrow’s daily reset for Spider-Ham and Ghost-Spider.

A TON of Upcoming Bundles and Cards are Datamined!

We have every card and bundle through August and a bunch with no confirmed release date yet. Look here for the cards and here for the bundles. We also have a bunch of the new card release schedule.

Snap Judgments: Cards I’d like to highlight are Jean Grey releasing into Series 5 July 11, Lady Deathstrike releasing August 15, and X-23 releasing August 22. Unsurprisingly, the cash bundles going forward are seemingly the best deals except for the amazing-looking Cosmic Wildfire bundle, which comes with 6000 Collector’s Tokens (among other goodies) for 7500 gold and releases on July 13th!

Bundle Releases

I Don’t Like Sandman Bundle Released

3000 gold for 2000 Collector’s Tokens, 1000 credits, the title: Kind of a Jerk, a Sandman Variant and Avatar, and 155 Sandman boosters.

Snap Judgments: This and the deal I mentioned in the previous section are by far the best deals for progression that we know of. I strongly urge people to buy this one to show Second Dinner exactly what we want from bundles!

Festival of Flight Bundle Releases

Snap Judgments: I want to compare this to the 3x Value (lol) Darkhawk bundle last week. That was $30 vs. the $5 for this bundle. Both come with a Variant and Avatar. Where Darkhawk came with 1000 credits, this is only 500, but it has the bonus of 500 gold instead, which has more value. It’s half the boosters, which is largely irrelevant. That *ahem* 6x cost disparity seems to confirm Second Dinner was just trying to sell us a Series 4 card instead of downgrading it… and once more, shame on them for the ploy.

Fiona Hsieh Artist Showcase Bundle Released

$20 for 2000 gold, 155 boosters for Venom and Carnage along with a variant and avatar for each.

Snap Judgments: If you like the art and ever buy gold, then this is a great deal. $20 is only 1450 gold in the shop, so why not make a profit and get some variants, too?

Marvel Snap Zone and Community News

New Snap Judgments with Molt, Bootman, and Bradcifer!

You’ll love this episode!

We have a Conquest Tier List and Meta Stats!

We have the best Series 1 and Series 2 decks!

Fully updated for the latest cards. Cards from Series 1 and 2 are getting changed, such as Medusa and Sandman!

Want the most Medals in Conquest?

Weekly Developer Updates are here!

Check back tomorrow for my Sleeper Decks of the Week, and if you found value, check out my YouTube and subscribe! See you all soon!

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